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I’m finished. Done. Unless Jeff asks me to write a post on a specific topic, this will be my last post for On the Fence Voters. I am grateful to Jeff, Greg, all the On the Fence Voters readers, and those who reposted some of my posts on other sites. I am grateful to have, virtually, met so many contemplative, compassionate, honest people through this blog site. Many thanks to all of you for your friendship and support.

Why Am I Quitting?

My departure has nothing to do with any of you. Every one of you has been gracious and welcoming. I hope my contemplations shared on this site over the last few months have, in some way, been profitable for you.

I’m quitting because I see no long-term profit in “preaching to the choir.” Yes, all of us who read the posts on this site—and many others like it—are fed up with our monster of a president and his brainless, bootlicking minions. (There was a time when I’d have resisted using such harsh and vulgar expressions, but I’ve passed the point of circumspection.)

I’m quitting because the audience I want to reach refuses to listen. I’ve tried many tactics in my attempts to reach them. Every attempt has proven to be futile. They refused to read my posts when I had my own blog site, and they absolutely will not “stoop” to read posts on a site hosted by a man who uses the moniker BrookingsLib.” So, while I’ve appreciated the venue for venting Jeff and Greg granted me here, I’ve concluded that venting is not the best use of my time. I don’t need to change your minds, and those whose minds do need changing are too stubborn and proud to repent.

Joined to Idols

In the Bible the Trump-supporting evangelicals claim to revere and follow is a book named for an Israeli prophet named Hosea. During Hosea’s era God was sorely disappointed with His wayward people. To make a powerful, illustrative point to them, He had his prophet Hosea marry a prostitute named Gomer. Even after Hosea married Gomer, she repeatedly had affairs with other men. God instructed Hosea to remain with Gomer despite her betrayals as a demonstration of His faithfulness to His people despite their betrayals of Him.

But eventually, God says, “Ephraim [another name for the people of Israel] is joined to idols; leave him alone!” Because of their incessant, unrepentant pursuit of idols, God ultimately told Hosea, essentially, “Enough! Quit trying; they will not listen.”

Modern-day evangelicals have idolized Donald Trump. They have turned him into the benchmark for righteousness. He is, to them, God’s Chosen One, and those who oppose him are demon possessed. And, like Ephraim of Hosea’s era, they refuse to repent of their idol worship. Evangelicals are joined to an idol; leave them alone.

Evangelicals are joined to an idol; leave them alone.

I can’t change their minds, and you don’t need to change your mind, so I see no point in writing more missives here, no point in, as Israel’s King Solomon said, “chasing after the wind.”

If You Can’t Join Them, Beat Them

So, rather than spending any more time and effort in trying to reach unrepentant idol-worshiping Trumpists, I’m going to devote that time to helping to defeat Trump and his cowering toadies in Congress. I will do so through donating my time to an organization called Swing Left. Check them out; perhaps you’ll decide to volunteer for them too.


  1. Thanks for your participation here. It has been appreciated.

    May I hope that you won’t completely quit. Perhaps you will occasionally report back.

    I agree with you that too many who call themselves “Christian” have chosen Trump as their idol. Perhaps they will come to examine their mistakes. But it seems clear that won’t happen until after the November elections.

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  2. I’m very sorry to see you go, good sir. I understand completely and I hope that your volunteer work going forward bears much fruit and will be a salve for your bruised soul. Of course, most people are bruised. We in Canada are not immune to the upheaval that is wracking America today. We have our own systemic racism to root out. I am grateful for the words of wisdom you have published here. Peace.

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  3. I am so sorry to read this, for you have added value to our blogging community, to On the Fence Voters. You’ve helped me to understand why the evangelicals think as they do (not that I agree with them, but at least I have a better understanding), and I’ve enjoyed your posts. Like Neil, I hope that you will drop back in every now and then. I certainly understand your frustration about not being able to reach the audience that needs to hear your words, for I feel much the same. As one of my friends frequently reminds me, I am ‘spitting in the wind.’ But, I continue to have hope that somehow what I do will make a difference.

    Best of luck to you in your work with Swing Left! I hope, for all our sakes, that they and you are successful! I don’t know what I could contribute to them, but you know my thoughts by now, and if you see an area where I might help out, please let me know! Jeff can give you my email address.

    I’m glad I got to know you, Jerry, and I do hope to see your work again from time to time. Thanks for all you do!

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  4. “Close some doors today. Not because of pride, incapacity or arrogance, but simply because they lead you nowhere.” – Paulo Coelho. There is no purpose in continuing to do something when the heart is no longer in it or when it feels pointless. It has been a pleasure reading your thought provoking posts and your time was not wasted but appreciated. Best wishes as you close this door and open the next, may this lead you to new and fulfilling adventures. Thank-you!

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  5. I’m not American so I don’t really understand your evangelicals, but I do know that there are some people who will never change their minds. In a sense, we belong to that group too, just on the opposite side of the bell curve. But there are a lot of people in the middle of that curve who are slowly coming to realise that they can’t stay neutral any more. Those people are capable of hearing and seeing the truth. Those people are worth talking to. Your time has not been wasted.

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  6. Hi Jerry! As far as I’m concerned, I hope you’ll continue to contribute anytime you have something to say and the inspiration to say it. Take a break from it if you need to, and come back whenever, even occasionally if you want. Just know that I deeply appreciate the help you’ve been to Jeff in my absence and that we both appreciate very much what you’ve brought to On The Fence Voters.

    I’ve often wondered the same thing, about what ‘long-term profit’ there is in constantly ‘preaching to the choir’ as you put it, when it seems that all we do is lecture and rant to our followers who already agree with our opinions. In truth there’s a huge profit.

    While we may never be lucky enough to change the opinions of ardent supporters on the other side, we can supply rationale to folks who already lean in our direction but aren’t really sure why. Maybe there’s issues which confuse them or aspects they haven’t considered. When they see and understand the logic and reasoning we offer, it helps to shape their opinions and convictions… which they eventually bring to further discussions they may have with people they encounter, where the process hopefully repeats. In this way, positive messages have additional chances to propagate through the barrage of bull***t in this world, and maybe we’ll pick up a few more precious votes for the Good Guys because of our efforts.

    I should maybe put this another way… consider that you’re part of a collective voice of the people which our nation desperately needs… Jeff is, Jill is, you are, (I will be, if I can ever come back) and thousands of other bloggers are. If that voice were to ever go silent, how could we ever hope to prevail in a world where ignorance is the easy and default alternative to taking the time to understanding the real truths behind an issue?

    It’s frustrating to write when you think nobody is reading, hearing or believing you…. but you don’t know that’s true all the time. Others have the same frustrations you have and if those people happen upon your writing, your words will resonate with them and you’ll have made a positive difference in our political system!

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    1. Thanks, Greg, for that note/assessment and for graciously allowing me to contribute. Obviously you are a deep thinker. I hope circumstances will allow you to resume contributing to the blog.

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  7. I agree that “Preaching to the choir” accomplishes little or nothing….unless it leads the “preached to” to put shared beliefs into action: at least VOTE….and if able, do more, such as volunteer to help the campaigns of good candidates.

    Best wishes, and take care.

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  8. It was hard to pick from Trump and Hillary I mean I don’t want my vote to support abortion, but I do read Romans 13:1-2 , Obama does support what scripture calls abomination


  9. Jeff, your voice will be missed here, but keep making it heard. I send a select post out to about 250 people each week, that includes people of all political persuasions. I do hear back from a few who think I am being unfair, but at least we can discuss by email. I also write and call Senators, and include columnists in my emails.

    Does this help? Maybe a little, but at least it helps my sanity. So, keep on firing away. Maybe, you will help break the ice more. I do believe we have moved past a tipping point on this president. He cannot help himself, so trying to solve a problem will always be secondary to making himself look good (which is misguided in its own right). “I, alone” can solve our problems he said at the last RNC. The arrogance and inaccuracy of that statement is beyond the pale.

    As for those evangelicals, the person in the White House has done more damage to Christianity than any atheist every could. If this person is the evangelical’s paragon, then do not ever lecture me again about how I should behave is the appropriate response.


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  10. Thanks again Jerry! You absolutely will be missed. As Greg said above, you’ve been part of the ‘collective voice of the people’ and you made a decision that the community you’ve been a part of for over 40 years had completely lost its way. You were able to see this president for the charlatan he so clearly is. That says a lot about you the person. Come back anytime, and good luck!

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