With Trump, there’s always a tweet

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Happy New Year everyone!


Trump Obama Iran Tweet

There’s always a tweet.

As 2019 drew to a close, the Middle East reared its ugly head, as it usually does for every American president. And one of the big questions going forward in 2020 is how President Trump will navigate the eternally troubled waters of the region.

In the last 48 hours, several hundred protestors rushed the American Embassy in Baghdad, in response to an airstrike by the U.S. military on an Iranian-backed militia group on Sunday. For now, the situation seems to have stabilized, as security personnel fired tear gas and rubber bullets to keep the protestors at bay. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper announced that an additional 750 troops are heading to the Middle East as a precautionary measure.

Trump’s tweet above, from 2012, shows how private-citizen Trump never waisted a moment to tweak or criticize the former president. I find it ironic, though, that Trump is now facing some of those very same issues that confronted Obama in 2012. But of course, there’s a significant difference. He enters the 2020 presidential campaign as being the only Commander in Chief ever to be impeached during his first term.

So now we have a president who’s poll numbers are low. Plus, he’s awaiting an impeachment trial in the Senate. I’ll do President Obama a favor here so that he will not have to tweet to Trump, what Trump tweeted to Obama: Beware, Trump’s poll numbers are low, and he’s an impeached president– watch for a massive airstrike on Iran.

It’s funny how things come full circle. Remember the ‘Obama golfs all the time, I would never do such a thing because I’ll be too busy’ mantra? We know how that’s played out. The guy is perpetually on a golf course somewhere, costing American taxpayers millions. Reports are that he was on Trump International Golf Course near Mar-a-Lago for about an hour when things started to get sticky in Iraq. I wonder what hole he was on? Oh well, he’s already making up for it today.

But all sarcasm aside, we do need to pay attention to what’s going on with Iran. The rhetoric seems to be inching up several notches in recent days. Trump, believe it or not, has shown a propensity for restraint as it pertains to the Middle East, at least in the first three years of his presidency. But with his reelection on the line this year, is it out of the realm of possibility that he would get us involved militarily with Iran?

Nothing should, or will surprise us when it comes to this president. If his back is against the wall, he’s capable of just about anything. We know there’s probably an indictment or two awaiting him if he fails to win reelection this year. It’s why in his mind, everything is on the table.

We know he’ll cheat. They caught him red-handed already. But it won’t matter because he’s likely to survive in the Senate. An emboldened president should be feared, especially one who has autocratic and dictatorial tendencies.

The truth is, Trump’s been lucky so far. He hasn’t had to deal with any significant catastrophes, especially on the foreign policy front. How much longer will his luck hold out, however? Several hot spots are percolating in the world as we speak. We’ve heard Chairman Kim of North Korea bombastically proclaim a major missile test is imminent. There are massive protests in Hong Kong going on. And, there’s the Middle East. There’s always the Middle East.

We can never forget that Trump’s Republican predecessor created the current problem in Iraq. Perhaps the most significant foreign policy blunder since Vietnam, the invasion of Iraq, and subsequent removal of Sadaam Hussein created a vacuum that Iran was more than happy to exploit. It’s been said that removing Hussein was like popping the cork on a bottle of champaign: instead of bubbly though, it was hundreds of years of religious and ethnic animosity that spilled over. Obama had to deal with the aftermath; now it’s Trump’s turn.

I wish we wouldn’t have to spill another drop of American blood over there. But I know it’s wishful thinking. As with nearly everything Obama did during his two terms in office, Trump seems hell-bent on reversing it all. The Iran nuclear deal, which Trump opted out of, was supposed to serve as a catalyst for future peace. It was supposed to keep the nuclear issue off the table for several years, with strict inspections and goals for compliance. Whatever diplomacy and leverage we may have had, has all but dissipated, thanks to Trump’s insatiable desire to render Obama’s legacy worthless.

And now we have a petty, desperate president in charge. No, not the man Trump referred to in the 2012 tweet. Never for a minute did I think Obama would do such a thing to pump up his reelection bid. But now, all bets are off. What happens is anyone’s guess.

If anything that’s transpired over the past three years told us, it’s that this president is capable of anything — yes, even bombing another country to enhance his reelection. Just remember, there’s always a tweet.















  1. Hey Jeff! Good post … you covered many bases here! I have just finished a post about the situation between Trump & Iran, and I will link your post to mine, as they are along the same lines. Time for us to get back in the saddle, eh? Enough of this holiday stuff! Good work, as always!

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  2. Question: If America is at war, will an election still be held? Didn’t FDR remain in power a third term because of World War II? If Trump declares war on Iran in October this year, can he declare martial law at home?

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    1. Wow, I don’t think that’s possible rawgod. But, we’ve never had a president like this before, so, who knows what he’s capable of? FDR kept getting reelected because nothing kept him from doing so. After he died, a Constitutional Amendment was approved that said a POTUS could only serve two terms. That’s the way it’s been ever since. With Trump though, the Constitution seems to be an inconvenience. I sure hope it doesn’t come to your scenario…..

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      1. I’m afraid it is his actions that led me to wonder. I thought that two-term rule was an old one. Being as it is a recent addition, I can definitely see Trump challenging it, as early as this year. This is more frightening than I knew.

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      2. Sadly, Jeff, I believe it is possible, though I will do some further research this afternoon. But I do know that there are situations under which he can choose to postpone an election. You’re right about FDR, though … he got re-elected and I think it was a good thing … he made some bad mistakes, but overall he was a good president and his legacy is more positive than negative. I’ll get back to you on this one … I remember writing about it once before, but cannot remember what I said! Old age, y’know!

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      3. I think both of you are right Jill. He would have to declare a national emergency, or something along those lines….I think. I’ll wait to hear more from you on this

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      4. I still haven’t gotten to this one, in light of last night’s events I got side-tracked, but I’ll get to it tonight or tomorrow. Sigh. The Oaf in the Oval surely does keep us busy!

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  3. Jeff, I don’t pay attention to what the president tweets. Most issues are complex and require multi-faceted solutions, not ones that fit on a bumper sticker. The president’s tweets are like an electronic bumper sticker. They either name-call, denigrate or label someone who dares criticize or whom he can blame for something that goes wrong. Or, he is patting himself on the back even for things he had no hand in or to take too much credit.

    A leadership consultant I worked with said the following – a true leaders deflects credit to others and assumes blame even when it is not due. Think Harry Truman saying the “buck stops here” versus the current incumbent saying “it is not my fault.” The other thing is when people name-call or label it means there argument is poor.

    Please think of these two things when you read Trump’s tweets. Keith

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    1. I get it Keith. I agree with you. I generally could care less what the man tweets. I was more or less pointing out the hypocrisy that comes out of his mouth every day. You can’t believe any of his words from day to day, hour to hour.
      My main point though, is that this man WILL do anything to get reelected, which would include provoking Iran into a war. That should concern all of us.

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  4. Agreed. He would even betray his country’s interests like he did with Ukraine or by publicly agreeing with Putin over his own intelligence people. Even if people think “betray” is too strong a word, what he did in Ukraine and Helsinki were just plain wrong.

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    1. Yep, and his supporters toss it aside like it’s nothing. If it were a Dem though who did those things? They’d be leading the charge to get that POTUS out of office…fast!


  5. It’s so sad for me to read your on-target post and all the cogent responses ( I have my doubts about the third term via martial law, but with this Supreme Court, who knows)—and to consider all the illegal and dastardly things this man has done —and then to try to comprehend that so many people are eager to see him re-elected in crucial states.
    But I’m not really worried about a third trump term because I fear that our republic may not survive a second trump term. And if Bernie—who I hope remains healthy—is the nominee, I fear we may have a disaster for the Democrats.
    But I try to remain optimistic—and to deal with my anger and fear and help others deal with theirs. I think it’s so important that we are upbeat as we face this tough year. For that reason, I am taking the liberty of providing the link to my most recent post, which WP failed to include in the Reader until I realized and called it to their attention.
    Sometimes, I find myself having to reboot away from politics so I can be fortified for the months ahead. I know others feel the same.

    Here’s to a surprisingly positive 2020!


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    1. Thanks Annie. Excellent post by you. You know, if there’s a way to make us a little less stressed in life, I’m all for it. Some of the things you talk about in your post are doable. It stinks that so many of us can’t relax properly. I’m one of them. I tell myself to start meditating more, or doing some breathing exercises, but I never do it.
      I’ll say this, since I retired from my full time job of 28 years in 2016, my stress level definitely went way down. When you add the stress of the job to every day life, it’s tough. Anyway, thanks for the wonderful and thought-provoking post. We all need to chill, do we not?
      As for the politics, I do worry about Trump getting reelected. I keep telling myself that there’s still a good 10-11 months left till election day. So much can happen until then. I don’t know that Bernie will be the nominee. I still think it’s going to be Biden. It doesn’t thrill me or excite me…but I’ll support him hard…real hard. And if it is Bernie? I’ll support him as well. It’s not going to be easy, no matter who it is. There I go….now I’m stressed just thinking about it! LOL

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  6. Thanks; I’m pleased that you liked the post.
    We HAVE to support whoever wins the nomination, period! And just hope that enough people feel the same. I am willing to work hard to try to make that happen.
    But will those disaffected because their candidate didn’t win do the right thing for the sake of our country—realizing they don’t have the luxury of sitting this one out or voting for a third party candidate? Excuse me: I must go do some deep breathing yet again!

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    1. I deal with it every day when I go on Twitter Annie. People are already saying they won’t support this person or that. If their candidate isn’t the one, many of them say they will sit out the election. I confront them on it. I say, President Trump thanks you for his reelection. I just don’t get it. I guess they haven’t learned any lessons from 2016? UGHHHH….Yep, breath deep!!

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  7. I’m not surprised, but it’s so disheartening. It seems that people would rather see the country destroyed than face reality and give a little. Look for Tulsi Gabbard to run as a third party candidate. I wish some enterprising investigative reporter would delve into her monetary sources and associations.
    But keep up the good fight on Twitter! Does anyone ever respond to that comment?

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    1. Sometimes they respond. One guy even said he’s not scared if we got another 4 years of Trump. We’ve had worse, according to him. In other words, he’d be ok with that, rather than him voting for Warren or Sanders….and he says he’s a Democrat. There’s a lot of Sanders/Hillary stuff still smoldering out there too. I think it’s all a bunch of B.S….Get over it, for crying out loud, right?

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