Killing His Re-Election Bid–Literally

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Trumpism will die. I feared it might be with us for the ages, but Donald “Jim Jones” Trump is busy filling the Kool-Aid cups and is calling for his followers to drink up. According to news sources, Trump slams governors, demands they open houses of worship ‘right now.’

In his panic to gain re-election through presenting the façade of normalcy in the midst of a pandemic-fueled crisis, Donald Trump will dramatically reduce the numbers among his most-loyal alliance, evangelical Christians.

“The governors need to do the right thing and allow these very important essential places of faith to open right now, for this weekend,” Trump said. “If they don’t do it, I will override the governors.” And if Trump, the new messiah, demands that churches re-open, then by Donald, they will—and the pews will be packed with the Trump-faithful.

Worshipers will be able to choose between a slow death via COVID-19 or a quicker demise via presidentially-prescribed Lysol (in place of the cyanide-laced Kool Aid Jim Jones gave his cult members back in 1978).

If churches do re-open—and no doubt most evangelical churches will not neglect a direct request from their messiah—then by November’s election, I predict, Trump will have lost tens of thousands of his most loyal disciples. It will be a bittersweet event–the end of toxic Trumpism, but at the cost of tens of thousands of naïve, dimwitted disciples.

At least Jim Jones knew he was calling his followers to mass suicide. The myopic Trump is too dense to understand the outcome of his panicked ultimatum.


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    Sad to say … if this happens, it will oddly make me kinda glad!! I know, I’m being bad … ““The governors need to do the right thing and allow these very important essential places of faith to open right now, for this weekend,” Trump said. “If they don’t do it, I will override the governors.” And if Trump, the new messiah, demands that churches re-open, then by Donald, they will – and the pews will be packed with the Trump-faithful.”

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    1. Agree…I say let them open, let him have his big rallies and let nature take its course, while the rest of us try to stay safe as best as we can.

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  2. I recently wrote a post on the church situation and pointed out that while several have declared it is their “constitutional” right to attend church during this pandemic, they are missing the mark. The First Amendment to the Constitution prevents the government from making laws which regulate an establishment of religion, and it may not prohibit the free exercise of religion.

    From my perspective, neither of these “rights” comes into play here. Especially the second one since no one is being prohibited from exercising their religion … they’re just not being allowed to do it within a designated building.

    While Trump will never acknowledge his role in the loss of “tens of thousands of his most loyal disciples,” hopefully those that survive will finally put two and two together.

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    1. His hardcore base will never admit anything. Everything will always be the Democrat, liberal, Deep State, Fake News, projectionist Twilight Trumpian Zone world of Faux Nitwit Newsless, Breibart, etc.

      After living in their South for over a decade? I got sick and tired of their music of how everyone else is keeping them down when most of them won’t even get off their butts to further their education to make better lives for themselves because they basically are taught education is evil. The Red State Republican leaders made sure their school systems were failures because an educated people would not buy the BS of the Republicans and see through all their lies and crimes. And like Trump has proclaimed many times, he truly loves his uneducated people. Comedian Christopher Titus put it best in one of his skits when these same people heard that hey, Trump loves uneducated…..”He loves us!!!”. Well it is because he is basically just like them in many ways. Misogynist, hateful, bigoted, racist, and the list could go on. But this is his hardcore base mostly.

      Others who bought his BS and voted for him? Have already admitted the mistake they made and would not vote for him again. He has lost probably 40-60% of those voters. Apparently too? There are a whole lot of Never Trumper Republicans hidden seeking to do all they can to make sure this orange stain does not get re-elected. I am still interested to find out who Anonymous actually is.

      Best we can hope for right now, and I know some disagree with me but hey, I am a realist.

      We do our best to keep ourselves safe from these people. We stay away from them as much as possible. We protect ourselves, wear our masks, wash our hands, practice social distancing, etc. Again, to the best of our ability? We keep ourselves and our loved ones safe from these fools.

      And we let them get sick and die off. They want to be stupid and believe Trump and Fox News and Alex Jones and Breibart, and the Republicans who only want them to go back to work because their rich billionaire and millionaire masters are losing profits so hey, lets get these people back to work, who cares if they get infected and or die? So what? We can get more of these fools to replace them.

      Let them go to their churches. One pastor who just died said his god was stronger than Covid and so have others and they have gotten sick and some of their flocks have died too. Let them have their fun…and when they get sick? We tell them sorry, our medical centers and hospitals are full of people you all infected with your stupidity and they come first. So wait in line. The medical help should first go to those who did follow social distancing, etc.

      Of course they will then go more nuts, but this is expected. They just want a reason to start their insane “Civil War 2.0”. I do know from everything I have read so far? Our federal and state law enforcement and even our military are ready and been preparing for those idiots. But the question is then will there be enough of those kinds of hard core Trumpsters left to pick up their penis substitutes and start their war? Nope.

      So again, let them do what they want to do. Let them all get sick and die. These Jesus people think their god and Jesus is stronger than Covid-19? That their prayers are going to keep them safe? Well this has already been proven wrong by pastors getting sick and dying as well as parishioners. So if they want to be fools? Let them.

      But again, we do everything we can to keep ourselves safe from THEM, even if we have to? Using our 1st Amendment and even 2nd Amendment rights to stand up to them. Because it just might come down to that. Hopefully not, but you never know with these hard core Trumpsters of his.


  3. You’d think he’d at least tell loyal evangelicals to take hydroxychloroquine before they go to church. Hey, he takes it (or so he says), and he’s as healthy and strong as an ox (and twice as dumb).

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  4. We will soon seen in a few weeks Jerry if the hurry back to normal crusade will result in a big spike in cases/deaths. I’m thinking the answer to that is yes. I hope I’m wrong. But, at least Trump got some golf in……UGGGHHH

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    1. I suspect you are right, Jeff, that “the hurry back to normal crusade [likely] will result in a big spike in cases/deaths.” In fact, if I were to bet, I’d bet all my savings that it will. Others are betting with their lives that it will not. Not wise.

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  5. Here is the way I look at it. If these fools want to die for Trumpism? Then I say let them. Reports already show these areas that are opening like they are? Covid-19 is rising. Three preachers who have all opened their churches have gotten sick and one has died, and he said his god was stronger than Covid-19. Lots of these churches that have opened? Are proving to be petris dishes of Covid.

    I say let them take hydroxychloroquine, inject disenfectants, and do their church services and family gatherings. We do our best to stay safe from them, keeping out distance from them. As they all start to die off? That is the decline of Trump and his Trumpsters.

    But of course? They will then blame the Democrats, the liberals, the Deep State and China for it and attempt to then pop off. But I am sure our military and police are ready for them on that.


    1. I understand your point, atheistmilitantrising, but I respectfully disagree with simply with letting them die for Trumpism. I will continue to try to warn them. Granted, so far, I’ve been mostly unsuccessful, but I must still try. I don’t see Trumpists as my enemies to be conquered or eliminated; I see them as poor, deluded souls to be pitied. Yes, they must be defeated in the elections. And if some of them take up arms following Trump’s defeat, then, yes, law enforcement must deal with them as a serious threat. But I’d much rather have them finally open their eyes and see and renounce the error of their ways.
      Even so, like you, I sometimes get so exasperated with the insanity of Trump and Trumpists that I become angry.
      Have a good day, atheistmilitantrising.


      1. They have been warned, and warned, and warned. They have been shown examples of what happens in gatherings, in churches, at funerals and family gatherings. They are themselves choosing to ignore all those warnings of the experts. It is like you are smacking them in the head with a ball peen hammer and it is still not getting it through their thick skulls how deadly or dangerous this situation is for not only themselves, but their families and loved ones. How many times do you smash someone in the face with the facts and truth before you just get tired arms and ask yourself if it is worth it.

        Let me give you a local example of one of these local Jesus freaks. She is a bus driver for the local transportation system. Now she drives the bus? She has a huge plastic sheet between her and us and you do not pay right now because of the transfer of cash. BUT….she says her god is protecting her and everyone else and will cure us all and we should not have to worry about going to church because that is where god is and will protect you.

        Even though we showed her stories of preachers saying these exact same things, who are either now dead, or sick, and flock members who got sick and are dying, or died.

        This is comparable to idiot Christians telling me how much their god protects them as some maniac is shooting them down in their churches. Covid-19 and bullets? Are not stopped by prayer or faith.

        But telling these people that? Is talking to a brick wall and I am done speaking to brick walls. If they want to ignore the warnings and all the proof and advise of the experts and listen to Trump, Faux, etc? Let them and let them die if they do so. I will not weep for them. I will laugh because hey, they were warned for months and months and choose by their own way? Of ignoring it all and doing their thing. AND THAT IS ON THEM, NOT ME, NOT YOU OR ANYONE ELSE.


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