Yes Media, He’s Trying to Steal the Election

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Article 1, Section 8, Clause 7: Congress shall have the power to establish Post Offices and Roads.

Feb 20, 1792: An Act to Establish the Post-Office and Post Roads within the United States.

The first entry resides in the United States Constitution. The second entry was signed into law by none other than the first president of the United States, George Washington.

The current president of the United States is taking a wrecking ball to this iconic institution, as we speak. For no other reason than to steal his way to victory in the 2020 election.

Yes, national media, he’s trying to steal the election. Please feel free to use this adjective in any future headline because it’s the truth. To describe it in any other way is a complete abdication of your duty to report the facts.

We’ve seen this before, of course. Our national outlets go out of their way to make the current president seem normal. They never like to say he’s an outright liar, even though the sane people of America know precisely who he is and what he will always be. We’re told that he ‘falsely stated’ this or he ‘erroneously’ said that. No, he’s a liar, thank you very much. And a pathological one at that.

And some of the reporting I’m seeing concerning the imminent demise of the Postal Service sound eerily familiar. Today, NPR said that the new postmaster general is ‘shaking up’ the Postal Service—and some workers are alarmed. As Representative Jerry Nadler of New York tweeted, “What the administration is doing to USPS isn’t a “shake-up.” It’s destruction.” Yes, it certainly is.

For those not entirely familiar with this story, it began when the current president installed Louis DeJoy back in June as postmaster general. Apparently, Mr. DeJoy’s top qualification for this position is that he’s a major donor to the current president and the Republican National Committee. At the time of his appointment, the current president was railing against Amazon, and it’s founder Jeff Bezos for ripping off the American people by taking advantage of the post office’s cheap rates.

The sane among us know the real reason for his criticism is that Bezos is also the owner of the Washington Post, a constant critic of the current president and his administration. Remember, it’s never about the American people—it’s always about him.

And as we grow ever so close to the 2020 election, we see the acceleration of the postal service’s demise. Just last Friday, deemed by some as another ‘Friday night massacre,’ twenty-three postal executives were either reassigned or displaced, essentially giving DeJoy immense control over the agency and depriving it of decades of experience and knowledge.

Delivery delays are becoming commonplace, as workers are banned from working overtime or making extra trips to deliver mail. And earlier today, it was reported that mail-sorting machines were removed at some locations.

Congressional and Senate Democrats are furious, of course. They’re demanding DeJoy testify before the various committees. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and HouseSpeaker Nancy Pelosi met with Dejoy last Wednesday and voiced their concerns. Reports indicate that the meeting was contentious. The House passed a $25 billion package in aid for the Postal Service, but the administration objects to any direct funding, preferring a loan instead.

It’s all too familiar. Democrats demand answers, Republicans stay mostly silent, and the current president runs roughshod over our Constitution and our democratic norms. All the while, our 2020 election hangs in the balance.

A recent poll suggested that a majority of the American people are concerned that we will have a free and fair election this year. And why wouldn’t they be? When the current president suggests on a seemingly daily basis that there will be massive voter fraud if we allow universal vote by mail options in every state, of course people are going to have doubts. Doubt over the election’s efficacy and fairness give the current president carte blanche to question the results if he loses, no matter how close or lopsided the results are.

We know what’s going on. Common sense says that in the middle of the worst pandemic in over a hundred years, many people will not want to show up, in person, to cast a vote in this election. So, vote by mail is a necessary and reasonable option for every American. It’s safe, secure, and voter fraud is virtually non-existent in the states that have it.

So he mucks everything up. He sows the seeds of uncertainty and makes it virtually impossible for all the ballots to arrive in time. Screw the Postal Service. He hires a political donor to do his dirty work. Who cares if it’s in the Constitution? He’s Donald Trump, and his reelection keeps him out of the courts—and out of jail.

So the time for sugar-coating is over. The time for tip-toeing around what’s happening before our very eyes has come to an end. The media, and I mean all of it–national and local–needs to step up to the plate and call it like it is:

The current president of the United States is actively trying to steal the election. What the hell are we going to do about it?


    1. Neil, I just saw on Maddow that the Ohio Secretary of State issued an executive order banning additional drop boxes. I expect other red states to follow suit. These people are anti-American Neil. I just don’t know how else to refer to them.

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      1. Yes, they are anti-American.

        They have declared themselves to be the “law and order” people. And that seems to mean that they can break the law with impunity.

        They declare themselves to be “the moral majority”, but they are better described as an amoral minority. They declare themselves to be Christian, which seems to mean that they can ignore the teachings of Jesus.

        And yes, they declare themselves to be patriots, while repeatedly trying to undermine the constitution.

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      2. Open corruption and crimes. He thinks if he does it in the open people won’t think anything different. WRONG!!! God I wish there was enough time to impeach his ass again!

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      3. Yep … they have tied their fortunes to his and sold their souls downriver. I hope … I truly hope … that each and every one of them get what they deserve.


  1. Thank you for delivering the truth. What is happening to our Country under this Administration is going to have lasting effects. But we must vote him out if we ever plan on once again being a great country. The swamp is over flowing with Trump sycophants.

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  2. “What the hell are we going to do about it?” Please tell me your question was rhetorical and that you have the answer. I wish I had an answer.

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    1. We’re doing what we can Jerry. Exposing this nightmare…imploring people to vote…begging people to become educated on the issues. All of the above. If people are still pledged to vote for the current president…they’re beyond reachable. My hope is that Harris as VP will inspire many more who may have otherwise sat this election out. I hope that’s the case. I don’t want to think of the alternative.

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  3. Thank you for this perfect post, Jeff. This is … unthinkable!!! NOWHERE else in the Western World would this be tolerated! I am beyond enraged … I am livid … I want to go kill DeJoy and Trump myself with my bare hands! Everyone is concerned whether Trump will accept the results if he loses … let me tell you … I will NOT accept the results if he wins. This country has become a sham, not one iota better than a third-world country!

    You are so right about the media … they appear to be as scared of him as his own staff is. It’s time they start calling a spade a spade, or as my friend Mary from the UK says, “Call a spade a bloody shovel!” Thank you for not being afraid to call out the media on their seeming inability to do their job properly.

    I shall re-blog this one for my morning post … thank you!!!

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    1. Hey, Jill, are you deliberately calling DeJoy a spolisport, or did you just make a funny. I just googled killjoy to double check the spelling, and it took using the word killjoy in a sentence for google to tell me a killjoy is a spoilsport kind of guy. What is this world coming to when even Google is a killjoy, but won’t admit it, or take responsibility for trying to cleanse the English language. Sheesh, but not as in baksheesh!

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      1. If I made a funny, it was quite by accident, for I don’t seem to have any humour in me these days. DeJoy is an evil man, working on behalf of another evil “man” to destroy rather than build. Sigh.

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      2. Trump would destroy the pyramids if they were in America rather than Egypt, though I could not fathom to what end. He might even destroy Mt. Rushmore if he cannot get his face added to it.
        But you said, “Kill DeJoy.” I read it as Kill the Joy, and that took me to killjoy. DeJoy will be a killjoy if he suceeds in destroying the USPS, which hit me “on the surface level” as being “morgue funny.” Sorry, but at that point I needed a laugh.

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      3. He’d likely want his face carved into the largest of the pyramids and his brand logo into all the rest! I’m glad I provided a bit of comic relief … I see now where you found it!

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    2. Thank you Jill!!! We see what’s happening in the country of Belarus. I see that happening here. I cannot believe I’m writing those words but it’s true. The dictator over there has been in power since the break up of Soviet Union. The people have had it. They claim he got 80% of the vote. Give me a break! Trump won’t be able to claim something like that but he certainly will do everything….anything, to stay in power. We MUST prepare for this. I fear violence is coming in November. I really do. Batten down the hatches Jill!!!

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      1. Sigh. I agree on all counts. It gets harder and harder to smile these days, much easier to cry for the nation that once was. Much easier to lash out than to smile or laugh. I wonder by how much the rates of alcoholism, drug use and suicide have increased over the past 3+ years? Hatches are battened down, but I fear the hinges are rusty.

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      2. Oh, you can be sure all of those things are up. Until we remove the menace at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, it’s only going to get worse.

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  4. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    Tonight, our friend Jeff takes off the gloves, so to speak, and calls out the media on their milquetoast response to Donald Trump’s and Louis DeJoy’s destruction of our USPS, our last best hope for a fair and honest election! Listen to Jeff, please, call upon the free press to do their damn job instead of pussyfooting around! Our LIVES depend on it! Thank you, Jeff!

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  5. Jeff, quick, change the word adjective to verb, or since you have it as “to steal,” call it an infinitive. (Don’t those American schools teach yoy anything? dig dig poke poke!)

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  6. You can drop your vote off at your local county clerk’s or at your local electoral office. All is not lost. Find out where they are & vote.

    There’s never any lines where I vote but I’m 60 years old & I’m always at the polls when they open. & it’s only a block away from my house. I don’t mind the walk (regardless of weather) or even if I have to stand in line a minute or two with my mask on. I mean, I do it at the grocery store. I can do it to VOTE.

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    1. If you can refer to my response to grumpy1180 above, I’m worried that red states will ban additional drop boxes, which would and could have the effect of increasing voter turnout. The outright blatant voter suppression is a complete disgrace. The dropbox is exactly where I take my ballot to out here in rural coastal Oregon. It’s at our city hall and it’s less than 5 minutes from me. You drive up and drop it into a slot. Easy as hell. It gives me piece of mind and it’s very safe.

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  7. Jeff, for my serious answer at last. The question is not why aren’t they bravely telling the people the real truth, but why would they want to? Since I do not know this answer, I will bravely go out on a limb and suggest newspaper sales have increased, if not doubled during the orange clown’s reign of terror began.
    Now, I know Americans like to thnk their media is the Protector of the Public, and when the Constitution was written and published it probably was. But that was 250 years ago, give or take 6 or 7 years. America is a capitlist country, and newspapers are capitalist companies. Their purpose is to sell newspapers, plain and simple. The more newspapers they sell, the more advertisers have to pay to advertise in them, and the more the companies behind the advertising sell, because good advertising works on those who want to know what to buy. Newspapers are a win-win-win-win-win situation, ESPECIALLY FOR THE OWNERS OF THE NEWSPAPERS.
    Do you really expect them to throw the orange clown out with the swamp water? Of course not! Protecting the public is just a coincidental happenstance, an idea they will push to the end of Americs’s days. in this case, it will be the end of Americs’s days, but the high up mucky-mucks believe they can survive the end of America because they got their massive hoards of all the money of the world. They think they are safe.
    If you want to save America, convince the capitalists that when America goes, so does their American-made money. So too do their American companies, and so three do their American wage-slaves. Worst of all, though they cannot think past their noses because times for newspapers are great–they are having their last hurrah. They are making money hand-over-fist. Their profits are blinding them. IF THEY CAN KEEP the orange turd IN OFFICE, they believe things can only get better. The American people can go screw themselves. The American consumers will always be there. There are some 330 MILLION American consumers. Trump can’t kill 330 Million consumers!
    Buffalo used to reign the prairies in their billions. Didn’t matter how many one buffalo-hunter could kill, or even one group of hunters could kill, THERE WOULD ALWAYS BE BUFFALO.

    WILL THEIR ALWAYS BE AMERICANS? Elect Trump, and find out.

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    1. $$$$$ is always part of the mix. It’s what America is all about. Newspapers, of course, in general are losing tons of money. Many are failing due to the internet. So, perhaps you’re right to a certain degree. Some are afraid to tell us the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So they make the man seem like just another president. Oh, he’s a little eccentric, maybe slightly off his rocker. But certainly he’s relatively harmless. Well, that kind of reporting and journalistic BS is gonna get us all killed. He’s insane. He’s a pathological liar. He’s a sociopath. He’s a bigot. He’s a narcissist. All of the above.
      The biggest of the big newspapers, however, are doing pretty well. The Washington Post..NY Times etc….They both have done some really good reporting over the last 4 years. Top notch talent and writers. But they too, fall short at times, trying to normalize the idiot. I guess they just can’t help themselves. Sometimes it could just be that they don’t want to be labeled ‘liberal’ by the right wing whack jobs. You know, the Rush Limbaugh narrative that it’s the liberal elite media and all of that crap. So, they overcompensate to not succumb to that label. All I know Rawgod is that they must do better. I hope they do better. We’ll see over the next 80 days or so. I’m not holding my breath

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  8. Jeff, the key question is not “can Trump win?” He will lie, cheat and bully to win. And, sadly there is a chance he can. The real question is “should Trump win?” The answer is clearly no to anyone paying attention. It is clearly no to those conducting an Alternate Republican Convention for a new president later this month – Republican Voters Against Trump, Republicans for the Rule of Law and The Lincoln Project are sponsors.

    And, it is no if you held a gun to the head of GOP Senators, who know the danger the president represents.

    This person SHOULD NOT be reelected president. That is the answer to the real question says this independent and former Republican voter. Keith

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  9. Keith, you’re a sane and common sense independent. I know there are many like-minded people like you out there. But boy, the ignorance of those who still blindly follow their dear leader is deeply troubling. For now, my Trump-loving friends are focused on Kamala Harris’ ‘blackness.’ That’s right, the narrative is that she’s really not ‘black’ enough. She’s not an African-American. These are white guys, of course. They are ignorant…and frankly, stupid. I hate to resort to such a description but I’ve run out of ways to describe their complete delusion. We’ve got millions…yes..millions of these types walking our streets and neighborhoods. What will they do when(or if) if loses?


    1. Jeff, to your point, 55% of Trump supporters believe mail-in voting will steal the election from Trump. Sadly, people believe his misinformation and disinformation.The president of the US openly admits (operative openly) that he is trying to hamper mail in voting is to win the election. A president of the US is admitting that he is cheating to win. The same day I heard this, the GOP sent me a packet on how to order a mail-in ballot. I got one from the local elections board last week.

      Help me understand Trump supporter how to respond to the president openly admitting he will cheat to win? This only an open admission, as he has been cheating his entire adult life and as president from the day he walked down the escalator.

      Remember the words of Michael Cohen under oath, “Donald Trump is a racist, he is a con-artist and he is cheat.” By the way, those who are talking about Kamala Harris’ blackness, may want to note there is a chance the GOP will elect a QAnon believer from Georgia and a white supremacist from NC to Congress.

      When Republicans do not speak up, this is what you get. A party supporting white supremacy. And, Kamala is not black enough? Seriously?


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      1. PS – Jeff, we should not lose sight of DeJoy has between $50 and $75 million invested in for-profit mail order businesses that compete against the post office. That is simply a conflict of interest, which the president does not mind, because he violates the conflict of interest guidelines daily. While we are at the government weather service has a tremendous track record, but the man who Trump appointed to oversee NOAA runs a competing firm that sells weather information, actually using the free national service. That is also a conflict of interest.

        One thing I am certain of is the corruption of this president runs deeper than the public or any news agency knows. And, I already think he is the most corrupt and deceitful president in my lifetime. The weather conflict of interest story comes from Michael Lewis’ well researched book “The Fifth Risk.” Lewis knows more than the president because he read all the briefing materials and spoke with their authors that incoming Trump people did not. The president does not know the biggest risks to America because he does not care to know.

        One thing that Lewis understates is the biggest risk to America is the current president.


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      2. I did not know about the weather service issue Keith. Thanks for bringing that to the forefront. Nothing surprising, of course. You’re so right, we’ve only scratched the surface as far as what this guy has been up to for the past 4 years. Just another reason why he’ll do anything to stay in power. That’s what autocrats and dictators do.

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      3. This is one of the truest statements I’ve read in a long time. Unfortunately, there are millions who will never see it or if they do will deny, deny, deny to protect their sick and misguided support of a lying, cheating CROOK.

        One thing I am certain of is the corruption of this president runs deeper than the public or any news agency knows.

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      4. I just hope, when or if(he must!) Biden wins, he does not shove Trump’s misdeeds under the carpet. I know we do not do that in this country when a new Pres is sworn in. But this guy…this criminal…is a totally different animal. We must make sure the truth gets out. He’s said that he will certainly advocate for doing that. We have to hold his feet to the fire!!

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      5. Agree on all points Keith. And Mr. Cohen is about to release a book on his relationship with Trump. Of course what we’ll hear from the cult is that he’s a liar and he’s got an ax to grind. Just as his niece is a liar…General Mattis…and others who actually have the nerve to speak the truth. Amazing isn’t it? Everyone else is lying….but never him? The ignorance is so deep with these people.

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  10. Remember, it’s never about the American people—it’s always about him. — I couldn’t have said it better myself!

    This fiasco that we’re living through simply MUST be stopped!

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  11. Each state is different. I am concerned about the PO. In Florida there has been mail in voting for a long time…no constrictions..But..I don’t trust the mail service now, so I have 3 choices. Use the mail in, but drop it at the election headquarters in a secure box, try to actually do early voting in person or vote the day of in person.
    It would be good to post the rules for each state to avoid having to use the post office. trump will do every devious corrupt thing he and Barr can come up with.

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    1. Not a bad idea Mary. Things are changing rapidly around the country. Frankly it’s hard to keep up. My state is so crystal clear on what to do, and Oregon has been doing it for 20 years. And, I might add, we have one of strongest participation rates in elections. In other words, Trump hates Oregon!!!

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      1. Yes, for sure. Obviously, we the people are going to have to go to great lengths just to participate in this election. Hard to believe isn’t it?

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      2. I came across something worthwhile on Facebook tonight …

        “Good advice for people who feel unsafe about voting in person but now fear the USPS will be unable to deliver a “mail-in” ballot in a timely fashion.

        There is a way around it:

        1. Request a mail-in ballot.
        2. Do not mail it.
        3. Google your supervisor of elections to see where you can drop off your mail-in ballot. Its usually NOT THE POLLING PLACE. All states allow this!

        Here is what you’re accomplishing by doing this:

        1. You’re not relying on the USPS to get your ballot in on time, so no matter what, your ballot gets in on time.

        2. You don’t have to worry about standing in long lines and risking infection. You’re just stopping by to drop it off.

        3. You still voted!


        Also, when you drop it off find out how to track it online to make sure it is verified. California, Oregon, Washington Colorado have systems that can track your ballot just like tracking a package from Amazon.”

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      3. Great idea!

        EXCEPT …

        There are many who are not able to leave their homes to drop off their ballot. Elderly who no longer drive, disabled, individuals temporarily out-of-town, people who depend on public transportation (pay to drop off a ballot?), etc.

        There’s simply no getting around it. This attempt (along with scores of others) by Trump to stay in office is FILLED with holes which, unfortunately, may end up playing in his favor. The gods forbid!!!

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      4. True Nan. There will always be those who are unable to physically drop off the ballots, or go to a polling location. That’s why it’s so important people have the option of mailing the ballots. This is a democracy. For crying out loud, we’re nearing third-world status with you know who at the helm. So disgraceful

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      5. This is true … I would hope that everyone has either a grown child, niece, nephew, grandchild, neighbor or friend who would gladly take it to the drop box for them, and most do, but you’re right … some don’t. So, those people will still be dependent on the USPS, which Trump is trying to break in two! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. We cannot allow his efforts to work in his favour … simply cannot.

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      6. Thanks for this Jill. I drop mine off at one of those drop boxes. It sits outside our City Hall. So easy, and safe. Just drive up, drop it in the slot. Educating the public on this hugely important!!

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      7. I agree!!! And, given Nan’s points about some who may not be able to do so and may not have anyone to help them … maybe it’s time to be recruiting volunteers to help those people!


      8. here’s a scenario that could very well play out, especially with the blind.

        A blind person who lives alone asks a volunteer to help him or her fill out the form and the volunteer doesn’t agree with the political decision of that person, it doesn’t matter which side, both could do this. How secure will the voter be in the knowledge that the volunteer selected what that person actually wanted for his choice of candidate?

        At least with the talking electronic voting machines, you know what you selected.

        Now, if it’s a friend or spouse, there would be trust but a stranger? I just don’t know, with everything so polarized, I wouldn’t trust anyone but my wife to write in the choice I wanted, not even an official at a voting station.

        Go ahead and call me skeptical, a crackpot, or anything else, just think about this scenario for a moment.

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      9. There are hiccups in every scenario …

        One thing about it, however, vote by mail is (contrary to Trump’s assessment) far more accurate than electronic voting, which can be easily manipulated by foreign entities.

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      10. No, I won’t call you a skeptic or crackpot, for you are right and this is a scenario that I can envision happening! We forget … or at least I forget … that some people truly have nobody they can really trust to help them in such situations. You and I are lucky that we do have people to help us … you with your blindness and me with my deafness … but not everyone is so lucky.

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  12. fears of this happening are, as always, overexagerated by the media. Read this to get a perspective that you won’t get from the new york crimes, the washington compost or the countefit news network, all favorites of the progressives who subsist entirely on these media outlets and deem anything right of them to be conspiratorial at best.

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    1. Wrong again sklawlor. Sorry. This is NOT an over exaggeration. Too bad you do not grasp the enormity of this situation. Perhaps you should fly over to Belarus and see what’s happening there so you can get a better perspective as to what’s at stake? Oh, it could NEVER happen in America, right?

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