Discord & Dissension-A Pause

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At the beginning of the year, Jill Dennison and I decided to collaborate on a project that we hoped would focus our collective attention on the upcoming presidential election. Both of us felt then, and now that this election is the most consequential of our lives.

We told you how we got to the present hyperventilating partisanship in Washington, D.C. We reminded you how one political party was doing its level best to keep as many people from voting via unprecedented suppression tactics and gerrymandering.

We told you about the current administration’s unprecedented corruption, their total denial of climate change, and their attempt to destroy the administrative state. We alluded to how important the courts were to our future, as well as showcasing the myriad of issues that will confront voters in this election.

We also touched upon the growing dispute going on at the time between Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden voters, which thankfully has subsided—a little. We brought up the fight for the Senate and how important it is to flip it blue, as well as how we could all contribute to various democratic and progressive causes via civic engagement.

And in last Friday’s post, Jill reminded us all that we can’t merely have the campaign to elect Joe Biden, just because he’s not Donald Trump. By highlighting Biden’s increasingly progressive platform, we tried to do just that.

And then, a pandemic of historic proportions took over our lives. For now, it’s hard to focus on anything else. At some point, though, the election will be front and center. While the political party conventions remain on the schedule for August, do we know in what form or whether people will even be allowed to attend? Nothing is for sure at this point.

So for now, we pause. But make no mistake, Jill, and I are determined more than ever to come back in the not to distant future for the home stretch. There’s no telling what the current administration has up its sleeve in the coming weeks and months. You can rest assure that chaos will reign. The lies will only get worse, as will his already out of control narcissistic personality disorder. Surely his pal Putin is ready to help him again.

While we’re not sure yet what direction we may take when we return, let us make one promise to all of you out there: Making Donald Trump a one-term president remains our only goal.

And if any of you have any suggestions as to what you’d like Jill and I to cover when we return, please feel free to let us know via the comments section.

In the meantime, please be safe, and thank you for taking the time to engage us in our project. We sincerely appreciate it. See you soon.

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  1. “Making Donald Trump a one-term president remains our only goal.” I’m on board with that goal.
    Jeff and Jill, should the subscribers/readers of On the Fence Voters and Filosofa’s Word have an open discussion on specific ways to achieve that goal? Yes, vote and get all your non-Trumpist friends and relatives to vote. But what else? Donate time and money. What else?
    Or perhaps you’ve already done this and I missed it.
    Anyway, just a thought.
    Thanks for your diligent efforts.

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    1. That’s a great thought, Jerry! I would love to get the readers more involved, have an open conversation among us all! Thanks, Jerry, for sticking with us and supporting our long-term goal … we’ll be back, more vocal than ever!

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    2. Thanks Jerry. It will be November before we know it. But it can’t come fast enough. The damage he’s inflicted on this country is immeasurable. And he still has almost 8 more months to take us down even further, even if he loses. He’ll have the transition period to burn it down even more. We’ll probably need the cavalry just to remove his large carcass from that oval office. He won’t go quietly.

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  2. As you said … There’s no telling what the current administration has up its sleeve in the coming weeks and months. You can rest assure that chaos will reign.

    And this is why we MUST remain diligent and do whatever we can to keep things in balance. You and Jill may cease (for now) your series of posts, but I know neither of you has stopped fighting. And this is what we ALL must continue to do.

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  3. Thanks Nan! No, we haven’t stopped fighting the good fight … just needed to step back, breathe, and refocus a little bit. We didn’t want to get up to October and find ourselves suffering burnout. Thanks for sticking with us!

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  4. Jeff, you and Jill have done yeomen’s work. Thanks.

    I think Biden can push a serious agenda of repairing our relationships abroad restoring more trust, beginning with not leaving the Paris Climate Change accord. He can repair relationships between Americans being a president for all Americans and not vilifying the media or people who know what they are doing (the so called deep state). But, economically, he can focus on an Ametica that works for everyone with living wages and access to health care. That will distinguish him from Trump who helps the limited few as he pretends to be a populist. Keith

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    1. Thank you Keith. And I really appreciate you weighing in. You have a real grasp of how things are, and how things need to be. I value the fact that you’re an independent and former Republican. When you speak, I listen. I’d like to think there are many independents like yourself out there. I know people like George Conway, Rick Wilson, Bill Krystal and others are Republicans with a conscience. They will be needed in this home stretch. They want nothing to do with this guy and it’s nice to see them so ardently against him. I love the ads I’m seeing from the Lincoln Project. It’s pretty simple, really. Just use his words against him. Straight-forward stuff, but very powerful.


  5. Fight the good fight.
    When you return remind folks it’s not just Trump but the creatures he encourages such as Alex Jones, the odious Steve Bannon and those reincarnations of the Nazi SA, The Proud Boys. He is a rotting carcass of vanities a place for the breeding of diseases of Hate and Ignorance.

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    1. We sure will Roger. Yes, the stench from Trump reaches far and wide. They came out from their holes when he got elected. Now, we must force them back in!!

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  6. I agree the biggest obstacle is reaching across the aisle and convincing conservatives to see reason, vote blue. But how to bridge that divide? That may be a good topic to address. At this point both sides are so partisan and entrenched, it’s no wonder we’re all losing freedoms and justice to this madman in the white house. Thx for all ur hard work Jeff & Jill.


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