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    Jeff has written an excellent post for part 7 of our project, giving us some ideas how we can become more active in this 2020 election campaign, how we can engage more in order to help bring about much-needed change. Great job, Jeff … Thanks!

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  2. Followers of this blog need to read Bill Penzy’s post today. Penzy’s is a Milwaukee based spice shop known throughout the USA. Bill strongly objects to Trump’s unethical practices and I shop there regularly. I hope we all can enforce the need to vote to all our friends. Many are dismayed given the recent Democratic debates.

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  3. An excellent post, Jeff! I certainly hope that these initiatives will gain momentum and put the USA well on the road to democratic reform. When that happens, America will once again be a democratic beacon for the world.

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  4. Let’s hope you can start to get the masses on the move towards getting this legislation in action. Carrying on at this rate with the money of the 1% against you there could be a Trump Dynasty and the Crowning of a new Royalty which thought justt turns my stomach. Well written Jeff.

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    1. Thank you David! It’s tough because we really are in an oligarchic situation right now. These guys are so powerful and so corrupt. I wish we could all take to the streets. I know it’s not easy to do that. But something along the lines of what transpired on the streets in the sixties during civil rights and Vietnam may be the only thing that gets people attention. Otherwise, it’s business as usual. I can’t accept that!


  5. I am deeply concerned about the Article V states’ route to amending the Constitution, which hasn’t been done before. Good government organizations have been warning For years about this mounting effort by ultra-conservatives, who are close to reaching the necessary number of states needed. This started as a campaign to stop govt expenditures on important issues but has the potential to rewrite the entire Constitution.

    Here’s a 2019 Common Cause article about it.

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    1. Yeah, it’s concerning Annie. That’s why, in my post, I wanted to make sure to include the fact that it could really spiral out of control, if it comes to pass. I do know the right, with I believe Charles Koch involved, is trying to do the same thing. Everything has to align correctly for it to happen. But, thanks for that.


      1. It’s very close to reality. Koch is one of the instigators.

        Btw, my latest post includes all the info needed to reach the 50-plus Dem House members being especially targeted by the RNCC. I’m hoping people will volunteer and contribute what they can bc as you know, we must retain the House. If you can help publicize, pls do.

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      2. Yes, I read your latest and commented on it. The whole thing with Wolf-Pac…what my goal in that post was…was to inspire grassroots participation more than anything else. Their goals are extremely important. I’m not sure an Article Convention is the way to go, but we certainly need to pay attention to what the right-wingers are trying to do. They always seem one step ahead, especially in a devious and diabolical way. They will do anything to keep power. That’s why keeping the House and retaking the Senate is so important. It might be the last roadblock we have to keep these people from hijacking our democracy to the point we’ll never be able to come back.

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  6. Quite so—and as I’ve noted previously, we must be equally concerned about state elections and getting more Democratic governors in place. What’s happening with the Census is another nightmare (devious and diabolical there too), so having Democratic governors overseeing redistricting in their states next year is critical.
    It’s a heavy lift for us voters, but if activism was ever essential, I believe the time is now.

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