The Big Lie(s)

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When a sitting president of the United States tells over 30,000 lies and falsehoods, it’s tough to pick out which ones were the worst. But I’m going to give it my best.

The first worst lie, ironically, was told before he ever became president. But I’m going to include it because of how despicable it was; how it planted the seed for what we’re now seeing play out in front of our eyes in Washington, D.C.

For roughly five years, we were told by the clownish reality T.V. talk show host that President Barack Obama might not have been born in the United States. Over and over, he demanded that Obama produce his original birth certificate.

Some said it was a dog-whistle to the racists – that they couldn’t trust Obama – that he was a closet Muslim and Kenyan born radical who will infiltrate our government and turn our country into a socialist dictatorship. The lie wasn’t a dog-whistle but was a giant bullhorn to the hateful bigots. It gave Trump credibility to the white people around the country who could not accept that an African-American lived in the White House.

So when he ran for president, he had a built-in white supremacy base of support that helped catapult him to victory. All of it based on complete bullshit.

The next worse big lie surrounded that victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016. As we all know now, Clinton won the popular vote by nearly three million votes while Trump won the electoral college. At least that’s what the truth and facts are.

However, neither of those points mattered. Because the crazy-man president told us that the only reason Clinton won the popular vote was that they were all cast by illegal immigrants. That’s right, millions of illegals in California filled out ballots and signed their names – under the penalty of perjury and possible jail time, to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Of course, he doubled down on that lie by forming a phony voter commission to root out illegal voting. The panel, led by his sycophant Vice-President Mike Pence and a perennial liar and crook Kris Kobach, disbanded within a year. Why? Because there was NO fraud. It was a sham panel from the start, but it once again gave his crazy supporters something they could point to as proof that the radical libs screwed over their great leader.

Finally, the last and biggest whopper of them all — yes, the lollapalooza – the coup de gras of historical lies, began months ago and continues to this day. That’s the one that says the current loser president was cheated out of victory; that the Democrats and other never-Trumpers rigged the whole thing. He didn’t lose. They stole it from him.

Yes, way back in the summer, when polls showed him losing the election quite handily to Joe Biden, he told the American people that we couldn’t trust the results. Not if he won, mind you, only if he lost. The fix was in; he told his cult. But if he won, never mind.

The rest is history, as they say. On January 20, he’s out – Joe Biden is in. He lost the election by over seven million votes and the electoral college 306-232. It wasn’t even close. Yet, to his rabid base of deplorable’s and wing-nuts, he was cheated. Republican politicians echoed this biggest lie of them all. And along with the president’s urging, it helped nudge the cult into a frenzied insurrection at the U.S. Capitol last Wednesday to try and overturn one of the safest and free elections we’ve ever had.

We can link all of these lies, can we not? The first one set the stage by solidifying the racist crackpot base that still supports him. The second one sowed the seeds of distrust in our electoral process. And the third one, the most dangerous of them all, gave the whacko’s all the wind they needed to propel them to take over the Capitol and try to overthrow our democracy. It’s as if it was all part of a plan.

At the time of this post, the House voted to impeach him for inciting the insurrection, and he is now the only president in history to be impeached twice. If anyone deserves such a fate, it is he, of course. Like author and journalist Tom Friedman told Anderson Cooper last night on CNN, “If I could, I’d impeach him two or even three more times, if time allowed it.”

I want to leave you with one final thought on all of this. Yesterday, we lost 4,610 souls to Covid-19. One week ago, we witnessed a white supremacist takeover of the United States Capitol. Our economy, with thousands waiting in line at food-banks, is in deep trouble.

Has there ever been a more fitting end to the worst presidency in American history? Thousands dying from a pandemic he never took seriously; smoke billowing from our invaded Capitol building; people suffering and struggling to stay above water; and an impeachment that will most likely not conclude until long after he’s already left office.

That, my friends, is the legacy of Donald J. Trump. Please close your eyes and think about the carnage he’s inflicted upon the United States of America. Think about the smoke, Trump banners, Confederate flags, and anti-Semitic t-shirts. Think about the long lines for food. And sadly, think about all of the physical suffering and death from Covid.

As Trump said in his inauguration speech nearly four years ago, “The carnage stops now!” Indeed it does – in seven days.


  1. I do have a major concern. It’s my understanding that the Senate will not vote on the Impeachment until AFTER Biden is in office — and I have read that many of them are fearful due to subtle (and not so subtle) threats against them and their families. Further, even though Trump may not be “officially” in office, I have no doubt he has ways of reaching his supporters.

    Although Biden may be sitting in the Oval Office, I’m not as confident as you are when you say: “the carnage stops now.”

    As one individual has said: “A lot could happen between now and the impeachment trial…”

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    1. I hear you Nan. I suppose my overall point that the carnage stops now is simply the fact that with a new president, we won’t have to put up with HIM 24/7 anymore. No more of his hateful/racist/regulation rollback/tax cuts for the rich policies. No more undermining our entire democracy. We’ll have a new direction-new policies-reasonable leadership etc.. Oh, he will still try to keep his crazies galvanized somehow, but he will be powerless in government. That’s something to look forward to, if nothing else.


  2. I have to agree with Nan. I think the carnage is about to begin. I think we can count on furious Trumpies doing all manner of violence: marches that turn violent, bombings in public places, car bombings, political assassinations, and who knows what else. I’ve looked at many Trump-loyalist YouTube sites and seen loads of comments about stocking up on ammo and preparing for war.

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    1. True Jerry. We’ve got problems going forward. No way did I mean to minimize that-see my response to Nan above. He’s out of government in 6 days. That, my friend, is something. The crazy whack jobs aren’t going away. I get that. But I’m going to take a little solace in the fact he will NOT be setting policy anymore. It’s a small step, but it’s a step nonetheless. We’ve got major issues going forward, though. I’m not naive about that.

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    1. Thanks Kim. No, it’s not over. I wish it was. All you have to do is look at the thousands of national guard troops currently stationed around our capitol. That is as unsettling as it gets.

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    1. Agreed Don. Yes, he’ll be gone before a trial even starts. I actually am ok with that. They can take their time and introduce even more evidence that I’m sure will keep coming in. One thing is certain, though, no way do I trust that Mitch McConnell and enough Republicans will actually do the right thing. If they do, I’ll be shocked. We shall see.

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    1. Totally agree poison21. He simply cannot leave fast enough. I hate that he’s still in the people’s house for 6 more days.


  3. Excellent post, partner! Much as I would like to believe that the carnage is about to be over, I think Nan, Jerry and the rest may have a point, for sanity seems to have flown the coop among Trump’s avid supporters, if last Wednesday’s fiasco was any indication. I’m concerned for the coming weekend, when i understand the terrorists are planning attacks on State Capitols, and of course for the 20th when they have sworn that Donald Trump, not Joe Biden, will take the Oath of Office. Half of this country may be under the influence of some drug that destroys the brain cells in the part of the brain that controls logical thought processes. I hope that once Biden is inaugurated, he orders police to arrest every nutcase that so much as blinks the wrong way!

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    1. Thank you Jill! Oh yeah, the carnage is not totally over by any stretch. But, as I responded to Nan and Jerry above, his rule over our government IS over. That’s my main point. The looney tune cult followers aren’t going away though. These people are scary. It actually reminds me a bit of Hitler and the Nazi’s. They were a cult. He was a cult of personality, just like Trump. You saw those idiots. You saw their eyes-their hatred. They had the look of being possessed. Frankly, they are possessed. Going forward, there will be a reckoning, I fear. Hopefully, several hundred of these nut jobs will continue to be arrested and thrown in jail. SIGH…my God, what a mess Biden has on his plate, huh Jill?

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      1. Sigh. I wonder, my friend, how long it will take this nation to heal from the wounds he has inflicted? In 2016, when he lost the election but won the electoral vote, I cautioned that he needed to be removed as quickly as possible, for if he served a year or less, we could fairly easily clean up the mess, but that if he served his full term, it would take decades to repair the damage. Well, he served his full term, and I think I was right … in my lifetime I won’t see this nation restored to sanity, I fear. Did you read the article in the NYT about Pompeo doing as much harm as possible prior to Biden taking office? Here’s a link, in case you didn’t see it: Like you, I see parallels to Trump and his cult vs Hitler and his … but I’ve seen them for years now, and have been called an alarmist so many times I stopped mentioning the similarities. One difference … Hitler had a brain. Sigh.

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      2. Yes, I did see that about Pompeo. That guy is nothing but a political opportunist, much like Senator’s Hawley and Cruz. All of them crave the presidency and think by embracing Trumpism, it will get them there. I hope to hell none of those bastards ever even come close to sniffing the White House. Have we not learned our lesson yet? Wait…don’t answer that Jill…..I know it already!

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      3. Pompeo is a warmonger, and in the past two years has become a Trump mouthpiece, or as you say, political opportunist. If he, Cruz, or Hawley think they stand a snowball’s chance at the Oval Office, I’ve got news for them! Ain’t gonna happen! No, I shan’t answer your question, for we both … sigh … know the answer.

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  4. Jeff, well done. This is a fitting end to the legacy of the outgoing US president. Never before has a president deserved to be impeached more than this one. When a person known for lying lies so much he starts to believe his own lies and when he is emboldened to act or get others to act on them, it can only end poorly. This will go down as the biggest con in American history, a person well-documented for lying convincing his followers that everyone else is lying but him.

    The planned and staged fraudulent voter fraud claims is a microcosm of the modus operandi of his presidency and life. When he says “know one knows this better than me” or “everyone is talking about,” take it to the bank, the next few words are BS. Keith

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    1. PS – As for the future violence that Nan and Jerry mention, I worry as well. It will occur because it is hard to stop a wound up terrorist. Yet, arrests are being made and more will come. That sends some message. The othet tip is what I started doing yesterday when talking to staff of GOP Congress people – I tell them to be safe with so many wound up people out there. It hits home. Keith

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      1. The arrests may make a difference to those who are borderline participators, but I feel certain it has absolutely no affect on the determined. It’s like anything else … it always happens to the “other guy.”

        As many have said, this “uprising” has been coming for a very long time. It took Trump in his role as POTUS to open the floodgates. Crossing my fingers that I’m wrong but not holding my breath.

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      2. Yep, four years of him-insulting, berating, pitting red states against blue states, racial division. All of it added up to culminate in what we saw a week ago. Now, we wait and hope for the best. Very surreal.

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    2. Thank you Keith. Yes, that lie was the worst of them all. We were all warned though weren’t we? Michael Cohen told us exactly what was going to happen if he lost the election. No surprise at all. We knew he wouldn’t accept it. We knew he wouldn’t go quietly. Now, did I think an insurrection at the Capitol would happen? Probably not. But still, you and I knew it was possible. Now we wait, hope, and pray that Jan 20 comes off without a hitch. I’m somewhat confident in that the national guard has such a large presence. But, nothing is certain, is it?


  5. You forgot to mention the violence this man (sic) inflicted on the environment, and on the entire world in general. Over the last five years we have watched as he went from a compulsive liar to a totally insane narcissistic paranoid. Anything he does not like is a direct attack on his person and the power he believed he held, and further deserved to hold. He was so coddled by those around him he started to believe his own lies to the point he actually sounded sincere to those who wanted to believe he would not lie to them.
    Farewell, Donnie, enjoy your delusions. Maybe they will let you preside over the inhabitants of the mental ward you should be living in.

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  6. Oh yeah rawgod, even as he’s almost out the door, he’s trying to hamstring Biden with further assaults on our environment through the EPA and other agencies. Again, unprecedented that an outgoing president would deliberately try to make it worse on the incoming one. At least I can’t think of another instance. It shows what a despicable human being he is. I use the word ‘human’ loosely!

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  7. The the pressure of these days it’s understandable but you forgot the Oath or Affirmation:—”I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

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