‘America’ — A Nation of Hate

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On Thursday, I posted an article, Running While Black, in which I lamented the tragic slaughter of Ahmaud Arbery. Today, my good friend Jill weighs in with her usual spot-on take of not only that event, but also the searing and growing racism that has plagued the United States of America since the very beginning. It’s no surprise that in Trumpworld, the behavior of the two gentleman arrested for the killing of Arbery is already being praised in some circles. Does that shock anyone anymore?
Thank you, Jill, for another wonderful and thought provoking post.

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There is something seriously wrong in this country.  No, it isn’t only Donald Trump, though he is a sign, a manifestation of the disease that is destroying this nation.  No, the disease isn’t the coronavirus, though perhaps it has brought the other, deeper disease into the public arena.  The disease is … what?  It has many names, but they all point to one thing just as the saying goes that “all roads lead to Rome”.  And that one thing is blind hatred.

I’ve posted twice in the past week about the two white men who brutally murdered a young black man guilty only of being outdoors jogging.  The men, father and son, chased him down in their pickup truck and shot him to death. killersThe murder went unannounced for more than two months, then finally once it became public knowledge, the hue and cry was such that the two were…

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  1. Dear God, what next. I have just been skimming the headlines for the past two months, spending most of my time dealing with learning to walk again and trying to get my equilibrium straightened out, you know, head at the top and feet attached to the floor. This horrible incident is not as isolated as some would like it to be but it makes me wonder what that father had in mind for his son when he taught him to hate that much. And what did they think it was, sport ? We took a trip in time back to pre-Civil war fear and hatred of someone who is different — different color, different religion, different language.

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    1. There are pockets of this country that will never change. I used to think once the old farts start dying off, then maybe. But, as you can see with the father/son….it simply gets passed down the family tree.


  2. Jeff, I posted this on Jill’s blog, but will add it here.

    You and I have both highlighted the hate rhetoric and racism that has come more to the surface. Domestic hate groups are on the rise and we have a president whose former attorney and fixer called “a racist” under oath to Congress.
    Yet, we should not lose sight of most Americans are getting along much better than indicated. They are coming together to help people during this virus. Good news stories do make the news, but they occur in greater number than indicated by coverage. This is a key reason your weekly Heroes post is appreciated.
    If it bleeds, it leads, so news tends to focus more on the bad stories, as does the president. The president looks for stories to exploit, as do many pseudo-news outlets. They make a story national to call attention to a point they want to make. That is why the president made such a big deal out of Colin Kaepernick, as he knew he could divide people with it.
    What we need more of is the silent many to condemn the actions of the newsmakers on the negative side. They need to be spotlighted. The words of a recent post ring true – “Mr. president, if you cannot add value, please stop talking.”
    The same goes for relatives spewing hate filled rhetoric.”Uncle Bob or Aunt Sally, I would appreciate you not condemning folks like that.” Or,” I am sorry you feel that way, as I do not” and leave the room. If we leave the room on enough folks citing a brief reason why, it might make them take notice.
    True story. My father-in-law lived in the country and kept a loaded rifle in his closet, which I did not know he had until my boys saw it. When I asked him if it was loaded, he said yes. I asked him if he would unload it, as we cannot allow his grandchildren to be around a loaded weapon. He did so. It was an earnest and respectful request that he heeded.
    Children learn bigotry from adults, so we can do the same when a relative or friend goes off on a group, as I did with the rifle. We just need to be straightforward and not chew anyone’s head off.
    So, yes we have hate and it seems to be more open, but we need to not tolerate it and tell people so. Keith

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    1. Thanks for that Keith. Well said and all true. We must do better. We must call these people out. In a nation of 330 million people, we can’t all be on the same page. But I’d like to think we should all have a basic level of decency. With this president, that concept has been lost. We have to change it November 3. No excuses.


      1. Jeff, that word “decent” gets lost too much. Conservative pundit David Brooks has noted several times the president lacks common decency and empathy. The children in cages at the border, not wearing a mask when standing near people, bullying people who dare criticize him, not respecting people’s time, blowing up at people for things that make him mad, etc. are just a few of many examples. The majority of times the president has been presented with a chance to lead, he has whiffed at the ball on the tee. Keith

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