Considering Michael Bloomberg And A Worry For Another Time

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I’ve heard a lot of disapproving talk about Michael Bloomberg trying to ‘buy’ his way into the Presidency, and it’s certainly understandable.  It’s true that electing our president should only be about finding the best man or woman to lead our country.  It shouldn’t be about who can outspend all the others, but unfortunately that’s what it’s come to in America.  In this election year, however, our top priority must be in nominating whichever candidate seems most likely to defeat Donald Trump. We should be thinking of almost nothing else. Money in our politics is definitely a problem but I think this time around, it’s a worry for another time.

It doesn’t bother me so much that Bloomberg has unlimited funds to spend in his campaign because I think there are simply too many other pressing concerns.  I admit I’m looking for a savior.  Most people I talk to are not thrilled with any of our potential nominees and it’s hard to think we Democrats will have the unity we need to soundly defeat Donald Trump this November 3rd.  I look to the emerging Bloomberg as maybe a guy who will muster enough enthusiasm to stand toe-to-toe with Trump and beat him decisively in our next election. We need a blue wave, and I hope he’s the man who can build it.  More than anything else, when I see him on the debate stage tonight, I’ll be watching for a candidate with the kind of moxie and intelligence that can bat away the insults and B.S. we all know is coming from Trump, his Twitter account and his reelection campaign.

Even if I see something hopeful, it’s a tall order to find a savior in Michael Bloomberg because I know he has some heavy baggage.  He has some serious flaws and some major explaining to do.  I definitely don’t like his ‘stop and frisk’ stance from the past and I certainly don’t like the reports about how he treated women in the workplace.  The other candidates will rightly go after him for that.  I’ll be listening and observing.  I have no opinions nailed down yet, but soon will. Ohio’s primary is on March 17 and I’ll be going to the polls with ‘electability’ on my mind.

It would be far safer for me to write this essay after the country sees Bloomberg’s debate performance.  If he turns out to be a hit, I could just jump on the Bloomberg Bandwagon and claimed ‘I always knew’.  If he’s a flop, I could delete the essay from my hard drive and pretend I never once considered him.  I want to share my thoughts beforehand however.

Regarding the ‘buy his way into the election’ issue… I don’t think anyone should cloud their opinions with that.  Not this year, not when the stakes are so high and we need all the help we can get.  I think we should all look at the emergence of Bloomberg – no matter how he arrives on scene – as yet another chance to end the era of Trump in America.  We working stiffs tend to look at millionaire / billionaire politicians with disdain.  We view them as being out of touch with the working class with no clue what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck.  Now we have Bloomberg coming in, plunking down whatever money he needs for his election campaign, just as casually as you or I might plunk down some change for a cup of coffee.  It’s human nature that we don’t like that very much. We tend to automatically look at it with indignation.

But hold off the indignation for just a moment. He can afford to pay for his entire election campaign out of his own (very deep) pockets and he’s doing so voluntarily.  Can you imagine how hypocritical he would be to seek donations when he’s among the world’s wealthiest people?  And would we not criticize him if he tried?  I say we should get over our indignation on this and let him have the chance to tell us what he’s about and what he can do for our country.  In the end we don’t have to vote for him, but we should listen to him, if only to rule him out if we feel we must.

As for how he thought of black teens and women in the work place… I don’t like it.  But I can tell you that it’s possible for a person to change.  I know this to be true because I’ve changed. I once held views many years ago that wouldn’t fly in today’s world, and following deep and honest introspection, I no longer feel those ways and I can’t believe I ever did.  To offer one example, I once told my wife in a discussion that I didn’t think gay people should have the right to be married because it was a heterosexual-only right.  She looked at me and asked, “Why?”  My answer was ‘Because’.  She kept at me. ‘Because why?’  And she kept pressing me and pressing me until she had me admitting that my only answer was, ‘I don’t know’ which, of course, was no answer at all.

From that point on I looked deep inside myself and realized that everything I thought about human rights was wrong and rooted from discussions I’d had with fellow loud-mouthed high school kids. I’d become a grown-up but had never re-evaluated my convictions.  It was like lifting a weight of prejudice from my shoulders I never realized I’d had, and I felt so happy about it I had to tell my wife.  She was at work so I called her.  When she came to the telephone, I told her.  “I just want you to know that you’re one hundred percent correct! I’m absolutely for gay marriage, and thanks for showing me the light!”  When she finally realized what the heck I was talking about, she kind of laughed and said, ‘You’re welcome, now I gotta get back to work!’

So I know it’s at least possible that even Bloomberg may have changed his feelings.  I personally have to allow for that possibility because I myself have changed over the course of my life in some very important ways.  It’s up to me (and everyone who listens to him) to judge his authenticity.

I find Bloomberg interesting in ways I don’t see in any other democratic candidate. For one thing, it’s been reported often that he really seems to ‘get under Trump’s skin’ and I’ve noticed that myself.  I like that so much it makes me smile.  Maybe because there’s something to it.  Maybe Trump knows that Bloomberg has his number and will not be intimidated by him.  I don’t know what it is, but anything Donald Trump finds fearful in an opponent can only be good for the Democrats.

In this election year, when the stakes have never been higher, I like the fact the Bloomberg can easily afford to pay his way into our election.  Everyone knows Donald Trump cheated and stole his way into The White House in 2016 and everyone knows he’s trying to do it again.  Bloomberg, in contrast, is paying his way in. Which is worse? Yes, he’s setting a new precedent in doing so, but in this very strange election year I think I’ll just let myself be happy about it.  Donald Trump and the GOP have set all sorts of precedents in the past three years and I can’t name a single one which is any good.

I also enjoy the fact that Bloomberg can drown the Donald Trump Campaign in media dollars. It seems to be a great counter-offensive to Trump’s complete domination of social media where only his juicy, bullying news seems to travel fast and far.   Maybe placing Bloomberg ads everywhere online will finally even out this playing field to the point where we always-polite and always-by-the-rules Democrats have a chance to have our sensible messages sink in and be understood by sensible voters.

I do believe that big money in our elections is a major problem and has been one for very long time.  Sometimes however, it just comes down to identifying our priorities to most effectively play the hand we’ve been dealt.  Let’s concentrate on getting rid of Trump first and we’ll continue our ongoing worry about that money thing later.  This election years is for all the marbles.


The jig is up if Trump wins again…  you have to understand and believe it. America’s nightmare is for real.


We just watched all the checks on a president’s power dissipate when the president and our spineless GOP Senators simply refused to comply with the laws and the constitution they swore to uphold.  They exerted no more effort than simply refusing to comply, and the effect was like a handful of cinders thrown into our democracy’s gearbox.  It was as if they dared us to do anything about it.  And we couldn’t. The GOP held all the good cards.  Remember Adam Schiff sitting on the sidelines, watching with a glazed look in his eyes as every Senator except one voted to acquit the President?  He looked like an animal caught in a trap with no hope remaining.

An additional four years of a Trump administration will be even more destructive to our democracy.  By now we’ve all heard Trump’s disturbing quote of a line from Ralph Waldo Emerson: “When you strike at a king, you must kill him.” In those words, an angry and vindictive Post-Impeachment Trump is not even trying to be secret about what American citizens can expect of him. He plans to be vicious and unrelenting.  He’s going to do things his way, legal or not.  He cares not a whit about laws because as a ‘king’, he feels he’s above all the laws.  He has the Attorney General on his side. He has the Supreme Court stacked in his favor and will likely stack it even more should he secure a second term in office.  He’s intimidated the GOP lawmakers into violating their oaths to defend and uphold the Constitution, and nothing we’re seeing now suggests they will ever grow spines in the future.   He feels he can reduce or commute any prison sentence at his whim.  He threatens and punishes his enemies while passing out presidential pardons like Halloween candy to his cronies. And if he does end up being a two-term president, his assaults on our democracy and our constitution will escalate by a magnitude of a hundred.  He will feel untouchable and as a self-proclaimed King will rule accordingly.  Don’t believe for a second that he’ll leave voluntarily in four years… not if he feels he can violate any law he wishes without consequence.

This kind of breakdown has happened before throughout the history of our world, and nowhere is it written in stone that it can’t happen to America. History often repeats itself. All we need is ignorant and complacent citizens to be in denial about what’s taking place right before their eyes.

Then of course there are the global ramifications. We’re almost out of time here on Planet Earth.  Our world needs us to fix it NOW or all is lost. Glaciers are melting, our coral reefs are dying, species are disappearing… this is not imagination.  Climate change and global warming are very real problems as recognized by the scientific community in every nation on earth. We’re at the brink of irreversible catastrophe, and we’re poised to reelect the planet’s worst climate change denier.  Four more years of Donald Trump will be even more devastating to our world and will push us even closer to the point of no return…. and maybe past it.  The science is there.  You can believe it or not.  Whether you choose to or not, it’s true and the damage continues unabated.  The Doomsday Clock is ticking.

So what am I asking in this essay?


Please don’t let the idea that Michael Bloomberg’s a billionaire and using his own money to ‘buy’ his way to the presidency automatically dissuade you from giving him an attentive and thoughtful look.

The truth is he’s a billionaire who’s vying for a very difficult and thankless job which pays an annual salary that’s 157,000 times less than his total net worth, so money is obviously not his motivation. Perhaps he’s a good guy who sees his country and our world in deep trouble with our current administration.  Perhaps he’s taken it upon himself to help in a way that’s only available to a person with his means and resources.  Or perhaps not.  Maybe he’s another creep like Donald Trump, but I’ve seen nothing like that yet.  He has miles to fall before reaching Trump’s bar.

The Bottom line is that we know what we’re in for if we get another four years of Donald Trump.  Even a President who only has the ‘normal’ kinds of flaws is a thousand times better than the one who’s single-handedly destroying everything America has built and stands for, and who’s allowing the world to simply burn away.    We need to let Michael Bloomberg give us the chance to size him up given that another four years of Donald Trump is a very real 50/50 proposition.  I know I could forgive a few minor flaws and maybe a couple major ones if he has what it takes to defeat Trump The Destroying Angel in November.  If I’m wrong and Bloomberg doesn’t win the nomination, then I will do what I must do.

I will unite with my fellow Democrats and vote for whoever our Democratic nominee is, because it’s our only hope in defeating Donald Trump.


The Debate will be held on Wednesday, February 19 at 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.


  1. would you be beseeching people to overlook a republican challenger to trump if he had billions like bloomberg? Just asking.
    can republicans change their core beliefs over time like the democrats? Again, just asking.

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    1. If I may … in response to your second question.

      Of course they can. If they want to and are motivated to do so. The big problem with anyone changing their minds/beliefs is their willingness to look at perspectives that disagree with their core beliefs. Most of us tend to stick to the things in life that make us feel good … and we battle against change. But it can be done.

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    2. I can’t answer your first question as you’ve left out too much information. If the Republican challenger had billions of dollars? Trump supposedly has billions of dollars, so what would we gain from electing a new billionaire? How would this Republican challenger be different from Trump?

      For your second question, it assumes that democrats have changed their core values, and (I get the impression) you mean in a negative sense (forgive me if I’m wrong.) Which core values are you referring to?

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    3. Hey Scott! There are actually two remaining republican challengers … Bill Weld is actually someone I would consider voting for … a moderate candidate with some decent ideas. Problem is … the Republican Party is so scared of Trump losing that they have actually cancelled the primaries in many states, so any opposition to Trump within the party stands zero chance.

      As for your second question, I think that people rarely change their core beliefs. Sure, there are exceptions, but I think as a rule, by the time we reach adulthood, it is rare that we change the basic values we have. Now, the parties ideologies change over time, as different people become influential, just as the Republican Party moved far to the right with the beginning of the Tea Party movement that was in direct response to the election of an African-American president. But, that is only my opinion, and as I said, there are notable exceptions.

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  2. Great article for thought. He used to be my choice but I am with Pete now. I will support whomever is our Democrat running. My concern is the number of people I know who are not even registered to vote. This will be a huge election and my mission now is to educate friends on the reason to register and vote Trump out!

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    1. Hi ya Sherri! Your last name seems familiar to me! 😉 Thanks for chiming in, I really appreciate it. Yep, it Pete is the man, he’ll be who I cast my vote for. They are all good people. Gotta love ’em all for trying to make a positive difference.

      Thanks to you as well for making it your mission to inform and educate people about voting!! We need millions of folks just like you!!

      I’ve noticed that when people talk loudly about politics, it’s generally Trumpers going over the same old Fox News talking points. When I can (mainly at work) I’m engaging these people in counter arguments… not because I think I’ll ever change their minds, but because I notice that other folks in the room are saying nothing but are listening. So if these quiet people only hear the Trumpian side of the argument, then how can we expect them to vote if they’re on the fence on Election day? I want them to hear the other side of the argument as well… because as I said, they’re listening. Maybe forming opinions, and deciding.

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  3. Well done partner!! And welcome back! This is a timely piece Greg. With the debate tonight, we will see what the Mayor is made of. The nails will be out that’s for sure. But the overall point to your post is extremely important: Vote blue no matter who. That’s my philosophy. I may hold my nose while I do it, but if he’s the nominee I will 100% vote for him. Great job sir…

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    1. Bloomberg is basically election meddling by trying to purchase the election. trump was accused of and impeached for the very same thing, only it was from a foreign country, not money but the result is the same. Bloomberg implemented racist policies in the past but the past is the past and we have to look to now. The same tired rhetoric that all democrats use to cover up the past misdeeds of those political parasites who they support all in the name of defeating someone who is also claimed to be a racist.

      how does it make sense for all of the democrats to run on only the platform of “trump must be defeated”? Why should any of us support these candidates who aren’t running on principles, not running with ideas, etc. This is horrible optics for the party and makes them all look like hypocrites which, in fact, they are.

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      1. Where to begin. You first paragraph starts with your opinion, moves on to a false comparison and arrives at a false conclusion. It then provides one factual statement but then quickly ties it in to a generalization about all Democrats, then makes the false conclusion they are involved in a cover-up.

        Really… what makes you say all this? I’ve been a Democrat all my life and I don’t recall involvement in any of those activities or ways of thinking.

        In you second paragraph, I certainly don’t believe Democrats ARE running on the platform of ‘Trump must be defeated’. And you are correct that you should NOT be supporting any individual running without principles or ideas, etc. The trouble with your argument is that our candidates ARE running on principles, and ideas, etc. I invite you to watch the debate in Las Vegas tonight to see for yourself. My bet is that they’ll be talking for the majority of the time about their principles and ideas. I’m not sure where you’re getting the impression they have no ideas and principles.

        Now the ‘Trump Must Be Defeated’ thing is a whole ‘nother thing. The fact is, he must be defeated to save the America I’ve grown up to love and respect, as well as to see it never falls into disrespect or disrepair. I’m not going to rewrite my essay. You know what Trump is doing, just as Mitch McConnel knows, and Lindsay Graham knows, and Bill Barr knows… just as as anyone else in today’s GOP knows what he’s doing. I won’t play a gaslighting game. We all know what’s going on.

        Finally… I’ll never say that all Democrats are perfect or that we don’t have a few bad apples occasionally (look at Blogojevich for instance) but the only hypocrites which come to my mind right now are the GOP senators who failed to protect the Constitution they swore to defend.

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  4. First, I must say that … IT’S SO GREAT TO SEE YOU POSTING, DEAR FRIEND!!! I’ve so missed you!

    Now, as to Bloomberg. If he is the nominee, if it is determined that he is the person with the best chance of beating Trump, I will vote for him and encourage others to do the same. But … it will be with great trepidation that I would do so. I didn’t get to read your post until just now, after I watched the debate, and … nothing Bloomberg said or did impressed me in the least, and his answer about the treatment of women in his businesses was far less than satisfying. I didn’t care for his eyerolls, as if he felt he was above all this. But, I also believe that if Trump is re-elected, he will find a way to make himself “president (autocrat/king) for life, and with our luck, he’d live to be 100. Sigh. My preference at this point is Elizabeth Warren, but obviously she’s not going to win because she doesn’t have the right anatomical parts. My next choice … torn between Sanders and Buttigieg. I like Biden, think he’s probably the best bet to beat Trump … actually, he’s the one Trump feels most threatened by, given the extremes Trump has gone to in trying to discredit Biden, but … he’s just not on top of his game. Sigh.

    Again, it’s great to see you posting, my friend! I know I owe you an email for over a month now and every night I plan to answer, but then it’s 3:00 a.m. and I cannot think clearly. I promise … this week! I know you’re back at work and don’t have a lot of time, so thanks for doing this post! I shall re-blog it for my morning post! Hugs!

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    1. Hi Jill!! First of all, don’t worry about the email… I totally get it. I have zero time these days and you have LESS than zero (which makes no sense to anyone who doesn’t put out 3 essays a day!) So I can wait… no big deal!

      I’m on vacation this week, which made yesterday’s essay more possible. I’ve told this to Jeff, but I’ll fill you in a bit. Somehow my life only really allows for any kind of writing on Mondays… and if any little thing comes up to take me away from that, my writing gathers dust for at least a week and usually becomes less relevant as political events continue to unfold at break-neck pace. I’m staying focused on things I need to do to make life better around here. Jen is okay and we consider her a cancer survivor, but even still, cancer leaves both physical and emotional marks and in that respect it never goes away. She’s tougher than I can ever dream of being, yet when she visits her oncologist, she can be very emotional. So… I know it hurts inside. My job in life is to be there for her in every possible way. I must usually make choices in how to spend my time, according to what’s really important.

      But anyway, I couldn’t agree more in your assessment of Bloomberg. In truth I consider him to be foul. I don’t like his attitudes toward women at all… he’s right down there with Trump as far as I’m concerned in that respect. Same goes for his attitudes regarding people of color. A big disappointment… I had hoped for much more from him. I, too, noticed his eye rolls as I’m sure everyone else did. I also noticed his repeated blinking as Warren pressed him on his non-disclosure agreement for women in he company. To me that was a dead-giveaway for deception and dishonesty. I simply wasn’t impressed at all. If I could choose a candidate I to be friends with, to sit down and have coffee with, it would be Bernie. To me he’s as honest as the sun rising in the east. I’m like so many others however… the Democratic Socialist thing. I would cheerfully embrace it myself.. but I’m unsure how many others would. (Are WE being too scared of it?, I sometimes ask myself) I thought Warren was fantastic. I can see her as President and I think she would be wonderful. I go back and forth on the ‘But is America ready for a woman president’ thing. Sometime I wonder. But other times I think it could be a strong motivational force for an absolute change from Donald Trump and his sad affects on our democracy. If she’s our gal, I would vote for her with genuine enthusiasm. (Oh, forgot to say, same with Sanders, but I’d be more nervous.) I’m not as fired up about Buttigieg as I once was, although I think he would make a good president. Same with Biden. Funny how it is with Biden. He’s probably the best on any stage on any given day because of his experience… yet… will people vote for him? If we were up against anyone else but Trump, we could take that chance… but this is not like any other election.

      Anyway… Jen is at work and I have quite of list of things she left me to do today before she gets home. She said on her way to her car, “Do NOT sit at that computer all day typing replies to comments!!” Well, I just finished my third coffee and I’ve been at it through Beethoven, Dvorak and now Strauss. I’ve yet to shower and pack our outbound shipments and I MUST fix the leaky shower faucet control today Jen’s been tolerating for months… or it won’t be very pleasant around here!

      That’s a very long way to say, ‘Gotta Run!’ Take Care Jill!! (forgive any typos!)

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      1. Thanks Greg! Yeah, people who don’t spend 120% of their time doing ‘stuff’, don’t understand how one can have less than zero time, but you and I totally get it! Still … I plan to email this week, and especially now that I know you’re on vacation — that way you’ll have time to read it! 😉 You know what you need to do … you need to win the lottery so you can quit that pesky job that takes up too much of your time!

        I’m so glad to hear that Jen remains cancer-free! Yes, it will always be a worry, but you and she both need to try to push it to the backs of your minds as much as possible and not let it be forever a dark cloud hovering overhead. Let the sun shine in, try just being happy and enjoying life one day at a time.

        I’m genuinely confused by a number of things with the democrats, polls, platforms, etc., and I’m hoping some things will sort themselves after Super Tuesday. I do wish the infighting would stop though. The ongoing spat between Buttigieg and Klobuchar last night was uncalled for and unhelpful. Reminded me of an old married couple on the cusp of a divorce! But, I’ll write more about it later.

        Did you get the leaky shower head fixed, I hope? One time way back when, I asked my husband to fix a clogged pipe. He put it off and put it off, and finally, I sawed the pipe in half! Then he HAD to fix it! 😄 That said, though, on your week off, it’s good that you’re getting some time to write, and to connect. We miss you greatly! Now, go fix that shower head, then run out and buy a lottery ticket!

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    2. Thank you Jill for reblogging Greg’s post!! It’s great having him back in the saddle isn’t it?
      One thought I’ve been having Jill, after watching the debate. I really am worried that Bernie will become the nominee. Not because I don’t like Bernie, because I do. I know who is and what he stands for. It’s not changed in 40 years or so. But if he is the nominee, is he the one who can unite the entire Democratic Party? I’m very skeptical. I’m beginning to think that maybe Warren might be the one who can bridge the gap between the moderates and liberals. Yes, she’s liberal, but she’s not, nor has she ever called herself a ‘socialist’ or even a ‘democratic socialist.’ She actually believes in capitalism and has stated that often. What she believes in is capitalism with rules. Rules that even the playing field for the rest of us. Rules that hold corporations and the wealthy accountable.
      I think I saw her trying to bridge that gap last night. She knows she can’t bleed into Bernie’s followers. They are with him no matter what. But she also doesn’t want to offend them either, because if she becomes the nominee she’s going to need them with her. So it’s tough for her to go after him, although she did slightly at one point. It’s a delicate balance, but I think I see her strategy. She needs to show that she’s a little less left than Bernie and show moderates that she’s a less risky choice. One way she showed this is in her vote for the revised ‘2.0’ NAFTA that recently passed. Bernie voted against it. She said while she didn’t agree with all of it, the new and improved version(thanks to Pelosi and Dems), was still worth it for workers overall. I think it was a good move on her part.
      We shall see though, Jill. After all, she is, as you say, someone with the ‘wrong anatomical’ parts. We’re still such a sexist country at heart. I thought she knocked it out of the park last night. But, there will be those who say she was ‘angry,’ ‘deranged,’ or ‘hysterical.’ Such a double standard it makes me sick. I’m still hopeful we’ll get a woman POTUS. Whether it’s this year or not, I’m just not sure.

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      1. As always, it’s my pleasure, Jeff! Yes indeed, I did a joyful WHOOPEE when I saw this post from that OhioRealist! I love Bernie and what he stands for, but I do share your concerns. I’m confused that so many people run and hide at the mere mention of the word ‘socialism’, and yet he is polling higher by far than any of the others. 🤷‍♀️
        Yes, we are still very much a misogynistic society where there are those who cannot see that a woman can do as well as a man. There are truly some who would take us back to the day when women could not vote or own property, though I think they’d find themselves with one hell of a fight on their hands if they tried! But isn’t it funny … a man can be impassioned and yell like Bernie, but when a woman does it, she is “too emotional because she’s a woman”. Sigh. Someday, it will happen. I was a fan of Kamala Harris because she was an African-American AND a woman! But, ’twas not to be just yet.

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      2. Perhaps Kamala will be on a very short list of VP candidates? I think whoever is the nominee ought to give her a call. And yes, that includes Bernie.

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      3. I really, really wish I knew who each candidate plans to choose for their running mate. For one thing, since all but two of them are septuagenarians, the choice of a VP becomes more important than ever. But too, since none of the candidates are quite as motivating and inspirational as we’d like, perhaps adding a really competent veep to the mix would give them an edge. I always thought that Biden planned to name Kamala … though I have no idea where I got that impression!

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      4. Yeah, it’s certainly gained traction on Twitter-the Biden/Harris ticket. I think Biden’s fate will be determined on Super Tuesday. If he does poorly, I think he might be done. I agree though, it would be nice to know. Hillary picking Tim Kaine certainly didn’t excite the electorate did it? Ughhhhh…we’re going to need someone we can get excited about. There’s a lot of good choices out there. Kamala is Numero uno I think. Stacy Abrams too. I like them both.

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      5. Yeah … sigh … if Biden’s performance on Wednesday night is any indication, I think he’s about done. Agreed on Tim Kaine … I really liked him, but too few people had even ever heard of him … no name recognition. OH YES to Stacey Abrams!!! Love that woman!

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  5. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    Greg is the other half of On the Fence Voters, though for a number of reasons, he has been unable to post for several months. But, yesterday he wrote a very thoughtful and thought-provoking post about Michael Bloomberg’s candidacy, and he brought up some points that I think we must all be willing to consider. Please take a few minutes to read this excellent post and let Greg know your thoughts! Thank you, Greg, and it’s great to hear from you!


  6. Hello Greg. It is true that people can change their views over time, in both positive or negative directions. The question we need to ask is the change real or is it n act? In Bloomberg’s case I believe it is an act. I am watching a news show that is showing clips of Bloomberg. A couple years ago he said during a forum event that he couldn’t run for president unless he changed everything he believed in, he would have to deny those things he championed. Bloomberg was still defending stop and frisk as little as 8 months ago. I doubt he has had a sudden epiphany, it is more he is playing a game to get elected. Hugs

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    1. Hello Greg. I got the date of the forum wrong so I looked it up. It was 11 months ago, March 2019. It was at the Bermuda Executive Forum. He not only said he would have to change all his views but he also said he would have to go on a CNN apology tour. Hugs

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      1. Hi again Scottie!!

        I may be wrong, but it sure seems like we won’t have to worry about voting for Bloomberg on November 3rd, not with material like that floating around that can so easily come back to haunt him.

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    2. Hi ya Scottie!! Thanks very much for your comment! After what I saw last night, I would have to agree with you. He was synthetic. I can’t imagine anyone being impressed by his performance, but then again, I once never imagined Donald Trump becoming our President. People believe what they want to believe. If I had to bet my money however, I’d be right there with you in your opinion. What a disappointment to not be positively electrified, huh?

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  7. OK, I’m ready to listen to Mr Bloomberg even though I doubt he’s had an epiphany regarding people of colour. That’s a horrible trait to have sitting in the White House as you’ve already see. At the moment the only way to get rid of Trump is not to divide the vote and yes you’re right the people will decide who they like. It’s whether the voters for the disappointed ones will carry their votes for the person in the lead after all the talk.He’s going to need to have some good plans for Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security as well as the homeless problem and getting the Country back to the way it was with the Paris Agreement in place and working and all the latest park land sales to coal and timber merchants cancelled. Time to get your allies back again.
    I think Bloomberg can buy Trump many times over and I just hope this exercise isn’t to show him that then turn out to be a Republican anyway.


    1. Hi, and thanks for your comment!

      I don’t even know how to begin. I went to bed last night partially wishing I HAD delayed my essay until after I’d seen Bloomberg’s performance. Hoo-boy, he had a bad night, didn’t he? Warren just nailed him over and over, and you could tell he was rattled. All I could think was, ‘Well, so much for finding a savior in Bloomberg.’ I’m with you in doubting he had any epiphany regarding people of color or women. I can tell you I’m no fan of his character. As you expressed in much greater detail than I can right now, he has miles to go before he sleeps (in the White House.)

      Still, after a bit of sleep I’ve recovered a little. He’s another choice and I’ll still be watching for any signs he may have what it takes to oust Donald Trump… but what I’ve seen so far doesn’t impress me. He says some of the right things regarding climate change and I did appreciate that, but he tried to deflect all comments about his ill treatment of women in the workplace until Warren simply (and rightfully) wouldn’t leave it alone.

      On your last comment, about turning into a Republican as president, it seems doubtful to me. He does give a ton of money away to causes which are typically Democrat. So… hopefully that is some indicator.


  8. People don’t change. & your so-called “change” about gay marriage wasn’t a change at all. It was just coming to terms with reality. Bloomberg is GOP & now he’s a fake Democrat. He’ll lose to the real GOP in the WH. People don’t like fakes & they don’t like people who buy their way into elections. If Bloomberg gets the Democratic ticket, there will be even fewer people voting … on both sides of the aisle. Nobody will give a flying F which billionaire wins. It’s all BS & everyone knows it. It has nothing to do with the common person. This is what we have come to. This is reality.


    1. Good Morning and thanks for your comment!

      Mike Bloomberg is a man running for President as a Democrat, and if he wins the Democratic nomination, it means he will be running against the incumbent President Donald Trump. This means people in the USA will have 3 choices: Vote for Donald Trump, vote for Michael Bloomberg or stay home and vote for nobody.

      Are you one of the people who will stay home and not vote if Bloomberg gets the Democratic ticket? If so, thanks in advance for nothing. We need your help to get rid of Donald Trump. This is the only reality I see.

      I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I don’t sometimes feel as you do… “It’s all BS and everyone knows it” and that “it has nothing to do with the common person.” Sometimes those feelings can lead to such frustration that it seems to justify non-participation in selecting our leader. But are you going to let your jerky neighbor pick our president for you? The loudmouth standing in line ahead of you? The CEO who flies to dinner in a private jet? Not me, and hopefully not you. I’ll be damned if I let that happen.

      Picking a President is usually a matter of finding the best person from what seems like the worst people available.

      I had a discussion last month with a Republican co-worker who told me, “You Democrats just hate Donald Trump. That’s why you all want to get rid of him.”

      I said, ‘Your’re right. I DO hate Donald Trump because of what he’s doing to my country. I actually despise him.” I have zero apologies for feeling that way.

      My job as an American Citizen is to listen, learn, evaluate and Vote when the time comes. Do you have an alternate course of action? If you do, please tell me what it is and how you plan to make it work. Remember that staying home and watching TV on election day is not a course of action.

      About my change concerning Gay marriage… you’re just simply wrong.

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      1. Greg, you and I have had conversations over the years on gay marriage. We both have changed on that issue. And, I have you to thank for helping me change my perspective. In the early 2000’s I was much like you. I thought a marriage was between a man and a woman. I had no problem with two people of the same sex living with each other. I just didn’t like the idea of the official tag ‘marriage.’ But, just as Jen woke you up to how wrong you were, you then helped wake me up to how wrong I was. And then I moved in 2004 to SoCal and I started to see things in a much different light. I got to know and become friends with several openly gay co-workers. Some of them were in loving relationships. They had the same issues in their relationships that I had experienced in my own life as a heterosexual male.
        I think the real issue here is one of empathy. Walking in someone else’s shoes, or at least the ability to see what it is they go through. Sometimes, and I think this is a problem with politics as well, people just don’t take the time to care about anyone else. We sometimes become blind in our own belief system and are reluctant to change. The bottom line Greg? People can change. You and I are good examples of that. I don’t have all the answers but I do know that I am now on the right side of the gay marriage issue. Before, I was wrong. Even Barrack Obama evolved on that issue. And you know what? It’s been said that Joe Biden was the one who helped him with that. Good on Joe!!

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    2. Hi Silvrapple.

      I tend to agree with you, these ultra-rich political parasites who have nothing in common with the average person claim they want to represent us in our needs and every day struggles.

      It’s laughable, pathetic and everyone knows that none of them give a damn about any of us. they just want to steal from the people by way of taxation, do the bidding of the corporations and lobbyists, all of whom are corrupt while, at the same time, enriching themselves and getting more and more power.

      Both bloomberg and Trump are ridiculous frauds and after last night’s circus for the mindless, Michael doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell in securing the nomination.


  9. First, thank you for your thoughtful and cogent initial post and your follow up.

    I found Bloomberg’s appearance appalling and I don’t know where he goes from here. He must be given credit, however, for making the Dems’ retaking the House possible in 2018 and using half his billions in very progressive ways. He is making inroads among people of color. I don’t like him; I wish he’d go away, but I do think he’s still the candidate who scares trump the most and can fight that mammoth Republican war chest—possibly the only Democrat who can.

    I know people believe Bernie is honest, but he sure isn’t fessing up and meeting his claims of transparency with regard to his medical records. And his defensiveness on the matter tells me something. That is hugely important. A 78-year-old man who recently had a heart attack is at increased risk of having another. What do we do if he’s the nominee and then can’t continue?
    In addition, though he disavows the despicable behavior of his Bernie Bros, the fact remains that several of his staff members have been similarly vicious, and he hasn’t disavowed them.
    He’s also revealed his hypocrisy vis-a-vis the Democrats’ rules. Four years ago, he dragged out his candidacy until the superdelegates weighed in. He was able to win concessions from the DNC to diminish the role of the superdelegates. But last night, believing he will have the most votes but probably not a decisive number, he was the only candidate saying the agreed-upon rules shouldn’t stand.
    And of course, despite the fervor, there are many Americans who just won’t vote for a socialist (I’m not one of them). Poll after poll is showing that. It’s regrettable, but it’s real.
    A woman on Twitter captured what I fear may be the scenario we face.
    If Bernie’s not the nominee, the Bernie Bros won’t vote, and trump wins. If Bernie’s the nominee, trump wins.

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  10. Annie, I really worry about Bernie as well. I just don’t see him as a unifying figure. After all, he’s not a Democrat. He’s only a Democrat because it’s the only path he had to possibly winning. If he doesn’t get over the threshold for delegates, but is in the lead, he’s going to need superdelegates to get him over the hump. That’s the way I understand the process. And I can bet you a million bucks that those superdelegates will not be in his corner. It could lead to something we haven’t seen since 1968: total can complete chaos. And that only helps one person: Trump.
    That being said, I actually like Bernie, and I’ll support him vigorously if he’s the nominee. But, I still worry. I think we’ll know a lot more after Super Tuesday. It might be about over if he does well. We shall see….

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  11. Don’t bet if Trump gets in for a second term he won’t push for a third term for a President. His confidence has built up to a terrifying height. He has a dictator complex. He thinks the country can’t do without him. His followers have become brainwashed zombies. It’s a cult. He’s a runaway train that has to be stopped. I agree our only thought should be to stop him. So far, even Bloomberg doesn’t worry me. This is an emergency situation. —- Suzanne

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  12. I’m happy to read a positive review of Bloomberg, whom I have been a fan of for a while. I did not get a chance to see the debate, but from what I read, he did a terrible job. Hopefully he can get better with time, and it will not have to negative of an impact. I’ve also mentioned that I thought Bloomberg/Booker ticket could be a powerful. Ultimately, though, I’ll support whoever the Democrat nominee is. I also hope that if Bloomberg is not the nominee, he continues to spend a fortune trying to defeat Trump. If that happens, I don’t think people will be complaining (except Republicans) about all the money he would be spending on advertising…


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