America Needs Integrity, Not BS

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“Donald Trump is a salesman. He’s a talker. He’s a boaster, a booster, a compulsive self-promoter. At times, he’s a full-blown BS artist.” If you assumed a liberal or even a conservative “never-Trumper” made that statement, you’d be wrong. Tucker Carlson, one of President Trump’s most loyal and vocal supporters, said that on his Fox TV show in late November of 2019. Carlson openly admitted what everyone knew, but that 35 percent of Americans still deny.

Carlson also admitted, “One of the reasons progressives say they hate Donald Trump is because he lies a lot.” Whether progressives hate Trump or not could be debated, but that Trump is a liar is now a settled fact, as attested to by one of his most-dedicated defenders. In that same broadcast, Carlson further acknowledged that Trump’s boast that his inaugural crowd was the largest in history was a lie: “The crowd at the 2017 inauguration was not the largest ever measured on the National Mall. Sorry, it wasn’t,” Carlson conceded.

Despite those candid concessions, Carlson went on to defend the president by stating that many of Trump’s controversial remarks are true but politically incorrect. Haiti really is a dump; Baltimore really is crime-infested, he contended. Even if those claims are true, do two truths atone for 16,000 lies? Would 16,000 truths atone for 16,000 lies?

Carlson concluded, “… thinking or talking about mass immigration … or any of that might point out their own [Trump’s opponents’] egregious failures and selfishness’s, which are profound.” His point apparently was that Trump’s critics need to remove the logs from their own eyes before criticizing the splinter in Trump’s eye.

So the latest Trump defense is that all politicians are liars; get over it. I don’t know of any Trump critic whose critiques of the president come from a place of personal perfection. I admit I am a flawed human. But should we then extend that truth to the point of declaring no offense off limits? We’re all sinners, so quit trying to improve? Honor a president who lies, cheats, and steals to achieve his goals? Is that the depth to which Carlson and his ilk are willing to sink?

Donald Trump sought the nation’s most prominent leadership role. Leaders lead not just through directives, but also by example. Like it or not, as the Leader-in-Chief, Donald Trump is in the preeminent place to set the example for the nation’s citizens. Do we want this nation to be made up of boasters, boosters, self-promoters, and full-blown BS artists, as Carlson described the current president?

The late Elijah Cummings declared of the American people, “We’re better than this [referring to the effects of Trumpism].” But we won’t be if we fail to defeat the president Tucker Carlson admits is a “full-blown BS artist.”

I was a faithful Republican for 44 years, but Trump’s election ended that run. Now I’m willing and eager to unite with other reasonable people—regardless of their political affiliation—to defeat the most-corrupt president in this nation’s history.

Restore integrity; reestablish truth; rekindle compassion. Unite behind Trump’s general election opponent—whoever it is.


  1. Wow, Jerry … has somebody slipped truth serum into ol’ Tucker’s morning coffee? Amazing. But, then he just shrugs it off and basically says, as Mick Mulvaney said a couple of months ago, “Get over it”. Nope, when the man has told more lies in just three years than you and I combined have told in our lifetimes, I’m not getting over it. Good post … and you’re right … if we allow this abomination to continue, then we won’t be “better than this”.

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  2. well the next president will just continue the practice of ruling by executive orders, pass laws intended to benefit whatever special interest lobby has purchased his or her political favor because we all know that the president and congress really don’t represent the people at all. al of them, every single one, are in this just to get more money, more power and more control.


  3. Coincidentally, my post earlier today was along the same lines…which proves that great minds think alike (unlike “stable genius” minds like Trump’s).

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  4. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    Just the title of this one says it all … integrity … the thing that is most missing in our government today. Even Trump’s own sycophants cannot deny it, cannot justify or excuse it, so their latest tactic is to simply tell us to “get over it”. B.S. Thanks, Jerry, for the reminder of what we’re missing. I still say somebody must’ve drugged ol’ Tucker! 😉

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  5. This post has a similar theme to the one I just posted. The president claims hoaxes and fake news, but he is the biggest purveyor of hoaxes and fake news predating his candidacy. Carlson awakened to the truth, but he pulled the final punch. Trump makes rash decisions off what makes him look good. Who it helps (or may help) is secondary to the ego gratification. What is lost is his followers don’t realize the wealthy and corporations are benefitting greatly from Trump’s decisions. So, the BS obfuscates more than Carlson is admitting. Keith

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    1. PS – Another key point Carlson is missing is America is not trusted because its president is untrustworthy. Plus, with his chaotic and uninformed nature, other countries consistently ask “who speaks for America?” Adding his corrupt behavior to the mix and Mr. Carlson is not recognizing the full extent of the national security risk in the White House. This is the view of an independent and former Republican (and Dem) voter. Keith

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