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Thanks, but no thanks, John Bolton.

You could have done the right thing six months ago. You could have testified at the impeachment hearing of the current president of the United States. You could have told the people how this president was actively seeking help from other countries to ensure his reelection. Yes, we all knew about Ukraine, but according to you, China was also asked to help – and Turkey too, for that matter.

But, unfortunately, you chose not to do so. You cashed in, sir, and for that, I wouldn’t spend one damn penny for your book. I certainly hope anyone else pondering such a purchase would feel the same way. Because you, sir, betrayed your country when we needed you the most. For that, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Others around you certainly had the guts to do what was right. Fiona Hill, Alexander Vindman, Maria Yovanovitch, William Taylor, and George Kent – all long-time government public servants, stepped up to the plate and answered questions under oath. Most of us out here consider those folks the definition of what a patriot is and should be. On the other hand, you used this period ‘teasing’ that bombshell information about this president was forthcoming. Yes, you would testify, but only if compelled to do so with a subpoena.

Back and forth, it went. Yes, you would testify; oh wait, no, you won’t. For a man who spent decades in government service, is this is the best you could do, sir? You’ve always been a guy who loved to send men and women off to war to fight for your neoconservative agenda, but when the American people needed you to go into battle for them, you chose the almighty dollar instead. You could have ended your career on a high note. Alternatively, your legacy will forever be tarnished with this last act of shameless self-aggrandizement.

Let’s be clear about one thing, though. Even if you had done the right thing and testified under oath, the idea that the Republican Party was going to vote to convict this president was a pipe dream. We all know the verdict was decided long before the trial even began. This party, your party, sir, has become an even bigger travesty than your career in public service.

They’ve let the American people down from day one of this detestable administration. The capitulation to, and boot-licking of this president, by this political party, will go down in history as one of the most embarrassing displays of political ineptitude in our nation’s history.

But just because the fix was in doesn’t somehow give you cover that it didn’t matter whether you testified or not. That’s not the way it works, sir. We, the American people, expected more from you. You failed us in every which way imaginable. Hell, it would have helped if you’d spoken up before the infamous ‘perfect’ phone call to Ukraine’s president. You knew this man was a danger to our democracy and the entire world. Yet, you sat there in the same room with him and said nothing.

You saw his erratic and narcissistic behavior every damn day. And you chose to stay ominously silent. Maybe that’s when you decided you’d instead cash in and make a few bucks. After all, you’re a Republican. Money first, a duty to country second. Shame.

When we look back in history after vanishing from the public eye, we’ll be able to see with crystal clear clarity that you shared one common trait with the political party with which you belong, minus a few outliers: Coward(s).

Thanks for your long career in public service, Mr. Bolton. But no thanks, you can take that book of yours and …


  1. While I’m 100% in agreement on all you say, while I think Bolton is as scummy as Trump, and while I neither respect Bolton nor think he has value as a human being, I have still bought the book … the few pennies royalty he will get from me matters not in the least to him … or to me … but I want to know what he has to say. I want to know just how low our government under the dictator-in-chief has sunk, and I want every single detail that I can get. So, he can have the few pence he gets in royalties from my $16 purchase … it’s not like it will be enough for him to buy a tin of mustache wax or anything! 😉

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    1. LOL…you have every right to buy his book Jill. I get why you did. It’s like Kim said in her comment, he’s like Trump in many ways, but he’s certainly not as deranged and narcissistic. And, he’s smarter. But I sure would have held him in much higher regard if he would have testified. More often than not, these people who serve under Trump are scared shitless of what might get said about them. Not the ones who did testify of course. They are patriots and we should all be proud of them. Bolton will always have this scar attached to his name, though. He’ll never live it down.
      That said, like I pointed out in my post, it wouldn’t have made a lick of difference. The fix was in. It would have only made the R’s look worse than they already did. And I suppose that’s something.

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      1. 😉 Thanks Jeff! I never have liked Bolton, but Kim is right … at least he is relatively sane and intelligent, unlike the person at the helm of this runaway train. He had the chance to do the right thing, and he blew it, for which I will always hold him to account. I started his book last night, but was so exhausted that I couldn’t get past page 12. I’ll try for more tonight! Got your email … will respond tonight, for I want to wish you a safe journey!

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  2. Jeff, well said. What Bolton wrote and has talked about is not a surprise. This is president has done many corrupt and deceitful things before and after he became president. I do like that he corroborated what Dr. Fiona Hill said.

    But, I agree with what you write. A brave person (like those who did testify knowing they were risking their careers with such a vindictive person) would have come forward. He would have said something like – you need to hear what I have to say, especially you that support the president. He does not want me to testify, but we can do so in chambers to protect the confidentiality. He should have also encourage the Senate counterpart committee to sit-in.

    Bolton has been passed over because he throws people under the bus. He is just like the president in this regard. Yet, he owed it to the country to testify when serious things were being discussed. And, for that he did the country a disservice.


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    1. He really did do us a disservice Keith. The one thing it may have done was move public opinion even more in favor of impeachment, even if only a few percentage points. Maybe a few more R’s could have been peeled off. Maybe Susan Collins would have been ‘appalled,’ instead of her usual ‘concerned.’ But we’ll never know Keith. It’s all up to the American people now. I sure as hell hope we do not blow it again. We just can’t.

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  3. I may get raked over the coals for what I’m about to say, but …

    I personally find it difficult to castigate Bolton for writing the book. By far, he has his own litany of disgusting actions, but I don’t see them as a reason why he shouldn’t have written about his corrupt boss. After all, Trump did unceremoniously show him the door (as is his custom).

    Certainly he could have testified during the impeachment proceedings, but our perception of what was going on behind the scenes was primarily based on news reports. Further, I’m not sure his choice to remain “ominously silent” was related to his intention to write a book. Bottom line, none of us really know why he wrote the book. Revenge, perhaps?

    In any event, I personally am thrilled that he brought all the stuff out into the open that Trump has tried so very, very hard to deny and keep hidden. If he makes a bundle from getting under Trump’s skin, so be it.

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    1. I get your point Nan. He had every right to write the book. I just wish he’d have gone further and did the right thing. I do not know what kind of negotiations were going on. I guess I’ve just grown tired of how many of these folks have thumbed their noses at House subpoena’s, or in his case, the back and forth over whether he would testify without one. I’m just done with them Nan. More power to him if he makes a few bucks. Just leaves a bad taste in my mouth, just like Trump does, as do the rest of the sycophants in his administration. Profiles in courage? I wish.

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