Happy Holidays!

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The bumpy road of democracy is about to get even bumpier in 2020. To all of you who stop by On The Fence Voters, I want to say thanks from the bottom of my heart and wish all of you a wonderful and safe holiday season.

And please remember this: we’ve survived a civil war, two world wars, a Great Depression, and countless other tragedies throughout America’s long road to that ever elusive perfect union.

We will survive HIM!




    1. Thanks Brendan. No, I do not know where that photo was taken. Sorry about that. I saw it and instantly loved it. Someone sent it to my wife on Facebook. It’s a mystery!

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  1. Thank you, Jeff! I absolutely love the picture … I sat and stared at it for a full five minutes! Wishing you and your family the Happiest of Holidays! And, I’m looking forward to working with you in the new year! 🎄

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    1. It’s in our hands; whether we’re activists or not, we’ve got to resolve to support candidates (a small contribution is fine), communicate with our members of Congress, and consider organizations like All on the Line (anti-gerrymandering: Eric Holder and Barack Obama); ACLU; Wirld War Zero (climate change—John Kerry and others,) etc.

      Happy New Year/decade. We can do this—and we must!3

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  2. A very beautiful picture! I suspect that the bumpier road in 2020 will also contain many deep potholes. The immediate future seems dismal at best, let us hope that by November 3rd we are riding on the smooth highway of success and happiness. Happy Holidays to you! Thank-you for your many illuminating and thought provoking posts.

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    1. You’re very kind Ellen, and thank you for taking the time to read them. I’m all-in for 2020. Yes, it’s going to be crazy. I don’t even want to think of a scenario where he’s still in office in 2021. It’s possible, obviously. It’s so important to pick the right candidate, though. Let’s hope that happens!! I’d love to see an absolute landslide victory. It’s the only way to shut them up for good. Fingers crossed!!


  3. Jeff, things have been worse. Things have been better. Roger from the UK helps me keep it in perspective. Our democracy is still quite young. The UK has had to suffers its share of fools and has made it this far.

    With that said, we need to shine spotlights on courage and decency. There are and will be courageous people who speak truth to power. Senator Lisa Murkowski is calling Senator Mitch McConnell on the carpet for working with the defense in the impending impeachment trial. She is on the side of the Angels.

    Decency matters. We must demand our leaders to be our better angels not our worst demons. Per conservative David Brooks, decency is not a trait that you think of when you hear the name Trump. He also called Trump’s remarks about the deceased Congressman John Dingell “repulsive.” They were. Who does that?

    The other wish is we need to ask people “why” questions? Like, if the infamous phone call was so perfect, then “why” did people try to hide it? This is a Tom Cruise/ Jack Nicholson type question. Mick Mulvaney already told us we can’t handle the truth and should “get over it.”

    Have a great holiday and new year. Keith

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    1. Same to you Keith! Look forward to the year ahead. I’ve enjoyed your posts, and will continue to interact with you as we embark on a perilous journey in 2020.
      Decency absolutely matters. It’s not all about the economy. Yes, it’s going well right now, but you and I know there are troubles ahead. The deficit is a trillion bucks, and counting. The debt is continuing to explode. Poverty is still rising in several counties in America. We’ve got work to do my friend. First things first, is to get rid of the guy at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. After that, the healing can begin. The Dems, I hope, will not blow this in 2020. We need to beat him, badly. Instantly, decency would return to the White House, our allies will begin to trust us again, and we can shore up our health care system, strive for a fairer tax code, comprehensive immigration reform, and so many other things. We’ve GOT to do this!

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