Personal Destruction-The Trump Doctrine

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Lisa Page has had enough. The former FBI employee, forced to resign due to the current President and his cult’s rampant character assassination, decided to tell her side of the story finally. Once again, another person’s life and career—ruined by Trump and his rabid base of followers. It’s a long list, and they’re adding to it all the time.

Page, a lawyer and former special counsel to then-Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe(he’s on the list), worked on the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails during the 2016 campaign, then transitioned into looking into the possibility of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.

Eventually, Trump’s abrupt firing of FBI Director Jim Comey led to an investigation by the DOJ Inspector General’s Office into Page’s so-called ‘political’ text messages. The texts were then maliciously released to the public, even though the DOJ assured Page it wouldn’t happen.

The text messages that have garnered all the publicity are the ones between her and former FBI agent Peter Strzok(on the list too), with whom she had an affair. Page denies that any of the texts were overtly political, nor were they a violation of the Hatch Act, which prohibits most federal employees from engaging in pernicious political activities.

It hasn’t kept the right-wing media, or Trump, for that matter, from systematically calling her character into question. It wasn’t just the hit job that Trump and his friends have waged on her that’s caused so much harm. The fact that the DOJ released the texts and the FBI refused to offer up any support have also left Page feeling abandoned by the people she so diligently served for several years.

Despite all of the negative comments and destruction of her character, she’s remained silent—until now, that is. She’s given a detailed account of her side of the story in a piece by Molly Jong-Fast in the Daily Beast, which you can read here.

According to Page, it was Trump’s demeaning fake orgasm riff that he did at one of his rallies that finally pushed her over the edge. That and the fact that she had left DOJ nearly two years ago convinced her that now was the time to fight back.

Note: Yes, a sitting President of the United States did do a sort of fake orgasm riff in front of thousands of people.

That’s right; she was forced to leave DOJ. She tried to stay on but realized the atmosphere had become too toxic. Another long-time government public servant ridiculed and banished because she had the nerve to say or do something the current President determines as being disloyal to him. Or, as was the case with Ambassador Maria Yovanovitch, she was in the way of his selfish political goals. I wrote about the Ambassador here.

The President discards people at will. What happens to them afterword is of no concern for him. But the fact is, people are hurt, and lives are ruined, not to mentioned feeling threatened by the lunatic fringe of Trump supporters and sycophants. We get a real sense of how the whole thing affected Page when she was asked in the interview if it feels like a trauma:

It is. I wouldn’t even call it PTSD because it’s not over. It’s ongoing. It’s not a historical event that is being relived. It just keeps going. I mean, he tweeted about me four days ago. When Roger Stone got convicted, he asked, why isn’t Page in jail too? Not to mention, you know, his truly reprehensible, degrading stunt at his rally, in which he used my name to simulate an orgasm. And I don’t ever know when the President’s going to attack next. And when it happens, it can still sort of upend my day. You don’t really get used to it.”

And on cue, yesterday the President went off on Page again in a tweet questioning the “insurance policy” her and her “lover” Strzok talked about in the texts.

He can’t help himself.

All the more troubling is the continued support he gets from the Republican Party and his base of supporters. The politics of personal destruction is now the official sanctioned tactic of one of the two political parties in America. When I brought up the smear campaign leveled against Ambassador Yovanovitch on Twitter, some of the MAGA crowd derided me about my “hurt feelings.” “Too bad,” they said.

So in other words, who cares? These people are not Trump loyalists, so they deserve what they get. Isn’t that what the implication is? A person’s career, physical well-being, or family all come in second. It’s either divine adherence to their great leader, or suffer the consequences. I’m sorry, these people are nuts.

I do not know Lisa Page, nor did I know anything about her until this President decided to make her famous. She didn’t want any of this. Yet now, she can’t even ride the subway without wondering if someone in a MAGA hat might be lurking somewhere.

One of the most unwritten downsides of the Trump presidency is how this will affect people in the future who may have considered public service as a career. Why in the hell would you want to subject yourself to this kind of crap? Ms. Page and others who’ve been ruined by this President thought they were doing something worthwhile. They were loyal to their employer–the federal government of the United States– and more importantly, to the Constitution.

That’s not enough for the MAGA crowd. It’s certainly not enough to the President himself. If you whisper a disparaging word or tell the truth for heaven’s sake, you’re painted forever as a deep state hack trying to take down the President of the United States in a coup de tat.

Is this America, or a banana republic? Sometimes, I wonder.

One more thing

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the upcoming DOJ IG report, due to be released next week. Multiple reports, including from The New York Times, are saying that the findings will, in effect, clear the FBI of any wrongdoing in how they conducted investigations into Trump and his campaign- including Lisa Page and her, ahem, “lover” Peter Strzok.

Of course, the report hasn’t been released yet, so we’ll see what it says. If true, this will again throw cold water on the narrative that the FBI was out to get the President. How many times have we heard him and his minions tout this report as the one that’s going show us all how badly the FBI treated him? As usual, nothing they say is credible. Nothing.

And, if Rachel Maddow was correct last night, it’s also being reported that Attorney General Bill Barr is planning a prebuttal, much like the one he did before the Mueller Report was released. He’ll purportedly pronounce his overall disagreement with the report’s findings. Of course, Barr will do that, because that’s what the President of the United States will want him to do. After all, he is the President’s attorney, right? Oh wait, that’s the soon to be indicted, Rudy Giuliani. Never mind.


  1. I never remember a leading political figure of either party showing such malice—primarily, I might add—to those who pose no threat to him. And where are the leaders of the Grand Old Party—not to mention the “trump is ordained by God” Evangelicals—when the President is performing his bizarre
    antics at his rallies and hoping for wide
    TV coverage? “Children, time to go to bed now! Right now!”

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    1. I know Annie. My hope is that we destroy them in 2020. Take over all three branches of Congress, pass a bunch of good legislation, and move the country forward. Then, maybe…and it’s a BIG maybe, the GOP will come to it’s senses and change course. They keep sinking lower and lower however. Their tacit silence is a disgrace. Hard to believe.

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      1. the GOP will come to it’s senses … Surely you jest!

        I can put no faith in such an event. If the power were to change, they would simply go into hiding and plan their next “coup.”

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  2. Good post, Jeff! I wonder if Mr. William Barr’s knees are rubbed raw yet from all the boot-licking, or if his back has permanent kinks from all the bowing and bending? I watched that particular clip of Trump’s rally and what disgusted me most was the cheers he got from the audience with every sentence he uttered. I am disgusted by 40% of the people in this nation, some of whom I once called ‘friend’.

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    1. Thank you Jill, and thanks for reblog. Yes, Barr is complicit…Nunes is complicit…Gym Jordan is complicit…..all of them. There’s so much corruption, they can’t keep up.
      On another note, I just saw Adam Schiff’s press conference on the release of the Intelligence Committee’s report. He was so good. On point-calm and cool as always. Methodically, and point by point telling the American people that this president has got to be held to account. He had some choice words for his fellow R colleagues as well. Hmmmmm, the orange one called Schiff deranged today. Really? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!!

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      1. Y’know, Jeff … we’re not hearing much about the OSU sex scandal of which Jim Jordan was apparently complicit, are we? I wonder why that is? Seems to me, this is as good a time as any to really play it up in the media … Jim Jordan, that man who is shamelessly licking the boots of Donnie Trump, knew that athletes at the University were being sexually abused and … did nothing. He. Did. Nothing. A fine, upstanding member of our illustrious Congress, wouldn’t you say? Maybe it’s time for us to open a few doors and do some shouting?

        I didn’t see Schiff’s press conference, but will go in search of it after I get caught up on comments here. The more I see of him, the more he impresses me. He seems to be everything that Trump is NOT. I did hear that Trump had called him ‘deranged’, and like you, I thought … LOOK WHO”S TALKING! When in your lifetime have you heard a president speak in such a manner about even his fiercest enemies? I never have. Sigh.

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      2. He’s the ultimate “projector” in chief. Always refer to your opponent to that which you are yourself. That’s him Jill. Everybody knows it.
        I don’t know how much I can bare to watch in Judiciary’s hearings. All of his clowns are there…Jordan…Goetz…Meadows…Gohmert. The circus continues. They make me ill, frankly. I really wish Schiff was in charge of this committee as well. He would not put up with any of their crap. Nadler? He’s not Schiff. Hate to say it. Maybe he will rise to the occasion. So far though…not impressed. We’ll see…..

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      3. Only thing I might disagree with is “everybody knows it”, for it seems that his base of about 40% are still living in that fog or haze where they believe he is operating in their best interests, and they stick their fingers in their ears when we try to tell them the truth. Sigh.

        I didn’t have the chance to watch any of it, but saved it to view later. Sadly, now it is 2:00 a.m. and I still have nearly 50 comments to respond to, one more “must-do” email, and so I won’t likely get to it tonight. Well, tomorrow is another day, right? I did hear from a friend, though, that it actually went pretty well. I also read that Nunes made an a$$ of himself. Surprise, eh?

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      4. No surprise here Jill. I’d expect nothing less from that clown. As for the “must-do” email? I read it and I will respond to you. Looks like I’m going to have a flu to deal with the next few days! Ugghhhh. So, when I come back to “life” I’ll get back to you. Much appreciated…and I think we’re on the right track!

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  3. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    Never in my 68 years have I heard a president of this country mock and name-call people in the way that Donald Trump does. His demeanor is that of a 13-year-old spoiled brat, certainly not that of a ‘man’ holding the highest office in a nation of 330 million people. He uses and tramples people, and who knows how many lives he has ruined with his targeted rancor. One of those people is former attorney for the FBI, Lisa Page, who has waited two years to tell her side of the story. Thanks to our friend Jeff for writing a post about Ms. Page and what she has gone through.


  4. Jeff, it is never the fault of Donald Trump – he attests people just don’t like him or people are part of a deep state or liberal media or Democrat Party – it cannot be his fault he is so untruthful, bullying, chaotic, impatient or unfaithful. Just ignore that Michael Cohen had a full time job fixing things.

    The other sad truth not realized until it is too late, those who protect the president and do his machinations ruin their reputations – Senator John Kennedy has embarassed himself with his Ukraine sophistry which was refuted yet again today under oath. Barr, Graham, Giuliani, Sondland are learning the lessons now. Nunes is even worse as he has clearly done unethical and hyper-political things and is mentioned in the House Intelligence report with significant contact with Giuliani and one of the people on trial. Keith

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    1. How many people are going to go down for him? At some point Keith, I have to think the chickens will come home to roost for him. Eventually, a criminals luck runs out. He’s avoided ever being held to account his entire life. At least, if things keep proceeding as planned, he will have the stain of impeachment on him. It’s not the same as removal, obviously. But only two presidents before him have that stain-Nixon’s resignation notwithstanding. For now, it’s all we can hope for. It’s worth it, as far as I’m concerned.


      1. Jeff, he is like the uncovered queen in the last Lara Croft movie. She was entombed to avoid causing a plague on people. Seemingly everyone he touches will be harmed. The Louisiana and South Carolina senators are shaming their country and party with their sycophancy and sophistry. Sophistry is my newly adopted word – sophistry is the use of fallacious arguments, especially with the intention of deceiving – “trying to argue that I had benefited in any way from the disaster was pure sophistry”

        Please feel free to use when appropriate. Keith

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      2. Thanks Keith. Yes, already today I heard one of them rail about previous presidents who’ve done wrong, but were not impeached. That appears to be their basic line of defense: Ok, we didn’t really like what he did…but, it’s not impeachable…just look at all the others who we didn’t impeach. It’s all they have Keith.


      3. Jeff, so true. I felt poorly about the professor who made the joke with Barron’s name. That was inappropriate and she apologized, but that will be used as she does not like Trump.

        In part they are right about other presidents, but in a large part they are wrong. As an independent voter and former Republican, Donald Trump is the most untruthful and corrupt president in my lifetime, including Nixon. Bill Clinton has never been able to keep his Johnson under control and lied under oath. But, at least he testified. Trump is not permitted as he does not know the truth (it has little currency), so he would lie under oath out of modus operandi.

        Reagan committed an impeachable offense with the Iran Contra affair and lied to the American people He later admitted such. If Oliver North had not taken the fall, Reagan could have been impeached. VP Dick Cheney ordered Scooter Libby to out a CIA operative Valerie Plame to discredit her husband who did not find WMDs, the reason we invaded Iraq. Libby goes to jail, but his boss Karl Rove and Cheney did not, but Rove admitted later he knew.

        Trump has done many questionable things on top of his normal behavior. Exploiting a country for personal gain, running shadow diplomacy with unvetted people, cover up both, and obstructing justice is wrong on all levels. We cannot have a president acting in this manner.


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      4. You bring up good points Keith. Yes, we’ve had ‘scoundrel’ presidents in the past, who’ve managed to escape impeachment for various reasons. The problem I have with the Republican Party now though, is do you even think these guys have read anything in that report? I bet most of them haven’t. And the Senate is already a nullified jury in a sense. They’ve already made up their minds. And for that, we should all be angry….really angry.

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      5. Jeff, many have said they did not read it, but I am quite certain someone did and briefed them. If they are able to discredit the process, then they argue they can ignore the hard truth. Michael Cohen said under oath “Donald Trump is a racist, he is a con-artist and he is a cheat.” But, they chose not to hear that part as he had lied before (but that was to protect Trump). The fact Cohen’s comments are corrobotated by other sources does not seem to matter. Keith

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