Discord & Dissension — Part XIV — How To Lose An Election

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Yes folks, it’s going to be Joe Biden running against Donald Trump in this years presidential election. I know that doesn’t excite a lot of people. But in this, the fourteenth installment of our project, Jill does an excellent job of pointing out that we will lose this thing if we run on, “Well, at least he’s not Trump.” That’s not going to get it done. Thanks Jill, for pointing out Biden’s progressive platform and reminding people that there are many reasons to vote FOR Biden, instead of simply AGAINST Trump. Let’s do this!

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I was pondering what direction to take for this week’s Discord & Dissension post when something crossed my radar that caused my jaw to drop, made me sit up and really take notice.  It disturbed me so badly that it sent me plummeting back into the rabbit hole from which I had only recently emerged, as I thought:  If this is what Democrats are thinking of Biden, we’re doomed.

But I’m not a quitter, and we’ve got 28 weeks left to try to turn things around.  This election season is like none in history, with no campaign rallies, little advertising that I have seen, but then I don’t watch television, and who knows whether there will even be national conventions or debates?

I am an Independent, though most assume I am a registered Democrat, but I am pulling for the Democrats and will be voting Democrat, needless to say.  Joe…

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