Shut It Down Mr. President

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He should have done it a few weeks ago. But it’s still not too late. Mr. President, it’s time to shut the country down.

Yesterday, the president decided to extend the guideline policy of social distancing at least until the end of April. Remember, though, when you see the word ‘guideline,’ the translation is: we highly suggest you do this, but we’re leaving it up to you. I’m sorry, that’s not good enough.

I understand the apprehension of many Americans to such draconian measures. But the rapid advancement of Covid-19 will not be stopped by a series of piecemeal and haphazard actions by this president and his administration. I’ve been listening to science, as well as experts who know what makes the most sense. If not, we’re looking at a peak that might not get here for several weeks and months. If we act now, that peak would come sooner and the economic impact would be less severe.

Congress, led by Representative Ro Khanna of California, wrote a letter to the president several days ago proposing a shelter-in-place policy in America for two weeks. Many states have adopted the proposal, and we’re now up to about 20-25 states that have these kinds of restrictive measures.

But others have not, with some governors allowing county by county decisions in their prospective states. Others are leaving it up to large city Mayors. Waiting for the virus to overwhelm hospitals before acting is not the way we’ll ever get a handle on this aggressive and contagious virus.

I do understand the economic component in all of this. Job losses are already mounting, and many businesses will not survive, no matter how many billions Congress tries to throw at the problem. So the decision on how long to shut things down, as well as how to start things back up, will not be easy. But it’s a decision that must be made, in my view.

I’ve heard different suggestions from some on how long a shutdown should occur. There’s the two-week suggestion in the Congressional letter to Trump to consider. But there’s also another thought on how long a closure should last. It comes from someone I admire, whose reputation in the realm of infectious pandemics around the world is second to none: Bill Gates. Yes, the billionaire Microsoft co-founder has pledged to give away most of his fortune and is doing most of that through his philanthropic Gates Foundation, much of it in conjunction with his wife, Melinda.

The Foundation has funded upstart labs, and other scientific research, whose aim is to rid the world of some of the most dangerous diseases the world has ever known. He doesn’t fund the analysis based on hunches. He looks at the raw numbers and data. In other words, it’s not about politics or agendas. It’s about results and making our world a better and safer place to live.

And According to Gates, the only way we’re going to stop this pandemic and ‘flatten the curve’ progression of this virus is by shutting the country down for 6-10 weeks. Yes, that’s a long time. And the political winds against such an action would be strong and fierce.

The following is an interview Gates gave the other night on CNN with Sanjay Gupta and Anderson Cooper. It’s one of the most reasoned, thoughtful, and realistic summations of where we are and where we need to go as it pertains to this pandemic.

Let’s be clear, though. When I say shut it down, I mean shelter-in-place. Everything wouldn’t close. Essential businesses would still stay open, as they are in the states that have enacted the policy.

But wouldn’t the uniformity and certainty of when and how we get things going again more than offset the temporary, albeit destructive economic pain? Navigating such a shutdown on a national scale wouldn’t be easy, no matter who was president of the United States. And with the current occupant of the White House, I’m not so sure it’s doable. But Frankly, I’m not convinced we have a choice, either. Time is running out.

To enact such a policy on a national scale, it’s not entirely clear how the president would do it, at least constitutionally. But a conference call with governors of all 50 states, or at least those states that haven’t gone all-in, is an excellent place to start. He is the president—he’s got the scientists and experts at his disposal—he ought to be able to get every wavering governor on board. It’s called the bully pulpit for a reason, and not because this president IS a bully. It’s about leadership and credibility, both of which, unfortunately, he sorely lacks.

But it’s not Democratic governors that he needs to convince the most. It’s predominantly Republican governors that need the presidential nudge. The majority of them are loyal foot soldiers for this president. I’m sure they’d fall in line. Is he up to the task? He better be.

Without ramped up testing of considerable proportions, it will not work. We need to know who has it, who had it, and who they were in contact with. It’s called contact tracing, and it’s going to be vitally crucial before we can ever think of getting back to business as usual.

If we do it right, one shutdown would be enough. Again, should that not be the ultimate goal? Think about it. Industries could plan accordingly as to when they could resume normal operations. We’d certainly see a less volatile stock market with such certainty built-in. And, perhaps most important, the American people would see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I also get a sense that Dr. Anthony Fauci believes this is the way to go as well. But he’s frankly hamstrung from speaking the truth because of this petulant and sensitive president. It’s a fine line he walks every day, and I can only imagine how stressful it must be to work in such an environment.

But we need to listen to what Fauci says and read between the lines. That’s how we have to interpret things in the world of Donald Trump as president. Experts are questioned, not on the science, but in their loyalty to him. It appears for now, though, that Trump is listening to the experts, at least as of yesterday. But, he needs to go one step further.

For the sake of the country, please shut it down, Mr. President.

Am I wrong?


  1. I agree with you, Jeff. The long-term view is almost always better than being shortsighted. As less-than-perfect analogy, I’ve long had a tendency to buy cheap items that rarely last long. So, not surprisingly, I have to replace them often, costing more in the end. It took my wife years to convince me to buy the better product in the first place to save money in the long run. A short-term shutdown might sound enticing to short-term thinkers, like our Toddler-in-Chief, but it’s better to take the nasty medicine now–to mix metaphors–than to face amputation later.

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    1. So true Jerry. Some governors are doing the right thing. Others are not. I’ve read both sides of this argument. I’m going with those who deal with this kind of thing for a living. I know the economic hardships are going to be bad. But, with certainty, at least more than we have now, I think it can be minimized. We’ll see.


  2. From twitter and a good question.
    “As mayors & governors invent laws and executive powers whole cloth about leaving your house and sitting in your yard, I’m just wondering…

    Where are all those “federal judges” who find every Trump policy unconstitutional when WE need them?”
    And here’s my own observation.
    tyranical democratic governors who are mandating all of these shutdowns around the country may find that they’ll only have a pile of dead bodies to rule over once this passes. suicides will increase exponentially as people lose hope because of the loss of their livelihoods.

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    1. Yep, you’re right Kim. I know governors of some of the rural states don’t think it’s going to hit them. But it will. And when it does, then what? Do it now, take our medicine, and hopefully get things up and running by June. Is that optimistic? Maybe. But the way it’s going now, it may be far worse if we do not do a national shelter in place.

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  3. I strongly agree, Jeff—we’ve lost too much time already due to inaction and bad decisions in the White House. But I’m not sure about the scenario in which one period is all we need. I’ve heard experts say it’s more likely we’ll be able to open things up again and then there will be times when the virus will come roaring back. It will probably remain with us now the way other viruses do, but we must hope prevention and treatments are not far off.
    Speaking of Bill Gates, he did a TedTalk five years ago in which he described clearly what we’re now living through.

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    1. tell me what you say to his arguments. they seem logical to me.

      “I think it’s absolutely preposterous that Walmart, Target, Costco, Home Depot, etc. get to remain OPEN for normal business while restaurants and gyms (health

      clubs) & bars are closed. By any other name that’s Martial Law, is it not? The GOV’T gets to pick and choose which businesses flourish and which get run out of business during this “pandemic”?!? What difference is there between going to a Walmart packed with people and going out to a restaurant to enjoy a meal and support that biz? Are we to believe that restaurants couldn’t manage a temporary social distancing floor plan? They could drastically limit their capacity, say by HALF

      in order to keep their doors open and not go out of business. This is KILLING the real economy & REAL small businesses.”


      1. Where are the millions of tests sklawlor? Because that’s what we need in order to do the things your suggesting. Are you not seeing that massive social distancing is what is separating the countries that’s getting a handle on this, and others, like ours, that are not? Nobody wants being told what to do and when you can do it…me included. I think you’re being a tad selfish and short-sighted. Listen to the experts. The health experts. Perhaps herd immunity is what you’re suggesting? If so, the UK Prime Minister realized that would be a disaster after he saw the number of deaths that would result.
        Look, this isn’t easy for anyone. We aren’t a dictatorship, even though King Trump would love it if we were. But tough decisions must be made. China got things under control, only when draconian measures were put in place. We can’t go as far as they did. But we can certainly do more. As for the economy? 2 trillion now….and more later from Congress. It’s painful, yet necessary. We will come back. With your idea, frankly, we’d be much worse, in my view. We disagree.


    2. Yep, I know about that TedTalk. In his CNN interview, he talked about opening things up too soon and how another wave was probably imminent. Without a real ramping up of testing, a national shelter and place policy won’t really work. While testing is certainly increasing, we still need more. Otherwise, we’ll be right back here again, perhaps in the fall and winter. With all of the time lost, it’s all catch-up time now. I wish I had confidence in this government…with THIS president. I do not. How can we?


  4. Sigh. He’s already done so much damage that this nation will recover, but not in my lifetime, and likely not in yours. Whatever he does from this point forward is likely to only increase the damage in one say or another. Frankly, I believe not one word he says, nor have I any faith that he cares a whit about anything other than increasing his own wealth and power. That said, it’s impossible to completely shut down a nation of 330 million people. The nation is largely shut down to the extent it can be, though not through any prescience on the part of Trump, but rather on state governors who care more for people than Trump does. At the end of the day, the death toll will include not only those who died of the virus, but also those who died of starvation and desperation, thanks to the bungling and mismanagement of Trump & Co. Sigh.

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    1. There are no easy answers Jill. He’s the worst President at the worst time. He will spin this to his advantage, no matter what happens. You see already where he’s laying the groundwork for taking credit if deaths come in at less than 100k. We all know it’s crock of BS.
      But others will merely shake their head in agreement with him, for their too blind to think otherwise. Somehow I think he’ll come out of this smelling like a rose. Because, while we know he’s terrible at just about everything…one thing he’s good at is touting how great he is….over and over.
      The whole thing is so tragic, and could have been preventable…at least on the scale we’re at today. Now, it’s all catch-up time. I do not expect him to do any kind of shelter in place on a national scale, although I think he should. We’ll see how it all ends up. I’m not hopeful Jill.

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      1. touting how great he is….over and over.
        The most basic form of mind control is repetition. But we already knew that, didn’t we?

        Sidenote: I wonder what will be the rhetoric if more members of Congress start testing positive … and perhaps must even be admitted to the hospital.

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      2. first of all, I am not selfish or short sighted for having the belief that the entire economy does not have to suffer because of this virus nor does it mean that I don’t care about the well-being of the citizens of this country.

        Consider the following inquiries.

        CBS news was caught using hospital footage from Italy when they were doing a story about the crisis in New York.

        We all know that the media lies about things and the natural human question to ask is, if they’re lying about that, and look it up if you don’t believe me, then what else are they lying about?

        Second, as small as our world has gotten with social media and the like, ask yourself this question.

        With the virus and cases supposedly multiplying exponentially on a daily basis over here, or around the world for that matter, do you know someone with coronavirus or if not, how about a friend of a friend who has it, or if not, how about a friend of a friend of a friend?

        I have a friend who personally knows someone who is in intensive care so I’m not one of those conspiratorialists who believes that this is just the flue but carefully think about and consider my questions for just a moment and ask yourself, does this really all add up?

        I am not a selfish person but you guys only know one aspect of me, the side that questions mainstream media narratives. Is it really so horrible to question authority, especially when their actions will result in elevated depression, anxiety by small business people, and yes, even suicides, not to mention the heightened epidemic of child abuse that is going on just now as well.

        Mainstream media only wants to report on the virus but they don’t tell you about these other things which are just as bad, if not worse.

        If you guys still think I’m irrational, short sighted, a conspiracy theorist or any of those other phrases that are designed to make people feel bad for thinking outside of the main stream, then perhaps this blog really isn’t for me after all.

        I try to follow as many perspectives on the issues as I can and that includes the lunatics because I want to hear what they’re saying directly, not second hand reports of it. It’s why I listen to what the president says instead of the media telling me what he said and though I don’t believe a lot of what comes out of his stupid face, at least I know I don’t believe it because I heard it for myself and made the decision not to believe it, I didn’t depend on reporters with an agenda to tell me not to take his words at face value.

        Think about it.

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      3. Mainstream media only wants to report on the virus but they don’t tell you about these other things which are just as bad, if not worse.

        If all a person reads are the headlines and current event news stories, then yes. Your statement is true. But if one takes the time and effort to dig deeper, there are several sources reporting on other events. Some are good, some are bad. Unfortunately, it tends to be human nature to take the easy route and avoid the effort it takes to research.

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      4. There’s a lot to break down there. You can question media narratives all you want. That’s your right. We simply disagree on what steps should be taken. I’m listening to people who I trust are giving me the straight scoop. You know, I could question every single media outlet in the country. Is that rational of me to do that? Or, do I read and listen to as much as possible and form my own opinion? Well, that’s what I try to do.
        I will NOT, under any circumstances, listen to the current president of the United States. I will not get into the reasons why. I would assume you know he’s a pathological liar. Nor will I listen to Fox News, who are known to tell a few whoppers themselves and are in the tank for the president. Neither are credible, in my view. The health experts? I will listen to them. Fauci’s served 7 Presidents and is one of the most highly regarded infectious disease specialists in the world, if not the most. Good enough for me. Dr. Birx? A pioneer in aids research? Yes, I’ll listen to her.
        Donald Trump, whose told thousands of lies and just makes stuff up on a daily basis? Sorry, I’ll pass.
        Sklawlor, I appreciate your opinion. I always do. But, we disagree on lots of things. You’re world view and mine do not line up. Nothing wrong with that. It’s called debate and opinion. I don’t have all the answers. I’m as concerned as you are for our economy. This sucks. But, we have to get through this. And we will. You think it’s not worth the risk to the economy. I think it’s a risk we need to take. Like I said in my previous commentary to you…Let’s agree to disagree. Sorry if I insulted you. I certainly didn’t mean to. I know you care.


      5. I would like to apologize to you and all of your readers for the tones of any of my recent commentary on the coronavirus crisis.

        I can see, in rereading said commentary, along with something that occurred with another friend of mine on social media recently, that my downward spiral in mood, which is a result of being physically isolated from friends, and feeling like a caged animal, that what I am putting forth into the blogosphere isn’t my best and it’s not shining a light, but perpetuating darkness. Though people have said that I have a knack for this in my music, that is where it belongs, not in lashing out at people whose worldviews are different than mine. I always thought I was better than that and I’m not using these difficult times as an excuse for such poor behavior.

        I and only I am responsible for what I write and the tone of that language and when these things happen, which they sometimes do, I always say that I will do better and be a better person going forward.

        For a while, they do get better and then I fall again and find myself at a similar point where contrition is again necessary and I feel it’s an endless circle that I’m caught in, like the abuser who apologizes for the beatings or the alcoholic who is contrite over too much drinking. They say they’re sorry and that things will change but they often don’t and there’s a voice in my head that says “how can people take these apologies seriously after so many repetitions?

        I have to ask myself, and maybe you as well who manage to escape from such things, how do you do it?

        Sometimes, I say to myself “I wish I was blissfully unaware of everything that’s happening” but that’s a primitive response and it goes away very quickly.

        Maybe the answer is to step away from the blogs and social media for a while, not to unfollow but to just take a break and find something to occupy my brain for a bit/

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      6. My friend, no need to apologize. This is so tough for so many people. I appreciate the passion you have. I can sense it’s getting you down. You know what you said about taking a break from blogging/social media? I could not agree more. Sometimes it’s imperative and necessary. Especially now, with so much bad news on a 24/7 continuum. Take a break, sit back and do something you really enjoy. Otherwise we all risk driving ourselves crazy.
        For me, the diversion is sports. And now, I don’t even have that. Unless I want to watch reruns of great games over the past 50 years, I’m out of luck. Even my outside activity is limited, as the State Parks where I live are also closed. So, I do what I can and take my dogs for walks. I go to the grocery store when I have to. It’s just getting along the best I can. What other choice do I have?
        I hope things work out for you sklawlor. We’ll get through this. Again, no apologies needed. Hang in there my friend!!


      7. Thank you, I appreciate that. Maybe it’s time to write more music or finally figure out how to do this live streaming deal so I can do performances over the net for the time of isolation as some other artists are doing.

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      8. I know Nan. I’ve thought the same thing. Some have tested positive, and so far, thankfully they’ve all recovered, although I did hear one Congressman say how bad it was for him. We shall see Nan. Wakeup calls do not come easy for these people.

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      9. Yes, and today I saw where he, though his mouthpiece Kellyanne, is laying the groundwork for taking credit for the nation getting back on its feet again at the end of this nightmare. I really do hope that enough people have been disillusioned enough by November 3rd to oust the S.O.B. He has made every possible mistake, has put his own ‘reputation’ ahead of the nation, and yet … his approval rating keeps rising! WTF is wrong with people in this country??? I feel like I woke up one morning in an alternate universe!

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      10. You and I will make sure people do NOT forget who this man really is. The fix is already in. We can’t let 2016 happen all over again. I fear it’s already happening!!

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      11. We will certainly give it our best shot, my friend. Like you, I fear I see the handwriting on the wall, but … if it can be stopped, we will do our part!


      12. 1/ If the trends of the last few days weren’t clear enough, @NYGovCuomo’s press conference today leaves no room for doubt: new hospitalizations in New York, the center of the epidemic, fell to 358 – a 75% drop in four days.

        2/ This is likely to unwind fast now. We will all be told how wonderful it is that we’ve dodged a bullet, that the lockdowns worked. (But how we need them just a few weeks longer!) And there will be every effort to count every #COVID death, to get the number as high as possible…

        3/ So. When you hear all this: Remember time lags. Remember how we count (or don’t bother to count) flu deaths. Remember the media and political panic of the last three weeks. Remember how we trashed the Constitution.

        4/ Remember what we’ve done to our economy, how we’ve put more than 10,000,000 Americans – probably closer to 20,000,000 – out of work. Remember the choices we’ve made, and why we made them. Demand answers. Demand accountability.

        Remember the spike in child abuse cases, the anxiety, the depression, the loneliness you felt because you didn’t have the freedom to go out and be with your friends or spend time doing the thingsyou really enjoyed doing, in other words, living your life normally.

        I just hope that you and other bloggers who spend countless hours complaining about our incompetent president,which you are right to do by the way, will expend the same effort in raising hell about this, if it all wasn’t necessary, upon looking back in the mirror of history.

        If bloggers, people on socialmedia and other media outlets don’t raise hell when this is all over if it turns out that the predictions of some of the “conspiracy theorists” were correct, then I will be disappointed and it will prove to me once and for all that many of these same people,who were for shutting down the economy for the “safety of the American people” are nothing more than partison political operatives.

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      13. I really do hope that enough people have been disillusioned enough by November 3rd to oust the S.O.B.

        Don’t count on it. His supporters don’t read or listen to the real news so their illusion remains solidly in place. Depressing.

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      14. Oh, I know … it’s obvious that they would sell their firstborn to keep Trump in office, but I will still try to work tirelessly to open the eyes of those wearing the rose-coloured glasses. Sigh.

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  5. Jeff, you are not wrong. When the primary focus on decision making is how does it make me (the president) look, it makes it hard to reach good decisions.

    It is all about The Donald. It always has been. I like to cite David Brooks, the conservative pundit who I watch recap the week with Mark Shields on PBS Newshour. This conservative is even-tempered in his comments, but is highly critical of the president’s actions, words and behaviors. A few that resonate:

    the president is a state of “inconstancy” where words are overridden in short order by bad press, a marketing idea, or whim.

    the White House is “equal parts chaos and incompetence.”

    the president does not have a “sense of empathy or common decency.”

    Note, this is not a Democrat saying this. But, a liberal pundit, Ruth Marcus, did say this when she took Mark Shields place last Friday. Trump’s comment about reopening the economy by Easter Sunday is the single most disastrous comment in the history of the presidency.

    This is not a game. People are dying. People are getting sick. Yes, we need to help people financially who have been laid off, but we must look through a lens of maintaining health first. As noted earlier, when a president focuses on what helps him personally, then he is not prone to make the best decisions.

    We lost six weeks to plan for this. We cannot lose any more time, so at this late stage, sheltering at home is the best path forward. Keith

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    1. Thanks for that Keith. I always value your opinion and was curious how you felt. And all of your descriptions of the current president are spot on. We could not have asked for a worse president at this time. Like you say, he decides things on a whim…haphazard…hunches..etc…That’s no way to govern. Thankfully, it appears Dr’s. Fauci and Birx had his ear a few days ago, and he was talked into extended the social distancing guidelines. As you know, it’s been said that he listens to the last people in the room at the time he needs to make a decision. I guess this time, it worked to our advantage. Who knows what he’ll do the next time…Either way, we’re indeed, way behind the eight-ball at this time, playing catch up. I fear we may not catch up, however. I hope I’m wrong.

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      1. Jeff, it really comes down to when he tries to solve the problem of making sure he looks good, he will fail to the solve the problem of actually making a difference in helping people. He will never learn the lesson if he solves the real problem, it will make him look good. I have said this countless times, but a leadership consultant told me a real leader deflects credit to others, while assuming blame even when it is not due. In and of itself, that definition tells us why Donald J. Trump is not a leader. He is an imposter pretending to be a leader for ratings. Keith

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  6. Keith, today on Twitter, he retweeted something that showed Rachel Maddow saying he wouldn’t get the comfort ship to port within a week. While he did get it there, and that’s a good thing, his point was to be vindictive and say….”See how great I am! Those damn liberals just hate me!” What leaders of any stature would have ever done such a thing? Like you said, it’s all about him. Always. So pathetic.

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  7. Trump refuses to wear a mask. He plans on playing more golf when all this goes on. He demands loyalty from states to receive federal aid attention. And there are the lies, lies, lies. I don’t have time to stew about this. It’s time to simply survive.

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      1. our government is just pissing me off at this point. as usual, they don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. See the following tweets. the “medical experts” are a bunch of alarmists and fear mongerers.

        The models that they have been using have been totally wrong. I don’t fault them for having models, they have to have something but if it turns out that it’s not accurate, policy decisions should not be driven by that erroneous data that will effect the whole country and the mental health of millions of individuals.

        @AlexBerenson: Let’s review:

        1/ We have very little idea what positive tests mean (we’re over 300,000, but they rise more or less linearly with the number we conduct – does that mean the epidemic is spreading or we’re just running more tests?)

        rt @AlexBerenson: 2/ We have very little idea why the regional differences in the ratio of positive tests to hospitalizations/deaths (both among states and internationally) are so profound and persistent…

        rt @AlexBerenson: 3/ We have very little real-world evidence (if any) that lockdowns slow transmission, at least over any period short enough to reduce health-system strain – in fact, @DrMikeRyan of @WHO acknowledges that they mostly seem to push it inside families…

        rt @AlexBerenson: 4/ The most prominent models we’ve created don’t seem to work at all and in fact have blown up in days after their release, producing hospitalization estimates that far outstrip reality…

        rt @AlexBerenson: 5/ And @CDCgov has now issued death coding rules that mean that #COVID death counts in the United States are likely be wildly higher than similar counts for other respiratory infections, making the epidemic look far deadlier than flu epidemics, whatever the reality…

        rt @AlexBerenson: 6/ And in the face of all of this uncertainty, instead of considering backing off on the lockdown measures that have closed schools and at this point probably put close to 20,000,000 Americans out of work, we are doubling down and looking to lengthen them.

        Have a great night!

        I for one am sick and tired of our state and local governments locking us in our houses like caged animals. We can’t see our friends, we’re told how far apart to stand from each other, when to travel, what’s next, showing papers like in 1930’s Germany?

        Just because a source isn’t one of the medical experts on television, the new york times, the washington post or other”trusted media outlets” doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have some validity to it’s claims.

        Experts have been wrong so many times that it isn’t even a laughable incident. Remember the 2016 election as an example of how the experts got it totally wrong. Now you guys know that I’m not a trump supporter, but having said that, I still think there’s more going on here than just a virus.

        Hell, the governor of new york recently said that the death incidence is getting lower.

        I don’t believe a damn word the CDC or the mainstream media says about any of this.

        I’m pissed and I know my words aren’t going to change any minds of anyone who wants to just go along with the government to be safe but I have a god given right to say what I want,even if it isn’t nice or fluffy and you have the right not to read whatI’m saying.

        Oh and by the way, wearing a stupid face mask isn’t going to do a bit of good because the virus can still find entry by your eyes. whoever thought of that brilliant idea is a stupid idiot.

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      2. trump wants all of us to stay home to fight the virus while he gives trillions to prop up the oil industry, calling for his friend the prince to cut back on supply.

        This from a tweet and then below, excerpts from Friday’s press conference where you can clearly hear him at the end say “it was artificially induced”. What does he mean by that?

        tweet from @realdonaldtrump:

        “Just spoke to my friend MBS (Crown Prince) of Saudi Arabia, who spoke with President Putin of Russia, & I expect & hope that they will be cutting back approximately 10 Million Barrels, and maybe substantially more which, if it happens, will be GREAT for the oil & gas industry!”

        This was tweeted three days ago.

        Fuel prices will go through the roof if this happens and the americans he says he loves and the country he wants to make great again, will be in worse shape than it was before. That pathetic $1200stimulus check won’t go very far while you and you’re children are sitting at home, locked in your houses like animals via state and local mandates while the government continues to screw you while the federal reserve continues to print more and more paper currency which will decrease it’s value over the long-term.


      3. Every government official on TV saying “we all have to make sacrifices” is making no sacrifice. They get more power while you lose freedom. They have a job while they prohibit you from going to yours. This is their fault but they profit. Hell of a way to share a sacrifice.


      4. Great new NY state data: (hospitalizations tend to rise some on Mondays, but the trend is still clear). Net intubations rose by less than 100, down 80% since Friday! A fantastic day for reality, a terrible day for Team Apocalypse.


      5. Wow. Team Apocalypse huh? Any smidgen of good news, I’m all for it.
        Perhaps if we did it your way, we’d only have a few hundred thousand deaths? Maybe a million? I suppose that would be acceptable in your world? Social distancing- light…wasn’t that your solution? Keep everything open. Space out all the patrons. All Americans would surely comply. Keep the sports teams going too, right? 18-20k per night in NBA and hockey arenas? Wouldn’t that have been awesome?
        If only we had done it your way……
        With a little luck, Trump will end this thing in a couple of weeks. Everyone can go back to the way it was before. Surely the virus will go away. After all, it’s going to be warm soon, right?
        Of course, if the president had taken this serious from the beginning, we’d not be in this mess in the first place. But, that’s for another day.
        I hope the good news continues. I’m all for it. I want people healthy… not dead. But really, this virus is barely worse than the common cold though, right Scott? Having fevers in the low 100’s for a couple of weeks isn’t a big deal, right? Maybe a ticklish cough…headache….no big deal. Hell, thousands die from the flu. The flu is much worse, so said Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. And those guys know what their talking about, don’t they?
        Thanks for the update Scott. Keep the good news coming!!

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      6. With a little luck, Trump will end this thing in a couple of weeks.

        Oh yeah!! The All-Powerful Trump will simply snap his fingers and ZAP! All will be well.

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      7. He wishes that were the case. He knows he can’t do it. But, he implies it regardless. Bottom line: never listen to what he says. Pretty simple, right?


      8. I wonder why you don’t hear more about this aspect of the lock down from the mainstream media.

        could it be that they have an agenda and aren’t really interested in reporting everything surrounding this virus, I mean all of it?

        Isn’t that what our “esteemed, respected and trusted” media is supposed to do, report the facts without bias


      9. Actually, if you can find one example of the media — at either end of the spectrum — that reports unbiased facts, I think you will have accomplished the next-to-impossible. 🙂

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      10. I’d like to see an advocate of the shutdowns acknowledge that the shutdowns aren’t merely “inconvenient” but are causing great suffering on a massive scale, forcing many into abject destitution, destroying and ending lives, and giving the government a terrifying amount of power


      11. and there’s this, from the director no less.

        do you feel like you’ve been misled yet on the notion of locking people in their homes to “flatten the curve?”

        “The head of the DHS Science and Tech Directorate just said if he was having an event with his family, he would have it in the backyard or driveway, NOT inside the home.”


      12. in all of my responses to the suggestion that the world be shut down did I once say or even imply that this wasn’t a serious virus.

        I didn’t give credence to the people who said this was just like the flue or our stupid president who said it was a hoax or to the lunatics who believe that this was a result of 5-g or that it was manufactured by a Chinese laboratory.

        I did say that I felt that the Chinese communist party was responsible for it getting out of control because of their secrecy and other tactics of suppression but I guess that makes me a heartless right-wing xenophobe, just like our president.

        I never said that I wanted people to die just for the economy to open by Easter because, as I once pointed out, an economy won’t function with millions of dead bodies.

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      13. I get it Scott. I suppose our approach is somewhat different. I hope we can get back to normal as soon as possible. Just like you. But if, and only if, we can do it without having to do the same damn thing again in 5 months. To me, that’s the key. But we do not have competence at the top, nor do we have credibility. So, your guess is as good as mine as to how this works out.

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      14. Hi Jeff.

        I agree that being prudent the first time around is the best going forward for the long-term. it does no good to implement a solution just to find that the cycle has to be repeated shortly thereafter. As I said in one of Jill’s posts, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

        There are certain industries though that want the pound of cure as they profit greatly from such things would you agree?


      15. and this, my friend, is exactly why I don’t trust the experts. They have as much as said that they’re trying to get the number of reported deaths as high as possible

        Listen to this where he’s got actual clips from berx herself proclaiming such info.

        Do you still trust these “experts?”


      16. from twitter and he is exactly right.

        “Do shutdown supporters understand how many will die around the globe from hunger & how many will die from lack of medical care access? The economy is not just about “buying a new shirt” or stocks; the economy is the means to survive, to feed, to house, shelter & care for us all.”


      17. yes, I absolutely agree. blacks an other minorities had lower unemployment, now whether it was the lowest in history, I don’t know if I’d believe that as you had to take the hyperbolic rhetoric with a bag of salt but that doesn’t negate the reality that under trump, a lot of people did better than they are doing under Biden or did under Obama.


      18. Sklawlor, we had 93, 000, 000 out of the labor force during Barack Obama’s Presidency. The only reason people who can get away with saying how good he was can do so is because they have jobs that have been unaffected.


      19. yeah, just like amazon and government jobs weren’t effected by the pandemic. congress still got their money and the reprehensible abomination that is Jeff Bezos still got his billions from everyone who was forced to shop at home due to small businesses closing and the ridiculous draconian overreactions by politicians which was caused by the lying dr. fouchi who we now know was intentionally misleading on every facet of this crisis from the beginning, thanks to the freedom of information act. Just look up all those emails.


      20. Sklawlor, people who claim that the economy was great under Barack Obama were probably self-employed and had some degree of immunity to the economic woes impacting other people.


      21. The economic windfall from the huge tax cut of 2017 wasn’t the “greatest economy ever” as the disgraced former president used to tout. It produced marginal growth, at best. The economy under Obama wasn’t great, but it was pretty good. I seem to remember that we were losing 800k jobs a month when he was sworn in on Jan 20, 2009. Do you remember that friend, or not? That’s because the last Republican president effed it up royally as he was vacating the office. The Great Recession. Yeah, I remember it. Foreclosures, credit default swaps, Wall Street excess. Yep, more right-wing failures, lack of adequate regulation, and yes, tax cuts that blew an even bigger hole into the deficit. Bottom line: things got better, gradually. Democratic Presidents have consistently had better economies than their Republican counterparts. Look it up. Oh, and the stock market that Trump used to tout as being the best ever? When Obama took over, it was, if I’m not mistaken, around 7600 or so, and went down to about 6300, right at the peak of the crash. When he left office, it had grown to roughly 18k. My 401k kicked ass during his time in office, for what it’s worth.
        And what did the disgraced Potus leave the current President Biden as he left office? Economic ruin, a pandemic killing nearly 4k/month, and an insurrection that he incited from his pack of MAGA morons. Friend, if you are in any way defending his pathetic record, you are widely and immensely, woefully uninformed. Have a great day.


      22. Nan, if your news sources are CNN, MSNBC, The Washington Post, Vox, The New York Times or any other Left-leaning source that spews propaganda about Donald Trump, you might want to reevaluate who you pay attention to. All they do is lie.

        Brookingslib, not that I give him much of my time due to some of his crackpot ideas, however, at least Alex Jones does not seem to be a political hack like some of these people on the Left or on the Right. I don’t agree with him on everything, however, when he is right, he should be given credit. When he is wrong, he should be dismissed.


      23. If you’ve referenced the aforementioned Alex Jones, you cannot be taken seriously friend. Hack? Try enraged lunatic/huckster/snake oil salesman/radical right. That’s a more apt description of him. And if your listening to him, you, my friend, are not getting the real news. You’re getting complete la la land conspiracy theory BS. Try Reuters News Service or the Associated Press. Are those left wing hacks too? I’d say they give it to you pretty straight up most of the time.


      24. Brookingslib, I am not defending any of his crackpot ideas, however, as I said, when Alex Jones is right, he deserves credit. When he is wrong, he should be brushed off. Just my general thoughts.


      25. if that comment is rich, it should be taxed. just my dry sense of humor for those who don’t get it.


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