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    This week for our project, America’s Wake-Up Call, Jeff put his very heart and soul into his post. He shows us more than enough reasons why it is so very crucial to vote, and to vote for Joe Biden! So much is at stake … perhaps even more than we realize. Good work, Jeff! Thank you!

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  2. I’ve never heard Whitehouse speak before now and never heard his breakdown of these important facts. Everyone seems provable and falls nicely into the narrative. It would be great if he convinced just enough Republicans to vote to delay the appointment of Barratt. Maybe that would give Trump apoplexy and solve the whole problem.

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    1. He’s just very good at this David. He knows the law inside and out and he frames it in a way that most people can understand. I’d love it if you were correct, and a couple of Republicans get a spine. It’s really a stretch, though. I cannot imagine them doing the right thing….for once.

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    1. Thank you so much for that compliment. I agree. Don’t you think he’d make an excellent Chairman of that committee? I feel it’s time for Senator Feinstein to step away. It’s time for some new blood, in my view.

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      1. I feel it’s time for Senator Feinstein to step away.

        A-MEN/WOMEN to that! Her facelift hasn’t helped her political views — which also need updating, IMO.

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      2. She should have never ran a few years ago. Time for new blood. There’s a deep bench in California!!


      3. If we win this election, Democrats who want to work across the aisle are going to find themselves in a tough spot. I think our voters are going to want to see them fight and not give a f*** about GOP feelings.

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      4. I sure hope you’re right. The gloves have come off a long time ago. Obama tried reaching across the aisle. Almost every time…rejection. I cannot see that changing.

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    1. Me too Jim. I really think he’s got a good chance to do it. I thought the side by side town halls between him and Trump was very telling. Biden was hopeful, calming, competent, decent. Trump? Angry, petulant, lying….oh well, you know the rest Jim.

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  3. Jeff, between Citizens United and the McCutcheon decisions (which allows people from across the country to invest in local races), SCOTUS has further enabled dark money (and even known money) to influence elections. When a Justice mouthed the word “That is not true” when Obama lamented about Citizens United, Obama was correct.

    These SCOTUS appointments, along with other appointments of judges, is less about social issues that effect us. They really are about money They are about limiting liability to corporations when they have done wrong. They are about making the rules and governance easier so they can cheat the system. We spend our time worrying about the social issues, while companies are stealing not only our candy, but our savings account.

    John Grisham wrote a great book around the time of Citizens United called “The Appeal,” which is a very telling read. And, if we think what occurs in that book is not happening elsewhere, we are being naive. It is why movies like “Erin Brockovich” or “Dark Waters” get made because the little guys who get screwed and killed do not win very often. There is a reason. Keiith

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    1. So true Keith. It’s all rigged against us. These people are so addicted to power and profit. It’s going to be so hard now with a 6-3 conservative majority. All we can hope for is for the new president(If Joe wins) and a hopefully new Democratic majority Senate, forging ahead with legislation to deal with this stuff. Change our election laws, campaign finance, lobbying…all the above. That’s the only way to counteract this hijacking that’s been going on for years. BTW, I will put that Grisham book on my list of must-reads. It’s a growing list!


      1. Gotcha. I’m on there usually every day, at least for a few minutes. Usually it gets my blood pressure up!


    1. Hi, and thank you for that question. Campaign finance reform is one of the most important areas of concern I have for our country. Until we get a handle of big/dark money in our politics, nothing will change. I was somewhat heartened by how some corporations decided to stop funding those politicians who voted to deny Biden his victory by questioning the results of election. This is exactly what we need. No more dark money-limit amounts all individuals can contribute-and provide some form of public financing. There’s even more we can and should do, but those three things would go along way towards giving us the democracy we actually deserve-not the one that primarily benefits the wealthy and powerful. Biden, himself, has a very strong anti-corruption and campaign finance platform. I really hope he goes for it. I think he’ll even get some republicans on his side if he does. We have to push him to do it. There’s so much that needs done as he enters office. We’re in some really rough waters right now. I hope he’ll find the time to tackle it. Again, one of my top concerns. Period.


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