Discord & Dissension – Part I – Intro

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Several months ago, I was lucky enough to find Jill Dennison on WordPress. Eventually, we became good pals and have corresponded about many things. Not long ago, she mentioned doing a project and collaboration together. I could not have been more honored to have been asked.

So, what you see here is the first of our efforts. Jill and I both are deeply concerned about the current state of our politics. Instead of banging our heads against the wall, though, we decided we wanted to do something about it. We hope to foment discussion, as well as use our platforms as a rallying cry for becoming active and making sure we all get out and vote the current administration out of office. We simply cannot afford another four years of this man! So, I’ll let Jill’s introduction speak for both of us. Thank you Jill!

Filosofa's Word

The year is 2020.  Ten days into the new year, and so much has already happened that we cannot keep up.  The world is teetering on the brink, and all thanks to one ‘man’:  Donald Trump.  Yes, that Donald Trump, the ‘man’ who sits in the White House, in the highest position of leadership in the nation, despite the fact that he lost the election by nearly 3 million votes.

The year is 2020, and the United States will be having an election on November 3rd, in just 298 days the people of this nation will head to the polls to cast their vote for their representative, some for their senator, and all for the next president.  Or will they?  In 2016, between 58% – 59% of eligible voters actually voted.  WHY?  Because …

  • Hillary Clinton was a woman
  • Hillary Clinton was not “warm and fuzzy”
  • Hillary Clinton…

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