True Believer Pompeo Drives Iran Policy

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It’s an open secret that the evangelical community has forged a somewhat uneasy alliance with the current president of the United States. He gives them the judges they want, gives them lip service supporting ‘religious liberty,’ and does a travel ban on Muslims. All of this overrides the fact he’s perhaps the most un-Christian president in history who’s a pathological liar and who publicly bullies people he doesn’t like.

To them, while he’s an imperfect leader, he’s the ‘chosen one’ who might get them the ‘end days’ they so desperately crave. And while that’s enough to make me grab a shot of whiskey (even though I’m a beer drinker), even more frightening is that the two men driving his Iran policy are Vice-President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Both consider themselves proud members of the evangelical community.

I’ve known about Pence for sometime now. He’s a pretty strange guy who’s said that he does his best to never be in the same room with a woman one on one. He always makes sure there’s another man around. I guess he can’t trust himself.

Oh, and he calls his wife ‘mother’ and is also a proud member of the homophobic men’s club, who thinks gay people can be ‘cured’ through a process called reparative therapy. He’s also become one of this president’s staunchest sycophants.

But, while Pence is scary enough, Pompeo seems to be the one who’s now in the president’s ear the most as it pertains to Iran policy. Both Pence and Pompeo were solidly behind the president’s decision to take out Iranian General Qasem Soleimani. Now that eternal war-hawk John Bolton is no longer part of Trump’s team, Pompeo has asserted himself to become one of the president’s top go-to guys.

Why should this scare the hell of us? The guy is a true believer in every sense of the word. When it comes to his religious beliefs, there is no higher authority than God himself, and it’s his God that drives how he lives his life—and how he makes political decisions.

In a New York Times article from March 30, 2019, they reference an interview Pompeo gave to the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN). CBN asked the following question: Did Mr. Pompeo think President Trump had been “raised for such a time as this, just like Queen Esther, to help Jewish people from the Iranian menace?”

Pompeo replied: “As a Christian, I certainly believe that’s possible. It was remarkable—so we were down in the tunnels where we could see 3,000 years ago, and 2,000 years ago, if I have the history right—to see the remarkable history of the faith in this place, and the work our administration’s done, to make sure that this democracy in the Middle East, that this Jewish state, remains. I am confident that the lord is at work here.”

It’s that last sentence that’s so disturbing. When politicians talk about ‘the lord’ in this manner, and who publicly state that their Christianity is the driving force? Something’s not right, folks. These people should not have this much power in our government.

Do we not remember the guy who was president of the United States from 2000-2008? Yes, that guy, George W. Bush. He was adherent to the evangelical Christian dogma as well. How did that turn out for our country? Trillions spent, and thousands of lives lost later, here we are on the precipice of yet another conflict in the Middle East.

Yes, the Iranians struck back last night, and it appears we may have dodged a bullet—for now. But we can’t think for a minute that this thing is over. Not with an unhinged president and his religious nut job sycophants calling the shots. When are we going to learn?

It’s not just war, though, where the evangelical dogma keeps creeping into administration decision making. Pompeo has inserted his anti-abortion stance into foreign policy. Several months ago, he declared that the United States would stop funding international organizations that support other groups that perform abortions, a plan very popular with conservatives, Catholics, and evangelical Christians.

Do we really think Trump has strong anti-abortion beliefs? Rumor has it that he paid for a number of them throughout his life. Let’s get real: Trump needs the evangelicals to get reelected. Thus, if he can get some of their pet policies enacted, so be it. As we know, it’s all about him.

You see, with evangelicals, it’s all about the end days and how Israel fulfills a biblical prophecy. Known as Christian Zionists, they believe God promised the land to the Jews, and the gathering of Jews in Israel is foretold in the prophecy of the rapture—the ascent of Christians into the kingdom of God.

At a “God and Country Rally” in 2015, Pompeo talked about the rapture. “We will continue to fight these battles because there is a never-ending struggle until the rapture.” At a meeting at the Summit Church in Wichita, Kan., he said, “Be part of it. Be in the fight.”

Trump announcing the move of our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem is yet another nod to the evangelical community. It’s all starting to make sense. We know Trump doesn’t have deep religious beliefs. He’ll only do what’s right for himself. But Pence, Pompeo, and other true believers may have other things on their minds. The lord seems to be talking to them. And I guess the lord thinks Iran and the regime in charge need to go.

For now, things are in a holding pattern. But make no mistake, the Iranian situation is not over. Trump could easily miscalculate. The Iranian regime, for that matter, could do so as well. Let’s not forget the most critical point, though: this is all on Trump now. He got out of the nuclear deal, and now we’re paying the price for his disdain for the first African-American president of the United States.

Unfortunately, his two chief advisors on Iranian policy happen to be a couple of religious zealots who think that a little apocalyptic rapture may not be a bad thing.

Look, Pompeo and Pence have every right to practice whatever religion they see fit. But knowing that these guys are in Trump’s ear and helping drive Middle East Policy based on bible verses and prophecies? Give me that shot of whiskey, please.


  1. I have been following all this just as you have, and my reactions are identical. It’s scary as hell to have two zealots plus one unhinged President at the helm.

    One question that’s been asked is who gave trump the option to assassinate Soleimani—and why would they do that, knowing how impulsive he is and how little understanding he has of the region and the huge implications of this action? When you factor in the two Biblically-inspired whisperers, it’s not difficult to see how these terrible events—which will have continual ripple effect—unfolded.

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    1. So true Annie. When are we ever going to learn that you cannot force the Middle East into anything? The change must come from within. We can do things, like sanctions etc..But damn, I’m so tired of the wars..the bloodshed…the chaos and mayhem. At some point the people MUST force their government to change. I’m not saying we shouldn’t have a say, or shouldn’t lead in some way. After all, we ARE the USA right? The beacon of democracy?
      Enough with the wars, though. There has to be a better way.

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      1. Something you said caught my eye. That the US should lead in some way and I couldn’t help but laugh. Your government leads in rhetoric. And your press helps with that too. But away from the glare of the press, the government will support despots as long as they do their bidding. They will promote militarization of the police force and you know how good that works for democracy! I could say more, but I will rest my case.

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      2. You make a good point. We’ve failed in so many ways. It’s like, hey…that dictator over there…he’s our friend! Then, it’s like hey…that dictator over here, we need to get rid of him!
        We overthrew the Iranian leader in 1953, and installed the Shah. How did that work out?
        Maybe It’s my hope and aspiration that we would really lead. Not by the barrel of a gun…but by decent and reasoned diplomacy…by encouraging human rights and democracy everywhere…but again, not by bombs and threats.
        The thing is, the world- for what it’s worth, does tend to look over here for leadership. More often than not, especially in recent years, we’ve failed. Maybe some day my friend, we can rectify some of our mistakes. I hope I’m still alive to see it. I’m not optimistic!

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      3. The thing is, the world- for what it’s worth, does tend to look over here for leadership.

        I don’t know if this is really the case. Your country seems to be doing its best to kill labour unions. Kill environmental regulations. Disenfranchise voters. Among other things.
        I am not optimistic that the downward trend will be arrested.

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      4. Well, with the current administration, you’re absolutely correct. And, to that point, the Republican Party as a whole is lock-step with what he’s doing. I’m certainly not saying Democrats have been perfect. Far from it. But, as a general rule, they’re on the right side of most of the issues you mentioned. It would be nice if we could get some cooperation from the other party once in a while.


      5. I keep thinking about the Pence/Pompeo religious zealotry, which I don’t think is getting enough coverage in terms of decision-making re: Iran. As you’re in the Twitterverse, I’m hoping you’ll bring your post to the attention of some who might investigate further.

        I have a link to a New Republic article on the topic in the post I released today (in the midst of ongoing tech problems I’ve been having that are screwing up my communication efforts). Here’s the link to my post:

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      6. Thanks for sending the link Annie. And I read your post as well. Nice work! You and I are on the same wave-length. These zealots shouldn’t be anywhere close to the high levels of government power. Who do they think they are?
        The New Republic article is frightening enough. I know about Hagee. Talk about a nut job! Of course, Pence and Pompeo aren’t far from what that guy believes. This DOES deserve more scrutiny from the main stream media. There’s so much going on with this disastrous administration it’s easy for stuff to fall through the cracks. That’s why you and I do this!!


  2. This has been my concern all along. It’s pure extreme Christian white nationalism, but the moderate religions play into it as well, as most don’t denounce all the BS because they are already losing members ($) and don’t want to lose anymore.

    The human mind is a strange and dangerous thing…and in the 21st century in the most modern and technological successful country, that people still believe the fantasies of religion…any religion.

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    1. Sigh!! Totally agree Mary. It’s almost like a white man’s theocracy isn’t it? Bush going into Iraq was such a terrible decision. I knew we’d be paying for this for years and years to come. When we elect Republicans to higher office, especially the presidency, this is what we’re going to get. We’ve got to minimize these zealots within our government. Bible verses and prophecies cannot and should not play ANY role in decision-making. I really believe that.

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      1. So what can be done. I read the other day that the US is far more religious than any other western country..

        China and Russia are not religious, so the only other major religious countries are in the Middle East…
        What does that tell you? We are more like them than the other western civilized countries.

        This does not bode well.

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      2. It does not bode well Mary. To many in this country, Islam is evil. To them, we are the great satan. When you have that kind of rhetoric and those kind of beliefs? This is what we get….

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  3. I share your concerns, Jeff, and as I read your post, the growling that started as just a low grumble increased to a near ear-shattering grrrrrrrrrrowl. One question: Have ANY of these religious zealots ever read the damn United States Constitution, the foundation and framework for the laws of this nation? Do they fail to understand that this is a SECULAR nation, not a Christian one? Have they ever heard the term “Separation of Church and State”??? No wonder so many people are becoming non-believers, for their religion is so filled with holes and hypocrisy that it can’t hold water! Sigh. Good post, my friend. I shall re-blog tomorrow!

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    1. Thank you Jill, as always. No, they do not understand the Constitution. They continue to conflate God and religion, when the document itself specifically makes sure that the state and the church must remain separate. They always state that we were founded on judeo-christian values. That’s their main argument. Sorry, but most of the founders..not all…were deists, and many of them were scared as hell of the same kind of people like Pence and Pompeo, who are in high places in our government. Nothing gets my blood pressure up more than this topic. It’s why I wrote it. It sure is nice to vent! Otherwise, I’d be shriveled up in a corner somewhere banging my head up against the wall…..much like I do when I hear Trump speaking!!

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      1. I’m the same, my friend … if I couldn’t speak my mind and vent here on the blog, I’d likely be either in prison or dead by now! Sigh. Can we wake up now, and find that Obama is still in office, and Trump is naught but a clown in the circus?

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  4. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    The United States is a secular nation, one that welcomes people of all or no religions, but does not govern based on the beliefs or principles of any religion. At least, that’s the intent as laid forth by the U.S. Constitution. Today’s “leaders”, the people driving public policy, seem painfully unaware of this principle. Our friend Jeff over at On the Fence Voters has written an excellent post about this, the greatest hypocrisy. Thank you, Jeff …

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  5. If we are to assume that Trump and the Evangelic Right are so concerned about The Jews then what are they going to do about the increase in anti-Semitic attacks in the USA, seeing as how the folk involved are likely to come from their side of the political fence.
    And then we have the small matter of Our Lord (yep Christian writing here)’s sermon on the Mount….’Blessed Are the Peace Makers’?
    I conclude thus with a quote from the film ‘The Sweet Smell of Success’ as an applicable response to the unholy three you have mentioned:
    ‘You’re selling three-day old fish and I an’t buying it,’

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    1. Spot on Roger. Funny how he rarely goes down that road isn’t it? He doesn’t want to alienate his racist and bigoted base, even when some of them are just fine with the anti-Semitism you mentioned. As I implied in my post, Trump is nothing but an opportunist. He has no values. He has no empathy. But he does have a massive craving for power and attention. All of those traits leave us over here in the U.S. scared as hell. The only people in his ear now are hawks. The so-called ‘adults’ in the room have left the building. Now? I’m not religious Roger….but please pray for us!

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      1. I agree Trump does have the aura of an opportunist, conjuring up images of a 19th snake oil salesman. From here in the UK, outside looking in he comes across as someone who morphed in the person his voter base wanted; thus in truth he is their invention, a manifestation if you like of all their fears, prejudices and angers, hence his propensity to rattle off these infamous tweets of his.
        Of course we in the UK have our own ‘challenges’ as well, a rightist government with an unassailable majority and the main opposition party in a make-believe land.
        On the religious side I think I shall start with an old hymn:
        ‘Oh God our help in ages past
        our hope for years to come,
        our shelter from the stormy blast,
        and our eternal home,’
        (sung while sitting under the kitchen table)
        Final up-date from Thomas Paine’s quote:
        ‘These are times which test people’s souls’
        Hard times neighbour, hard times.

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      2. Jill made the exact same reference to me in another comment thread! Great minds, Roger! Oh, and absolutely I wish that were the case.

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      3. Well, how about that???
        Maybe, if we all concentrate through prayer or really hard thinking, all the power of thought from billions of folk might interface with the flows of Time, and thus we will awake there.
        Things like that happen in books I write and I am sure the plots come from message out in the Cosmos (big place), so why not give it a chance, I say

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  6. Two things…the religious right and republican politicians do not give one hoot about the constitution, nor do 40% of the country, evidently.

    And as far as protecting the Jews…ain’t gonna happen. They ( Christian Right ) don’t really like the Jews and all of the fake support is because they are just waiting for their glorified end times and in their twisted minds, this plays into it.

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    1. You nailed it Mary. It’s all about the rapture and all that B.S. They talk about the Jews as being the chosen people. But we know what they mean by that. It’s disingenuous. You and I get it. Like you said, the 40% crowd is so in over their head it’s ridiculous. When you call them a cult, they laugh and say they’re proud. How bizarre it that?

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  7. Once upon a time, in a country called the United States of America, all the immigrants coming to the new nation believed in a supernatural being called God. God was the leader of their many religions, based on his Son, Jesus Christ. While all these religions fell under one umbrella, called Christianity, believers saw them as different. So when they talked about religious freedom, they took for granted all religions were Christian. They probably never even considered any kind of other religion.
    And thus the US of A did begin.

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    1. Great point rawgod. You don’t hear much from the Founders and how they felt about Islam, Judaism, or Hinduism…etc…because there weren’t many of them in the country at the time. But, as with many things in the Constitution, the language was, I believe, left vague for some of those very reasons. I realize some of the true believers take the ‘Judeo-Christian’ aspect of the Constitution way too far…especially right-wing politicians. I take it at face value: The U.S shall not establish ANY religion, but you can worship who or what you want. Can’t get much more clear than that…


      1. I checked, and there were very few Jewish people in America until the 1800s, certainly not enough to even hit the Founders’ radar. (That’s an anachronism, the Founders had no radar either, lol.)


  8. Jeff, the current incumbent president has done more damage to the teachings of Christianity than he could ever solve by a few conservative judges. Unfortunately, that damage extends to the US relationships with the rest of the world and the divisions promoted within our borders. The “chosen one” ought to at least be in some proximity to a purpose filled life that is espoused, not one where ego-centric thinking, bullying, lying, corruptive activities are part and parcel with a modus operandi. I also mention a past of philandering and sexual misconduct that is not inconsequential in number.

    Many people do not have a “fixer” like Michael Cohen to fix problems caused by the client. Cohen was kept on for years for a reason. As the adage says, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” And, we should not forget Mr. Cohen’s words under oath in front of Congress – “Donald Trump is a racist, he is a con-artist and he is a cheat.” Call me crazy, but that does not seem to identify a chosen one to me.


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    1. Very true Keith. And let’s not forget something else that Cohen said. If he loses the election, he will NOT accept the results. I wonder what would happen if that were the case. Do you think McConnell and Lindsay Graham would have the spine to call for him to step down?
      What’s hard to believe is that we actually have to wonder whether a sitting president will abide by the rules and norms that every other one in history has abided by. We should not discount Mr. Cohen’s words. If we do, we do so at our own peril!


      1. Jeff, well before Trump, I identified McConnell and Harry Reid on the Dem side as the poster children of what is wrong with Washington. Graham has thrown his dignity in the trash can after John McCain died. It is truly sad to how he has much of a Trump toadie he has become.

        Trump does not handle losing or criticism well, so Cohen may be right. Keith

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      2. I hope we at least get that point Keith. Not the part about him refusing to concede…just the part about defeating him!


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