Let’s Embrace The Lincoln Project-For Now

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Many of you may not know who The Lincoln Project is, or what they’re all about. But the fact is, the group is currently producing some of the most scathing political ads now airing against the current president. It’s gotten his attention, as well as the rest of the Republican hierarchy.

For some background, the group consists of former Republicans who are self-described “Never Trumpers.” Many of the individuals in the group include former Republican campaign operatives like Steve Schmidt and Rick Wilson. They cut their teeth in the political world, working for previous candidates such as John McCain and George W. Bush. George Conway, an attorney who’s married to White House advisor Kelly Anne Conway, is also a group member.

Anyone who has seen Schmidt or Wilson on the various talk shows know that they are two of the most anti-Trump spokespersons. Schmidt, for one, is perhaps the most eloquent in his daily smackdowns of the current president. Wilson, too, is never at a loss showing his disdain and disgust, often with biting and humorous sarcasm.

Unfortunately, though, many on the left are skeptical of The Lincoln Project. Many do not trust or believe in the group’s sincerity, especially when many of the same people were responsible for producing some of the same cut-throat attack ads against Democrats in years past. In other words, why are they doing this?

In their 2019 New York Times op-ed that introduced the group, The Lincoln Project’s primary purpose, according to their founders, was “defeating President Trump and Trumpism at the ballot box and to elect those patriots who will hold the line.” In an interview with Vox, Lincoln Project communications director Keith Edwards said, “We are focused on making sure Trump is a one-term president and ensuring Biden takes the oath of office in January. We’re not thinking of anything beyond that.”

Others, such as Lincoln Project treasurer Reed Galen, point out that the group is there to give “a safe space for Republicans to express their concerns about the president.”

However, the group is branching out and releasing ads critical of other Republicans in Congress who’ve been some of the current president’s most ardent boot-lickers like Senator’s Lindsay Graham and Mitch McConnell. Some of the ads focus on how impeachment was a lost opportunity for Republicans to do right by the Constitution that they swore to protect.

Some Democrats aren’t buying it. To many, it’s not about Trumpism. They’ve seen the Republican Party’s actions in the last several years, and Trump is merely the culmination of a series of right-leaning policies and stances the party’s been exercising for several years now. In other words, Trump is a symptom of a much more significant ideological shift that’s taken over the party.

But what if the actual goal of The Lincoln Project is simply taking a stand against the most dangerous president ever? Or, what if the goal is to firmly reject Trumpism, as they have stated, and create the backdrop for a chance at rehabilitating the Republican Party itself? The party of Lincoln, Eisenhower, and Reagan vs. the Party of Trump?

If so, that wouldn’t be a bad thing, would it? In our two-party system, we need two viable entities, each opposing each other, and allowing for cooperation to get things done for the country. The way things stand now, the two parties are far apart, with discord and dissension becoming worse daily. A new, more moderate and invigorated Republican Party might pave the way for better cooperation.

Whatever the motivations of The Lincoln Project are, we on the left need to let them continue to do what they’ve been doing. The ads aren’t hurting Joe Biden. They’re destroying the current president. We can be skeptical of what their ultimate goal is, but again, who cares?

Because, folks, this election is about taking out a regime that’s a clear and present danger to our democracy. We’re at less than 100 days to go now until the most important election of our lifetimes, and it’s no time to start playing nice. If a group of former/disgruntled Republicans wants to help us get to the promised land, then so be it.

It’s an all-hands-on-deck moment right now. We, the people, need all the help we can get on November 3, 2020. After the election, let’s argue whether The Lincoln Project had the nation’s best interest at heart or their self-interest.

Democrats tend to overthink things at times. But the truth is that these ads get under the skin of the current president and put a stake in the heart of the current iteration of the Republican Party. Let’s not forget that. Let’s embrace it.





  1. Amen, Jeff. When a shark is about to attack you and a boater offers to pull you aboard, it’s not the right time to discuss whether you agree with the boater’s worldview. I truly believe Donald Trump’s ignorance, stupidity, arrogance, and selfishness combine to make him the greatest threat this nation has yet faced. He and his loony followers must be defeated.

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    1. Thanks Jerry. Absolutely true. I’m not into purity tests these days. These ads are devastating to Trump. Even though most of them are digital only, and in a few markets, I think they’re really making a difference. To that I say: Thank You Lincoln Project!!


  2. Great post, Jeff!!! I love all three of the Lincoln Project ads … the first one made me laugh and roll my eyes. I wasn’t aware that democrats were skeptical of the Lincoln Projects’ motives … I’m with you on this one … right now, we have a crisis … a fire burning. Let’s take all the help we can get from the bucket brigade to put out the fire! The rest, we can worry about later. I know that the members of the Lincoln Project are still republicans and still believe in the republican ideology, and that’s fine. I respect them even more for being willing to stand against the evil that currently represents their party, for putting country ahead of party.

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    1. Thank you Jill! And thanks for the reblog. Yes, the fact that these guys are former R’s makes their critiques of Trump all the more credible. I think people like Schmidt and Rick Wilson realize how awful he’s been to the party. They aren’t putting up with it and are doing the patriotic thing. Country first, party affiliation second. I sure hope we get enough of these kinds of voters in November to really put a nail in The Donald’s coffin. His cult will be there for him, of course. But it’s good to know that there are lots of reasonable and common sense conservatives out there. We need them in November!

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      1. I wonder if the GOP will still be a viable party after having given Trump carte blanche and throwing all their weight behind him? I hope the democrats can win by an incontrovertible landslide in November such that there can be no doubt in anybody’s mind what this nation is calling for. Interestingly, today his overall approval rating jumped from 40.1 to 41.2 … more than a full percentage point. WHY??? Based on WHAT??? What the Sam Hell do these idiots approve of, anyway? Sigh.

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      2. Oh, I’m sure he’s getting a few brownie points from some independents who like his ‘law and order’ BS. I certainly hope it’s not a trend!!

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  3. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    Our friend Jeff over at On the Fence Voters has written an excellent post about the Lincoln Project, their work, and how they are helping to oust the current Madman-in-Chief. Please take a look, and especially be sure to watch the videos … especially the first one! Thanks, Jeff!

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  4. I have been watching the Lincoln Project, and I like what they are doing.

    Yes, their own politics is to the right of where I prefer to be. I think of them as the principled conservatives that we had hoped for. I’m okay with there being a conservative party, but not the current Republican party.

    My preference would be for the Lincoln Project to start a new party — maybe “The Lincoln Party” — and let the current traitorous criminal corrupt Republican party just die. But I guess we shall have to wait until after the election to see what direction they decide to take.

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    1. I love that idea Neil! A principled and revamped R Party would be refreshing indeed. We need it in our democracy. The current iteration is so far out of the mainstream it’s frightening. I really think these guys want this to be a wakeup call for the party. I don’t know that for sure, but that’s what I feel in my gut. All I know is, it’s great having them on board to get rid of this menace in the oval office.

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  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    I’ve been following them since they started. I think DEMs need all the help they can get!! …. “this election is about taking out a regime that’s a clear and present danger to our democracy. We’re at less than 100 days to go now until the most important election of our lifetimes, and it’s no time to start playing nice. If a group of former/disgruntled Republicans wants to help us get to the promised land, then so be it.”

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      1. You are most welcome!! Excellent post … 🙂
        I love those guys … it’s telling that they are more assertive and somewhat aggressive than the DEMS … sad to say!!

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      2. I know, right? They don’t mess around. It’s the opposite of what Michelle Obama has said: When they go low, we go higher…or something to that effect. These guys go low and don’t think twice about it. With Trump, that’s how you beat him. Nothing is off limits because nothing is ever off limits in how he talks about people are uses cutthroat tactics. We can’t be timid. It’s not going to cut it in this election.

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  6. The only thing I did not like about video 3 was having the narrator tell the watchers (are they readers, viewers, or listeners?) to remember the names flashing on the screen. An election, for many people, is name-recognition. They vote for the name they know, no matter what that name represents. I do not know how prevalent this action is, but it is worrisome to me. When it comes to those you do not want in power, don’t speak theip., don’t give visuals of those names, and don’t ask. people to remember them. bad advertising But do present the names of those you do want to get elected.
    Name recognition is the key. Even bad ad?vertising is better than no advertising at all. Or in this case no advertidch ase, no advertising is better than bad advertisng,

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    1. That’s a good point. I didn’t even think about that aspect of the ad. But, it certainly makes sense. It’s one thing to take those people out, but who are you taking them out with? Who are the challengers?


  7. Frustrating when we now must preach patience at a time when sweeping changes are needed, but baby steps for now to remove the polarizing forces and reopen lines of communication.

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