Mr. President, Please Shut Up

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Please excuse the following ramble–my mind is spinning today. Gee, I wonder why.

Can the president of the United States please shut up? Instead of allowing the scientists and doctors to take the lead on the coronavirus crisis, the administration continues to put him in our face every day. Last night’s oval office address? I’m still trying to figure out why he did it.

Yes, I’ve seen Dr. Anthony Fauci quite a bit in recent days. And that’s a good thing. He’s the guy I’m going to listen to, and I hope the American people are doing the same.

But it’s hard because even when we see Fauci, there’s Trump at the White House, mugging for the camera with some foreign leader from wherever. The media tries to ask him questions about the virus, and as usual, he responds with undecipherable meanderings and lies. Do his people not realize that every time the man speaks, the ensuing panic from the rest of the world goes up exponentially?

Obviously, nobody has the balls to tell him to stay out of the mess he created. Nobody has the nerve to say to him, “Mr. President, Mar-A-Lago is very nice this time of year. We think it would be best if you went down there for the next three or four months. Go ahead, play some golf. Have dinner with your buddies; let them tell you how great you are all day long. And we’ll take care of things up here until it’s time to ramp up the campaign. Have a great time!”

A bit of hyperbole never hurt anyone, right? I’m only half-joking, though. He needs to disappear. The ship is rudderless, folks, and we all knew we’d get to this point eventually. Now that we’re here, who’s going to save us, Mike Pence? Kelly Ann Conway? I’m about to get sick even thinking about it.

Why is it that in the United States of America, the wealthiest country on the planet, we cannot get test kits to the people who need them? I heard Fauci today lament that fact in his testimony before Congress. He called it a failure and said our system is not cut out for such a thing. How is this possible? Where are the damn tests?

How can Majority Leader Mitch McConnell delay legislation on dealing with this crisis until next week? People are in panic mode, the stock market is tanking by the minute, and he can’t find the time to get it done? The lack of leadership and a sense of urgency is beyond the pale.

I’m saddened to see the NBA suspend it’s season indefinitely. I was equally saddened to see the NCAA decide to play its upcoming basketball tournament without fans in the arenas. Soon Major League Baseball will have to make similar decisions on their upcoming season. The PGA Tour and other sports leagues are facing the same fate. The situation continues to evolve as we speak.

I’m a sports fan. I know many of you aren’t, and I get that. But these decisions are a punch to the gut. No, not so much for the fans. We’ll be fine, of course. It’s the people who work within the sports themselves who I worry about. Jobs and livelihoods are at risk.

When the cancellations began a few weeks ago, the first being the South by Southwest Music and Arts Festival in Austin, Texas, I started to wonder whether we might be overreacting. Then, after one infection in Riverside County, CA was announced, the Indian Wells BNP Paribas Tennis tournament was canceled. I used to live in that area, and the event brings in millions of dollars to the local communities. One infection? That’s all it took?

But the experts were talking like this was a necessary thing to do. And yesterday, I heard Fauci say that if we do not start increasing social distancing, especially at large events, we may never be able to stop the onslaught of this virus. That was enough for me. Again, I’ll listen to him—not the current president.

I can’t help but think that this is only the tip of the iceberg. Soon, the NCAA may be forced to cancel their tournament altogether. I know they’re trying to find a way to play the games. But with over 68 teams and nearly 1000 players and coaches involved, it’s highly probable that some will test positive for the virus at some point–just as two NBA players did yesterday.  I’m hoping for the best, but the handwriting is on the wall.

We’re now in unchartered territory. The closest thing I can remember in my lifetime, as far as disruption to everyday life, is the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. But even then, it didn’t last very long. Things got back to normal relatively quickly. Not this time, I fear. America is shutting down—indefinitely. And there’s not much we can do about it.

Finally …

I hear our conservative friends continue to downplay everything about the current situation. Fox News is basically calling it a hoax. This is all about the Democrats and their hatred of the president. That’s the narrative being spewed on that network. And that means that a bunch of people at risk is not hearing the truth. Their viewers skew to the over 65 crowd, and many of them only believe what Fox or the current president tells them. This is a danger to not only them but to the rest of us as well.

I’ve heard some (not all) Republicans on the various committees questioning administration officials about their abject failure to get things under control. You can listen to their frustration echo those of the Democrats. We need more of that from them. Too often, they’ve looked the other way while this president runs roughshod over our democracy. But when their own constituents start to get sick or can’t get the tests they need, even they cannot stay silent.

But then I thought to myself how those same Republicans could have done America and the rest of the world a tremendous favor just a few weeks ago. They could have voted to remove the current president from office, but they chose otherwise. We’re all paying the price for that decision. Let’s make sure they pay a political price in November.

Once again, I apologize for my incoherent rambling today. Maybe I need a break. Don’t we all?

Be safe.


  1. “The ship is rudderless, folks, and we all knew we’d get to this point eventually.” Sensible knew it. His followers are still in denial. As far as they’re concerned, he’s still America’s greatest president. Like their leader, they live in a fantasy world. Even when the rudderless ship runs aground and is being pounded by crashing waves they’ll find someone other than their messiah to blame.

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    1. True Jerry. The likes of Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh are telling people not to listen to the Democrats…that it’s all a hoax. There’s a sports talk show I listen to on SiriusXM. I heard so much disinformation and lies, I had to turn it off. It’s as if all of the callers were reading from the same talking points. This is where we are.


  2. I listened to Biden today and thought “That’s everything Trump should have said last night!” And what is up with the sniffing? It was especially bad last night. I know you’re feeling down Jeff, but did you see Katie Porter strongarm the CDC into agreeing that everyone will have access to free testing, regardless of whether they’re insured or not? I’m posting the video tomorrow. She’s my hero!

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    1. I did see Katie Porter Kim. She’s so awesome. If Biden wins, I certainly hope he considers her for a job in his cabinet. A talented and smart person like that cannot go to waste. We need more of her!!

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  3. I think we’re all feeling like this, my friend (see my earlier email). I’m wondering, though, if we’re not in panic mode and taking some things a bit too far. My daughter was to attend a seminar for work for 3 nights in Columbus in JUNE … and it has been cancelled. I think that may be a bit of overkill. Still, this is a serious matter and we have been lied to and misled as our “leadership” politicizes it. Fire the whole damn lot of them. Sigh.

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    1. Hi Jill… a quick note on that ‘overkill’ thing. It’s only natural to feel that way. But as I’ve read recently, the mortality rate is 10 times higher than that of the flu… plus, since it’s a new strain, folks have not built any natural immunities to the corona virus, which makes it a far more serious strain to get. Then of course, we have no vaccines for it yet… they’re still at least 18 months away. Then finally, I read that we are estimated to be hundreds of thousands of ICU rooms short across the country, and we’re tens of thousands of ventilators short to go to the afflicted elderly people who need them most. In view of all this, I think we’re finally taking appropriate measures. All we are being asked to sacrifice is convenience and a lifestyle we’re accustomed to. I’m not scared to the point of hording toilet paper, but I’m genuinely nervous about it. I have Joe Walsh tickets for this May and I know they’re probably curtains right now. But… some things are even more important than finally getting to see Joe Walsh in concert.

      We need only look at Italy… the doctors there are making difficult choices on who to treat and who not to treat… based on the lack of proper equipment.

      I think the reason it feels like overkill is because life generally feels normal right now. That is changing very quickly. I predict we’ll soon notice the change.

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      1. Hey Greg! Good to see you! Hey … I am not at all trying to minimize the seriousness of this disease, and have several times called out Trump for his atrocious politicization of a very serious matter. I just think that we cannot live in a bubble, either, and that cancelling events 3 months out is … a bit ridiculous. Trust me, I am not saying that life should go on as normal, just that there must be some balance, as well. Some people still have to go to work, we all still have to buy groceries and other everyday things. Life cannot simply stop. I realize that if I were to contract it, I would almost certainly die because of health issues and age, but yet … i refuse to live in a bubble, completely isolated from the rest of the world. Keep safe, my friend! Love ‘n hugs!

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      2. I agree totally with your sentiments. I follow the news …and while it can appear as overkill, it’s really just information from reliable sources, other than Fox, of course.
        It just seems like overkill because they report the latest statistics and what foolishness the Orange one lies about.

        I’d rather err in too much caution than not enough, especially being in the older age bracket.

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      3. I’m with you Mary. These are excruciatingly tough decisions for businesses, sports teams and the like. They’re simply trying to do the right thing. It’s not just America doing it. Most of the rest of the world is doing the same thing. I just wish we were testing people like they are. Once that gets up to scale, and I hope it happens soon, I think we will start to get a handle on it. It’s simply unacceptable how woefully unprepared the government was and is. This has to change going forward. This will NOT be the last pandemic.

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    2. Jill, I’ve had the same concerns as you, as I stated in my post. I just heard that they’ve now canceled the NCAA tournament outright. I thought they might just postpone it. But, this is where we are. Like you say in your comments to Greg, canceling something three months out seems a bit premature. We’ve just got to be smart about this. I’m thinking that we do what we’re doing for a month, and then reassess. Then, if we need to, we extend cancelations where we need to, or start opening things back up. That’s my hope, at least. I’m certainly no health expert, so we need to follow their lead. As Greg is saying, we just don’t know where this thing goes. We won’t know anything until the damn tests start being done in a massive way. Why this hasn’t happened? You and I both know. The most incompetent administration…..EVER. And, a man who will do anything to say president. That might be even more scary than the virus itself.

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      1. I just heard that Louisiana has cancelled the democratic primary scheduled for April 4th. Now, when they start canceling elections, I am really nervous. CDC says the pandemic could continue for up to a year. Think about that one … would you put it past Trump, who is to declare a state of emergency today, and who said just this morning that there are “many things I can do” … would you put it past him to cancel the election on November 3rd??? This, my friend, simply cannot happen!

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      2. I did not hear that, and no, I would not put it past him one bit. I could see him declaring a state of emergency. Absolutely. One of my Senators out here, Ron Wyden, is introducing a measure to make sure every state will have the ability to vote via absentee ballot. I bet you any money that McConnell will not even allow debate on it. I smell a rat Jill. Nothing would shock me about these people.

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      3. I get very nervous when Trump makes a claim that “there are lots of things I can do that people don’t even know about”. And, Louisiana is postponing that primary until AT LEAST June. Now, the DNC is in mid-July … how can they push it back any further? This whole thing is starting to smell. I am feeling rather murderous at the moment … grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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      4. On the subject of testing, aside from letting us know who has the virus and who doesn’t, the tests do nothing to guarantee that you do not get the virus from the very next person you see after getting the test, or even from the person giving the test. Being that it takes up to 14 days for the symptoms to become noteworthy, that gives 14 days for someone to spread the virus unwittingly. There can be no confidence that you are not a Covid-19 Mary. Things change very quickly given the nature of viruses.
        I am not trying to be a doomsayer, or pro-panicker, but relying on tests are not going to protect people after the tests.

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  4. Hi ya Jeff!

    The tragic irony of all this is that if we cancel all these events and we’re successful at stemming the rates of infections, folks will call it ‘overkill’ because it’ll then appear as if the problem was small and over-hyped.

    However, if we cancel all these events and the infections hit us in force anyway, folks will criticize us for ‘not doing enough sooner’.

    There’s no love in politics… we’ll be criticized no matter the outcome. The difference is that we Democrats will choose the correct path even if it’s an unpopular one. Republicans simply choose the path that suits them, no matter where it leads our country.

    Trump failed us in every respect last night in his address to the nation, but who among us is surprised? Since we know he’ll never go disappear on the golf course as he should, we might as well enjoy the one silver lining it presents us:

    Trump is BUNGLING this situation every day in full view of the voting public, and even his pack of morons may begin to smell something rotten once they begin to contract the virus themselves and find no ICU beds available for them. He can name-call all he wants but he’s painting himself into a corner with red paint using his big mouth as a brush. This virus ain’t going nowhere folks, and it doesn’t give a crap about Trump’s lies. It’s just a virus which spreads easily and stealthily while infecting en masse. The stock market and ‘his’ thriving economy is tanking and Trump OWNS it because of his stupid blunders. The Head Idiot himself, his Co-Idiots in Congress and his other Co-Idiots at Fox News all seem destined to be proven wrong in this… and I’ll bet they’re all shitting their pants right now, hoping for a graceful way out.

    We Democrats will gladly give them a way out this November, but not a graceful one.

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    1. Hi there partner! Was just going to give you a buzz to see how you’re doing. I see not so well. Geez buddy, if it’s not one thing it’s another, right? I hope you start feeling better soon. It’s very scary, especially considering what we’re all talking about. I agree with everything you said, and good on Jen for sticking it to the MAGA’s. These people are a danger to society simply because of their stupidity. Some people will ultimately die because they are not receiving the proper news and information they need. But you know what? It’s on them if they continue to watch Fox and listen to El Rushbo and others. We cannot cure stupid Greg, even though we sure try like hell!! I’ll talk to you sir…..Be well!!


  5. Please shut up – dream on! He’s incapable of restraint, logic, propriety, fundamental regard for decency or implementing policies for common good rather than personal gain. Nothing less than brokering personal victory matters to this “art of the deal” man-child. Astoundingly, Trumpnation can’t get enough and he knows it.

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    1. He is the absolute worst possible leader for this crisis. A man who pathologically lies like he does should be nowhere near the levers of power. We’re stuck with him though. Thankfully, it looks like grownups and smart people like Fauci are stepping up. When I see Trump speaking, I simply ignore him. I think most Americans do the same thing. Unfortunately, not enough.

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      1. Trouble being, to ignore Trump is to ignore his hold on millions of less enlightened citizens. What we see as outrageous Trump propaganda driven by lies and flagrant ignorance, Trumpnation considers the gospel truth. Sigh.

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      2. Big SIGH back at you. All he cares about is the stock market…just numbers in general. Whatever makes HIM look good, is how he makes decisions. Dangerous to the tenth degree…..


  6. Jeff, we are definitely on the same page. But, so are others news outlets like The Washington Post, The New York Times and Reuters. I have links on my recent post to two of these articles calling the greatest coronavirus risk as the person in the White House. But, the Times had an the attached article this morning. It jives with yours. Keith

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    1. Thanks Keith. Yes we are on same page. Many in the national news are indeed, calling for him to either resign or shut the hell up. He’ll do neither of course. He’s not giving up this job without a fight, no matter how much suffering others will endure because of him. November cannot come fast enough.


      1. Jeff, tonight conservative pundit David Brooks used the word “anger” to describe how he feels about Trump’s mileading and mishandling of the coronavirus response. Brooks said even today he used his own propaganda rarher than shoot straight with people. Brooks famously called the Trump White House “equal parts chaos and incompetence”. Keith

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      2. Speaking of conservatives Keith. Was wondering if you’ve seen the following article from Peter Wehner at the Atlantic. This is a lifelong Republican. He’s served in a few R administrations. He’s been warning about Trump ever since 2016. He’s spot on.


      3. Jeff, I will need to look for the Peter Wehner piece. He is not alone as other conservative pundits of renown have been echoing those comments. Keith

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      4. Sorry about that Keith. I sent you the link and it didn’t show up for some reason. Anyway, easy to find.


  7. Hi Jill!

    Yeah, I suppose I agree with you on that… canceling something 3 months out could definitely seem like overkill. A nice compromise however would be to provide a disclaimer that ‘events may be rescheduled or cancelled without notice due to the evolving Corona Virus situation’. People do need education in this area instead of misdirecting their anger at situations without understanding the reasons behind them. They need a realistic expectation of how life could become in a situation such as the one now believed inevitable. One thing’s for sure… I didn’t mean to make it sound like I thought you were minimizing this problem Jill! There’s no way I could ever think that with all the work you do in these times! I probably did snap to my keyboard a little too quickly when I saw the word ‘overkill’, though, as I’d been hearing it all night long (I’ll explain.)

    Political blogs can be full of intelligent and clear thinking individuals but not necessarily so on other forms of social media. Last night my wife was next to me at her computer trying to bring reason to her corner of the Facebook world. She was reading aloud all the comments about the cancellations due to the corona virus. The prevailing opinions among her Facebook ‘friends’ is that the whole thing is a Democratic lie to bring down Trump, that the corona virus is less dangerous than the common flu and that what’s going on is definitely … drum roll… ‘overkill’. Not surprisingly, they were all from conservatives offering the same tired ‘arguments’ as heard from Trump and his puppeteers over at Fox News. There were many good posts from ER physicians, nurses and even some from my wife, but they’re not destined to get a fair share of visibility. Only the ones who viewed it all as a Democratic Hoax were getting all the Likes and Shares. (The truth is boring, apparently, and not worthy of understanding and passing on.) That’s a huge problem when only the wrong (and juicier) message gets through. When it’s the only one people hear, it tends to be the only one most people believe, and that’s how morons elect morons for Presidents.

    Well, I’m happy to say Jen probably lost some ‘Friends’ she never really had last night, because she spoke her mind against some real idiots. (“Screw ’em”, she said, with an air of satisfaction as she hit the ‘send’ key. “I’m done with ’em!”)

    So I guess the world ‘overkill’ struck a nerve with me, but I admit I’m a bit sensitive to that now and I didn’t want to let that go without some input. It’s almost the same thing as when Greta Thunberg said, “I want you to PANIC!” Some people are so complacent in this world and we’ve already been caught sleeping on this. Nothing is to be gained from being caught sleeping again. We should be vigilant, not sleepy. We should except the reality for what it is because it’s the only way we can alter it. But I do agree with you Jill… it certainly would do no harm to NOT cancel something still 3 months out… a lot of good things can happen in 3 months! And a word about life in bubbles? Well… it may come to that, but if we play our cards right, they will only be temporary bubbles.

    You also take care of yourself Jill… and Jeff and Jerry as well! You all have been GREAT warriors for the cause…

    The quirkiness of this is that I now have pneumonia for the 4th time in my life and I’m in a state of misery as I type. Tomorrow will be my 4th consecutive day sick from work. Like you, I would probably succumb to the corona virus if I caught it because I seem to be very susceptible to respiratory problems. I have all the symptoms of corona virus but I’ve had pneumonia so many times that I recognize how it feels and I’m not worried. It bothers me deeply however that even if I thought I had the corona virus, I couldn’t get tested thanks to the denial and complacency of our government. I would be a sitting duck. This is just WRONG.

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  8. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    Jeff and I are of like mind in many areas, especially when it comes to politics and the buffoon in the Oval Office. Jeff’s post reflects my own sentiments that I wish Trump would go away and shut up for the duration! Every time he opens his mouth, he makes matters worse and since we cannot believe a word he says, he should just go play golf and leave communication to the adults! Thanks Jeff!

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  9. Thank you Jill, for the reblog! Like I said in a comment above to Keith, some, like Paul Krugman for one, are calling for the moron to resign and let Pence fill out the rest of his term. You know, I do not like Pence. However, I’d be ok with him over the next 6-7 months. We could deal with it. I hope we start hearing this more and more. I’m not getting my hopes up, of course. Still, it’s good to hear. Funny, I’ve been saying it since Jan. 20, 2017. He’s still not listening to me!!


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