Wearing a Mask in Public-Liberal Snowflake?

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These days everything is up for grabs. In today’s hyper-sensitive political climate, it doesn’t seem to matter. One would think that if you’re told to wear a mask in public to protect you and the people around you from possibly contracting a dangerous virus, it would be a no brainer to wear the mask.

But these are not normal times if you didn’t know that already. We have an abnormal president with a group of followers whose main goal in life now is to “own the libs” at all costs–no matter the consequences.

And it’s becoming increasingly apparent that the mask issue is only the beginning. What we’re seeing is the political strategy of the current president becoming more evident by the day. And if the Democrats aren’t up to the task to counter-punch, we may be in for a sad day on November 3, 2020.

As we all know, everything this president does is political in nature—quite the contrast from the guy elected who loved to tout the fact that he wasn’t a politician. Well, he sure is one now. And if there’s ever been a more partisan politician in the history of the country, I’ll be glad to hear who that person was.

By now, it’s blatantly obvious that this president has decided to punt the football as it pertains to the pandemic. As far as he’s concerned, it’s all over. The scientists are no longer out front—the economic and political class are now in charge. The projections change daily, with Vice-President Pence saying it will be all behind us, come this Memorial Day.

It’s one thing to open up the entire country if there was a coherent and concrete plan from the federal government to help guide the states. It’s quite another when the administration is leaving all the heavy lifting up to those states. You’re on your own governors. That’s the plan.

And this is where the political plan comes into focus. Besides passing the buck, as this president so often does, Trump can now start to paint governors, especially the Democratic ones, as wishy-washy liberal snowflakes, who are too afraid of their own shadows to open up their states.

After all, he’s Mr. tough-guy-in-chief. Just yesterday, he proclaimed he was taking the unproven drug, hydroxychloroquine, to keep the virus away. He doesn’t care about trials or efficacy. “I heard people tell me it works,” he says. “What do I have to lose?” It doesn’t matter that there’s no evidence the drug does anything to help you get better if you have the virus, or keep it away from you in the first place. But for this president, it’s all about playing to his cult—and owning the liberal ‘weenie’ governors.

Ironically, he may start to get a few folks in his corner with this approach, and from an unlikely group: younger voters. Summer is on the horizon, and it’s time to go to the beach, party, and have a good time. In some states, only recently have the beaches begun to open up, many with restrictions in place. Most of these restrictions are from Democratic states like California and Oregon.

But it’s how this president operates. It’s all about dividing us, whether it’s social, political, or cultural. It’s what he does best, and his reelection chances depend on that division. If he can get a few more votes via younger pissed off voters, so be it.

It’s all about the narrative. Between the president, social media, his right-wing TV network, and all of the Republican sycophants in Congress, they’re masterful at painting the other side so that it resonates with a public that’s slowly running out of patience with all of the shelter-in-place restrictions.

It kind of goes like this: “Look at our president. He’s so strong and tough. He takes drugs because his gut tells him it’s the right thing to do. Who cares if it’s safe or not? He tells us to be warriors. He wants us to go back to work and get the economy moving again. How can we not follow such a courageous leader?

Oh, and what about those liberal governors. Look at Gretchen’s half-Whitmer’ from Michigan trying to tell us tough guys with military assault weapons to stay at home. The hell with her! And look at those snowflake idiots wearing masks. What the hell is wrong with them? What a bunch of cowards. I don’t need no stinking cover. This so-called damn virus is nothing but a Democrat hoax anyway. It’s barely as bad as the flu, and besides, the only ones dying are those damn black and brown folks. Who cares? Get the hell back to work!”

To further demonstrate the narrative, here are a couple of tweets from the right-wing Twitter world, and one from the Governor of New York.



This is the divide, folks. This is where we’re going over the next five months. Cuomo has the right idea, and it’s how Democrats must fight back.

Wearing a mask doesn’t make you a coward. As Cuomo points out, it shows respect. Most medical experts will tell you that wearing one protects others more than it protects yourself, although it certainly can give you some defense level.

But in the right-wing world, it doesn’t seem to matter. It’s all about proving a point: We’re strong, you’re weak. To me, it’s the opposite. I’m certainly not here to pontificate on whether you or anyone you know should wear a mask in public. I just think it’s the right thing to do.

And when I go out in public with my mask on at the local grocery store or retail establishment, I find myself getting a lot of looks from those who do not have one. Some even shoot a snicker or two my way. In my gut, I know who they’re going to support in 2020.

In other parts of the world, especially Europe and Asia, wearing a mask is as common as putting on a pair of shoes. In America, it appears as though it labels you a liberal or a conservative. I’m finding it harder and harder to understand my country.


  1. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    Our friend Jeff over at On the Fence Voters ponders about our society, how we are responding to the current crisis, and how Trump is further stretching the Great Divide that led to his unconscionable election three+ years ago. I can especially relate to his last sentence … I no longer recognize the country I once respected. Thank you, Jeff!

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      1. My pleasure! You do good work, as always. It’s funny, because just yesterday morning I was thinking that you hadn’t posted anything for a while and I was going to email and check on you, but then you posted this.

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      2. I owe you an email one of these days soon. I was out of action for a little while. Nothing bad though. Just busy with other stuff…..That life thing gets in the way sometimes!! You’re the best Jill!

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      3. No worries, my friend! Yes, quite often life interferes with our plans … and not, usually, in a good way! Take your time on the email … I’ll be happy to hear from you whenever you can! I owe so many people emails … some from a month of more ago, including our mutual friend, Greg! Awww … you make me blush when you say that! Thanks, my friend!

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  2. While I cannot wear a mask for medical reasons, I simply stay home, rather than risk my own life or others. I go to the grocery once a week, keep my head down, sanitize hands and face afterward, and that’s the extent of my public contact. However, I respect those who can and do wear masks, gloves, and all the rest, and I’ll continue to stay home indefinitely. I stopped caring about going out a month or so ago. Funny that Pence says all this will be over by the weekend (Memorial Day), while the experts are saying it will be two years, or that perhaps it will never be over. I trust the experts more than team Trump-Pence. Good musings, Jeff. Thanks!

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    1. Thanks Jill. I totally get that some, like yourself, cannot wear a mask. But you respect and can appreciate those who choose to do so. And that’s the way it should be. This continued attack by the right-wing crowd though, is ridiculous. What a bunch of idiots. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree of Trump!!

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      1. I agree they are idiots. And we will all pay the price for their idiocy. Sadly, they will still be idiots even after we vote Trump out in November … in fact, I fear their idiocy will then hit new heights. Sigh.

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    1. I know. I don’t remember seeing news reports from other countries about them whining and complaining about wearing masks. I mean geez, every time I see people out in the street in Asia, Europe etc…everyone…I mean everyone is wearing one. Why in the hell are we so different? I don’t get it.


  3. Jeff, important post. As an independent and former GOP (and Dem many moons ago), let be brutally frank.

    A leader leads by example. They can be good or bad examples. The president had a chance to be a leader we needed in January, but he chose to follow his modus operandi of misinformation which continues to this day.

    Not wearing a mask is a form of misinformation and some asinine false bravado. As a result, too many are following suit. If Trump need not do it, then neither do I. But, here are two major points – wearing the mask is more for the people near the mask wearer, so he or she is protecting those who are not wearing a mask. The converse means the non-wearer is affectlng even mask wearers.

    The other is we are not out of the woods. The pandemlc is not going away. It does not give a rat’s ass about what party you belong to.

    Trump has done a disservice to our country and still is. When I saw him unmasked within four feet of a veteran in a wheel chair who was masked, that was a metaphor fot our me-first president. As Howard Stern rightly said last week, Donald Trump does not care about you. He cares about one person.


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    1. PS – I went on Laura Ingraham’s site to post a comment. She actually has a section entitled something like “What can we blame Obama for?” That may not be exact, but I found it telling. People need to know that she, Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck, Jones are not news people. They are biased opinion hosts. The same could be said for Maddow and O’Donnell, but I find what they say a lot more grounded, even though, it should be taken as opinion. Keith

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      1. Agreed Keith. That’s a good take on Maddow and O’Donnell. They do no hide their bias but most of what they say is backed up with fairly good journalism and facts. I get your point though.


    2. Absolutely true Keith. A leader leads by example. And he is without a doubt, the worst possible leader at the worst possible time. Just think if he were to do the right thing and put on a damn mask in public, one time even. The example and tone that would set is immeasurable. But he won’t do it. He’s not capable. So, his followers merely follow in his footsteps. He’s just a pathetic and despicable man. What else can we say?


  4. Awesome post. I take this subject both personally and seriously. I’ve lost 4 relatives to CoVID-19. My sister and a close 1st cousin are both nurses in CoVID-19 units in VA and CT respectively. There are several family members who are also first responders (including me).

    I’ve seen and heard the horrors of this virus for survivors as well as those who succumb to it. There’s no valid reason for anyone to willingly and stupidity put themselves or their loved ones in harm’s way just for stigginit.

    I do, however, draw the line at a certain point. I have a black balaclava, and I really want to wear it to help protect myself. Reality tells me that I have a better chance of surviving it all by not wearing a full face mask with my melanin condition. So, I wear a N95 whenever I’m out.

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    1. So sorry to hear of your losses. It really brings it all home doesn’t it? My wife is in the healthcare field. Up till now, her hospital has been largely spared of cases due to the rural area in which we live. But, in just the past week, the cases have exploded from just over 3 confirmed cases to 15. That may not sound like much but in this area it’s a pretty big deal. No place is safe from this thing. We all must remain vigilant. Good on you for wearing the N95 Brosephus. You’re doing your part. We all have to.

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      1. It’s strange because two were cousins that I went to school with, marched in the band with, and all kinds of other things. We’re talking about a city of 35,000 in Alabama. This virus is like the honey badger because it doesn’t give a shit.

        The rural areas are in far more danger because of the lack of critical care personnel and equipment. We’ve been spared because most of the infections were in urban and suburban America. The virus is now hitting rural areas, and that’s scary.

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      2. Yes, that’s been my fear all along. The population of county I live in is only 25k here in Southwest Oregon. Thus far only 5 cases, but again, my wife’s hospital is right down the road in Northern Cali…and theirs is up to 15. It’s here and it’s sure to spread. Very scary


  5. Hehe. I shall render sacrifice this week to the Goddess Nemesis; she who enacts retribution against those who succumb to hubris and arrogance before the gods, Best from Florida.

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  6. I really son’t understand why Trump and his supporters are making this an issue. We are in a middle of a global pandemic, it’s only logical to wear a mask, if not for your own safety then to protect others from spreading infection. Why is this even a political issue? From our most basic primal level, don’t ppl have survival instincts, self preservation and survival of the species? My conclusion is certain segment of the population are susceptible to media brainwashing and can’t think for themselves.

    Mike Adams wrote an article called the Trump Trap worth reading:
    The trap consists of encouraging the reopening of the US economy while complacency is widespread and the masses have been falsely led to believe the virus is now extinguished just because the exponential explosion has been interrupted. Under the “complacency” scenario that now seems likely, things will look fine for about two months, after which the exponential explosion of the spread will have resumed with a new level of ferocity, suddenly overwhelming the nation with a shocking number of new hospitalizations and deaths in the Fall.

    Further adding to the bizarre nature of this convergence of events, it is Democrats who are most likely to wear masks and exercise the social distancing measures that would speed the economic recovery and help Trump win re-election in November. Simultaneously, it’s conservatives and Trump supporters who are most likely to avoid wearing masks, thereby contributing to the spread of infections and the likelihood of a second wave of lockdowns that may destroy Trump’s chances of victory.

    Although we already know that if 80% of the people simply wore masks in public, we could beat this pandemic and reopen the economy quite safely, we also know that the vast majority of Americans are brainwashed party line cultists who have zero ability to think for themselves. They go along with their preferred mob, regardless of how insanely stupid that mob might be. This is true among both Democrats and Republicans. This is why Democrats are screaming about carbon dioxide destroying the planet while Republicans are screaming that wearing masks spreads infectious disease.

    Those of us who are informed and rational are coming to realize we are living in a world full of dangerous zombie cultists whose brains appear to have been consumed by pathogens. This should make the 2020 elections incredibly entertaining as conservatives argue against the policies that would ensure a Trump victory while Democrats argue in favor of precautions that will end the pandemic earlier, allowing the economy an opportunity to surge back just in time for the elections.

    I call this the “Trump trap,” and what’s truly bizarre about all this is how the trap is being baited by Trump’s own supporters who refuse to take the steps necessary to end lockdowns and reopen the economy without leading to a second wave of infections and lockdowns

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  7. Every time I think there is nothing left to say about DJT, he proves me wrong. His refusal to wear a mask, or to take medical advice, is mind-blowing for those who see through him, even though it is exactly what they expected to do. To call him a moron is being kind to him. To compare him to any living creature is to insult that creature. I used to think I had a hugge ego, though I tempered it with my spiritual beliefs. Trump’s ego cannot be contained, in our cosmos, and hek tekmpers his with hatred. What was it someone (a parent?) did to him when he was young? I guess we’ll never know, because he is to full of himself to ever tell.

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    1. He so desperately needs comprehensive therapy. He’s too stupid to know it, of course. To think this man actually got 62 million people to vote for him…..that’s just beyond comprehension.


    1. It’s been a long, hard fall from grace Don. I really don’t know how we recover anytime soon. November 3, 2020 is where we start, but it’s gonna take years to fix what this man has done to our country.

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  8. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    SMGH!! … when did this become political? Oh, I know … This is quite the concern for me. I don’t think this nation can take four more years of this … “What we’re seeing is the political strategy of the current president becoming more evident by the day. And if the Democrats aren’t up to the task to counter-punch, we may be in for a sad day on November 3, 2020.”

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  9. As usual, Jeff, another astute analysis. And what really riles me about the attitude you described among conservatives is that so many of them are my fellow evangelicals. Their Bible repeatedly tells them to love their neighbors as themselves. Wearing a mask to lessen the spread of a deadly disease should seem to be a pretty easy measure to take in loving one’s neighbor. Refusing to do so is just plain selfish–there’s no other way to describe it. And that’s what today’s conservatism is all about, selfishness.
    You added that, for conservatives, it’s all about “owning the libs.” Again, absolutely right. As I mentioned in a previous post, under Trump, the Republican Party has evolved into the ultimate reactionary party. Republicans no longer have any new ideas of their own. Instead, they simply wait for the Democrats to propose legislation, and then, no matter that that legislation is, they oppose it. Perhaps the best way to deal with the Trumpists is through reverse psychology, as we sometimes must use with children. We need to propose the opposite of what the country needs so Trump and his childish followers will oppose it and favor what’s right. If they’re going to think and behave as petulant children, we need to deal with them as children.

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    1. Thank you Jerry. I think you may be on to something with the reverse psychology. I mean, for crying out loud, nothing else works!
      Yes, I see it every day on Twitter, as I included in my post. Those two people have millions of followers. Millions. And they do nothing but tout right-wing conspiracies and throw insults at Democrats. Social media has put this crap on steroids and I do not know what we can do to stop it, other than just keep on doing what we’re doing Jerry: Expose them for the charlatans and nut cases that they are.


  10. Bravo, Jeff—my sentiments exactly (not for the first time!).

    How we wound up with a President and enablers who are willing to politicize a pandemic boggles my mind. But despite our sentiments, this will be a close election—and I hope everyone is doing what you can: urging your legislators to push for vote-by-mail and other voter accommodations, contributing what you can to Democrats at all levels, volunteering, etc. As I noted in a recent post about how to deal with my anger, I am now engaged in an effort to hand-write post cards each week to erratic Democratic voters in crucial states to encourage them to sign up to vote by mail—and then to vote! We can’t assume a win…we’ve got to work for it!

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    1. Thanks Annie, and I like your idea about the postcards. Anything we can do, small or large, is worth it to make sure this man never sees the White House again, unless it’s from a jail cell!


      1. I just used my bloggy pulpit to further press my belief, based on additional evidence, that Biden is an honorable man—and his accuser’s veracity has been thoroughly discredited.

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  11. Scottie at Scottie’s Toy Box just posted an article that talks about how some idiots are passing around a FAKE script to use that exonerates them from having to wear a mask.

    This is the comment I left of Scotties’ blog …

    This is so totally NOT RIGHT!!! But of course, that makes not one iota difference to these imbeciles.

    As I’ve mentioned here and elsewhere, my other-half happens to have childhood asthma so YES! If he were to contract the virus it could very well end his life. Since these neanderthals refuse to wear masks, he must wear an N-95 mask — the only mask that filters out the air he breathes in, thus protecting him from the virus contaminants that OTHERS are breathing out.

    Unfortunately, these masks do not last forever, but due to the virus they are not currently available for general public purchase so all he can hope for is the one he has continues to provide him protection.

    The selfishness of some (many!) human beings is mind-boggling. Although it’s always present, in a crisis like this it’s even more astonishing,

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    1. Well said Nan. I’ve seen these people all over Twitter. Some of these nut cases are confronting mask wearers and yelling at them or calling it a hoax. I wonder how they feel now that their dear leader was caught on camera wearing one. He tried to avoid being seen with it on. But he got caught. Just think if he was man enough to wear one all the time and actually be an example to people. Yeah….right. That will never happen. He’s not capable of such an honorable act.


      1. Last I heard (his recent visit to Michigan Ford Plant), tRumpsky was still refusing to wear a mask. Would be interested in where you saw this.

        Thing is … masks protect the other person so this would mean “he” is safe … but all those he comes in contact with are susceptible, even wearing masks since droplets, etc. can get through. Not to mention, he doesn’t pay any attention to the 6′ rule.

        Such a dweeb!


  12. There’s a picture of him wearing one. If you google it I’m sure it will come up. But yes, he couldn’t care less, regardless. His vanity and stupidity cease to amaze


    1. I did come across one after I commented. It was delightful to look at since it covered his lying mouth.

      I continue to be dumbfounded at the people who are so taken in by this man’s manipulative lies. But as they say, there’s one born every minute …

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