“These are not normal times.”

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Wow, talk about the understatement of the year. I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to hear from the 44th President of the United States today. A formal endorsement of his Vice-President, Joe Biden, came today. It was only a matter of time, of course. Why he decided to wait until the primary season ended, with Bernie Sanders finally dropping out and also endorsing Biden, is anyone’s best guess.

But I get a sense that Barack Obama doesn’t just do things by chance. I’m sure he pondered whether to weigh in earlier on who he wanted to see as the candidate to run against Donald Trump. Perhaps he didn’t want it to be Biden. Or, maybe he merely wanted to let the people decide for themselves, and not get in the way of the process.

Frankly, I don’t care what his reasons were. Because his announcement today was a breath of fresh air, just as it was to see Senator Sanders give his full-throated support to Biden yesterday. I feel so much better.  And I needed to feel better about something–anything for that matter.

Because the news of late is about as bad as I can remember in my lifetime. It’s depressing to see the carnage left in the wake of Trump’s complete and utter failure to deal with this crisis. The bodies continue to pile up all over the country, and how we move forward economically is uncertain and wrought with challenges we haven’t seen in generations.

But seeing my president speak earlier today gave me a pep in my step. That’s right, my president. I said it. I haven’t recognized the current occupant of the White House in that manner because I do not see him that way. I’ve never felt he was legitimate from the beginning, and his actions every day over the past 3.5 years has only hardened my position.

And in those disastrous 3.5 years, I’ve often wanted my president to speak up a little more often. He’s been hesitant to do so and I understand why that is. It’s sort of an unwritten rule among presidents to not criticize their successor. I believe that rests with the fact that they know how hard a job it is in the first place. They know the stress and responsibility that comes with the territory, so they cut the new guy some slack.

George W. Bush was a terrible president. In fact, he was the worst, in my view, until the current person unseated him for that crown. But Bush, in his time out of office, has conducted himself in an honorable way. I commend him for that. At times, Obama was critical of him, especially during his first term. So I have to give Bush some credit for holding his fire. Rarely, if ever, did he criticize Obama for anything.

Let’s face it, though, Trump is a different animal altogether. He’s not normal. He never was normal. And he will never be normal. But only on a few occasions has Obama decided to voice his opinion. Charlottesville, and Trump’s disgraceful “good people on both sides” comment was one of those times we heard from him. There’s been a few other occasions too, especially when Trump has gone too far on environmental deregulation.

By and large, though, he’s been relatively muted since Trump’s election. But not today, folks. With the Biden endorsement came a blistering attack on not only Trump, but the Republican Party as a whole:

“What we know now is that the Republicans occupying The White House and the United States Senate, are not interested in progress. They’re interested in power.” 

“They’ve given polluters unlimited power to poison our air and water. They’ve denied the science of climate change, just as they’ve denied the science of this pandemic.”

“Repeatedly, they’ve disregarded our basic principles, rule of law, voting rights, and transparency.”

“The other side has a propaganda network with little regard for the truth, and a massive war chest.”

“This crisis has reminded us that government matters. This crisis has reminded us that good government matters. That facts, and science matter.

“We need Americans of all stripes to unite against a politics that too often is characterized by corruption, carelessness, self-dealing, disinformation, ignorance, and just plain meanness.

And do you know what’s even better about all of those quotes? He never mentioned Trump’s name. Not once. He didn’t have to, did he?

If any of you are feeling hopeless and helpless, I urge you to take a listen to my president. Maybe Joe Biden doesn’t inspire you. Maybe he seems as if he’s lost a step and shows his age a little more often than you’d like. But Joe Biden is a good man. He’s a decent man with more integrity and decency than the current president could ever dream of.

And you know who else fits that description? Yes, my president. And he just so happens to be the guy who worked with Joe Biden for eight years. Not a hint of a scandal, nor any indictments in their administration. Biden will continue that same standard if he’s elected. The Democratic bench in America is large and impressive. He will have quite the pool to choose from when he starts to form a cabinet.

And not only that, but it appears Biden is leaning towards a bold and progressive platform, no doubt inspired by Bernie’s influence and the support he received from millions of young people.

Isn’t that something to look forward to? Look, removing the vile and vindictive current occupant of the office won’t be easy. Like my president said in his endorsement, he’s got a massive war chest and a propaganda network all to himself.

But we can do it, and we must do it. Thank you Mr. President for the pep talk today. I needed it–hell, America needed it. Thanks for reminding us what a real president looks like, acts like, and talks like. With you fired up and ready to go, I feel so much better. Much better.












  1. Or, maybe he merely wanted to let the people decide for themselves, and not get in the way of the process.

    This. I’m pretty sure that’s why Obama has waited till now. That’s his basic nature. He does not want to be a king maker. He believes in government of the people, by the people, for the people.

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    1. He sure does Neil. I miss him, and the country misses him. Well, all but the 40% who blindly follow you know who…..


  2. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    Jeff and I agree on most things, but on one thing we are totally and completely in agreement: We miss President Barack Obama! Today, President Obama formally endorsed Joe Biden for president and he did so with his usual dignity, forthrightness and grace. Please be sure to watch the video at the end to be reminded how a true leader speaks. Thanks Jeff … great post!

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    1. Thank you Jill! Yes, that video is a must see, just for the striking contrast. It could not be more apparent. And how he scorched Trump without even mentioning his name? PRICELESS!!

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    2. Jill Dennison, Barack Obama’s Presidency had significantly high unemployment numbers, e.g. 93, 000, 000 people out of the workforce. We did not even get above 3% growth.

      Brookingslib, both democrats and republicans are owned by and funded by corporate interests. Party label aside, they are all basically the same.


      1. Barack Obama came into the presidency when the Bush Great Recession was just beginning. A financial crisis, massive unemployment, car company bailouts. You name it, that’s the situation when he arrived. It took years to get back to normal. But, when he left, unemployment was about 4.2%, down from a high of 10%. I’d say that’s progress. Not the disaster that Trump complained he was getting when he started his presidency. More lies

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      2. Brookingslib, that data was fudged to make Barack Obama look good. 93, 000, 000 people were out of the workforce, some retirees and other people lost their jobs and some people just giving up.


      3. I’m not sure about that number you’re throwing out there. I’m going to check when I get a chance.


  3. Because I was still A Republican during the Obama era, I did not vote for him. But as I look back now, I’ve really come to appreciate Barack Obama as a calm, well-reasoned, honest, thoughtful, dignified, intelligent, principled man. (None of those characteristics can be said of the current president.) Now we must convince the Bernie-only folks that holding out for their first choice is not an option when the alternative is four more years of chaos and political pillaging and plundering by Trump Inc. Thanks for another excellent post, Jeff.

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    1. Thanks Jerry. I think when it’s all said and done, we’ll get most of the Bernie folks on board. Hope, is probably the better word. But I thought Bernie was strong in his endorsement…as was Obama and Liz Warren. It feels like a coming together moment. We still have a long way to go. But, I feel a little better today. A little…..


  4. Yes, indeed, Jeff … this is my president, President Barack Obama. I watched the video and couldn’t help thinking … this is what a real leader sounds and looks like, not the circus clown who cannot string an entire sentence together and whose facial contortions remind me of a lunatic. Thanks for this post … made my heart sing seeing President Obama again! Oh how I miss him!

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    1. Thanks Jill, and thanks for the reblog. Yep, sometimes you take for granted just how good he was at his job. He wasn’t perfect. Nobody is. But damn. How much do we need him now?

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      1. I couldn’t resist this one … for just a minute, it took me back to a happier time. If President Obama were still in office today … we would have many fewer deaths, would have a consistent policy among all 50 states, and we wouldn’t be lying awake at night wondering what nefarious things he was up to while we were focused on the pandemic. We could actually breathe, could sleep at night. Sigh.

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  5. It was so good to hear this today. I think President Obama very purposefully waited to give Biden his endorsement because he knew it would carry so much weight. It was the fair thing to do. I absolutely agree with your assessment of Biden Jeff. I’ll be honest and say he wasn’t my first pick. I was hoping for someone younger and more diverse. That said though, Joe Biden is an intelligent, thoughtful, decent man who cares deeply for this country and it’s citizens. He has decades of public service under his belt, and I suspect if he was president right now, the number of sick and dying from Covid-19 would be significantly lower.

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    1. Spot on Kim, and thank you. Yes, I’m with you. He wasn’t my first pick. I wish we had an ‘Obama’ like candidate. But, we’ll just have to go with what we have. And that’s Joe, a good and decent man who will have one of the most diverse and spectacular cabinets ever. That right there ought to give enough Americans confidence that no matter what, Trump has got to go. Biden will do a good job. I’m convinced of that. Maybe he only serves one term? We’ll see.

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  6. I wish Obama was the one to want to make himself king (he would never have done that, or even thought of it). In my 70 years on this earth, there has never been a president of the USA who filled the description of President better than he, which is why most of the world loved him, and was sorry to see him go. Most white Americans could not see past the colour of his skin, and that was their loss.
    All hail President Obama!

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    1. rawgod, I totally agree. America had a big hiccup in 2016. We’re seeing the results of that mistake as we speak. I’m glad Obama is speaking out more now. It’s campaign season and it appears that he’s not holding back any longer. America needs him right now and he will do whatever it takes to rid ourselves of this dangerous and incompetent man in the White House.


  7. Jeff, I crave for a boringly competent president who tends to say uniting and calming things. Warren Buffett, the richest person in America said Barack Obama is the “best editor” of information he has ever seen.

    What did Buffett say of Donald Trump? He said in 2017 if Trump is going to take the credit for the stock market increase, then he must be prepared to take the blame when it falls. What Buffett failed to realize, Trump takes credit for good things he has little to do with and blames others for bad things he does, the WHO being the latest example. Keith

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    1. So true Keith. What potus in their right mind would ever defund the WHO…in the midst of the worst world-wide pandemic in generations? HIM….only HIM. The WHO is not perfect by any means. However, as I’m sure you know, they are the only entity that some of the poorest countries depend on. And some of these countries are a breeding ground for possible future pandemics. Yet, because of his pettiness and penchant for blaming anyone but himself, he does this. What a disgrace. November cannot get here fast enough

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      1. Jeff, the amount of lost international goodwill, the social and financial, under this president is staggering. America is less trusted because its president is untrustworthy. 64% of Europeans said so in a Pew Survey, earlier this years.

        What also is amazes is the lost time, energy and money spent on making the president look less to blame or less stupid after he makes a bad decision or rash decision and doubles down on it. That does not include the devalued “engagement” staff has that have to suck up their egos and placate the king. Companies talk of having engaged employees, so how can the nation function well when its president inspires so little engagement.Twice Pulitzer Prize winner Bob Woodward’s book “Fear” speaks of this.

        On nonsense issues, how much time was spent on the unforced errors of “sharpiegate” and moving the USS John McCain aircraft carrier? The president and his toadies spend gobs of time telling us he never said the things he said on camera. Or, in this case the WHO is to blame. Of course, I do not recall the WHO saying Coronavirus was a Democrat hoax or we have it under control or it is not that big a deal.

        Again, the president is biggest purveyor of fake news in our country by far. Taking the president at his word is a fool’s errand.. Keith

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      2. His new title ought to be: President & Propaganda Minister. Joseph Goebbels would be proud of him.
        Spot on Keith. My two Trump-loving friends are praising him for trying to defund the WHO. One of them texted me a tweet from John Bolton praising the decision. Yes, that John Bolton. The ignorance is beyond shocking. Fox News talking points…Rush Limbaugh etc… It’s one big giant echo chamber.


      3. Jeff, ask your friends why is he being raked over the coals by other world leaders. The Aussie PM, a conservative said it best. The WHO efforts are not without criticism, but they serve a greater good. Since Trump has earned a huge share of criticism, then we should defund him. Keith

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  8. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    A breath of fresh air … “Isn’t that something to look forward to? Look, removing the vile and vindictive current occupant of the office won’t be easy. Like my president said in his endorsement, he’s got a massive war chest and a propaganda network all to himself.”

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  9. Just an added note –Apparently Biden’s website spells out his plans for this country. I haven’t looked at it myself (it’s reported to be quite extensive) but from a synopsis I read, they’re quite impressive … and encouraging.

    Oh and BTW — I TOTALLY agree with all you wrote in this post. 🥰

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    1. Thank you Nan. Yes, very extensive. I’ve checked out some of it. No matter how you look at it, what he’s offering is light-years better than what we’ve had the last three-plus years. Not even close.

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      1. Thank you!
        These days I have to often steer clear of Jill’s posts on Trump:
        1. My beloved wife of 46+ years does not care for me voicing (loudly) my quasi-Stalinist solutions to him and his mob.
        2. My impressions of Gunnery Sergeant Hartmann are getting ‘old’.
        3. Most importantly, what more is there to say about this freak of the American voting system?…..Apart from Gunnery Sergeant Hartmann impressions…..
        Keep on keeping on, I guess

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      2. You are correct Roger. It’s not news when he behaves like a moron, because, well…that’s what he is. Oh well, hopefully in about 7 months, we’ll banish Mr. Moron from the public sphere once and for all. We better!!

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