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With news coming at us at blinding speed, it’s tempting to do a rant on HIM today. I’m not going to do it, though. There will be plenty of time for that in the coming weeks. We have turbulent waters ahead, and it’s going to take all of us to stay focused so that we can exile the current President of the United States to one of his failing properties. We cannot allow the man to win a second term.

But today, I’d like to veer in another direction. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and well, I’d like to take the time to give thanks.

When my long-time pal Greg, aka Ohio Realist, called to ask if I’d be interested in doing this project in early 2018, I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

Both of us had remained in contact with each other after I moved to the West Coast in 2004. We’re very much in line politically and had always touched base to discuss the latest goings-on in the political world. But something changed in February of ’18. The horrific mass shooting at the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school was the final straw.

In Greg’s call, he said the following words to me, “Jeff, I’m sick of this. I’ve got to do something!Do something! He was right. Instead of lamenting and complaining to each other about the dangerous and troubling move to the right by the Republican Party and the corrupt influence of the NRA, how about we try to affect positive change through our words? Thus, On The Fence Voters began.

For that, I’m so thankful to Greg for giving me the final push I needed. I’d wanted to do this for a long time, but I always postponed it for one reason or the other. Finally, I have a platform to discuss and debate the things that are so important to me.

I want a better, less violent society. I want the earth I inhabit protected from the greedy fossil fuel companies, who only see profit as their ultimate goal. I don’t know about you, but I want cleaner air and water. In our two-party political party system, one party doesn’t seem to care about that. I will continue to hold them to account.

Our whole system is corrupt, and I want it not to be corrupt; we need to get big money out of our politics; we need a better and fairer way of electing our politicians. There’s so much on our plate, and while I won’t be on this earth for too many more years, I want to do what I can to help that “perfect union” our Founders wrote about come to fruition. Or, at the very least, move the country in that direction. It won’t be easy.

Finally though, and most importantly, I want to thank every last one of you who follow this blog. In this day and age, with social media and other avenues available to explore political discussion and debate, I appreciate the time you take to read and comment on our posts. I can promise you that I will never take that for granted.

We’ve got a lot of work to do, but I want you to know I’m in this fight for the long haul. Occasionally, you may see a few non-political things in this space. While we’re certainly a political blog through and through, sometimes life itself has a way of interjecting itself in ways that I, or Greg, may want to share. As we say in our ‘About’ section, we’re continually evolving. It rang true when we started, and it still rings true today.

For the foreseeable future, most of the posts you see will be from yours truly. Greg is dealing with some real-life issues, but I do expect him back in the game at some point. We’re always in touch with each other, and he’s chomping at the bit to contribute. For now, though, I’m keeping the light on for him until he’s ready.


These two guys are my buddies. That’s Ben on the left, Jack on the right. They make my days so much better. From them and myself, to all of you: Happy Thanksgiving!

We can do this!


  1. What a perfect post for this Thanksgiving Eve, my friend! My most sincere hope today is that next year at this time we will be celebrating the end of the Reign of Trump. Ben and Jack, by the way, have captured my heart! You know I’m a sucker for critters! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Jeff.

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    1. Thank you Jill. Thanks for reblog, and thanks for all you do. Looking forward to working with you this year and next. Yes, the turkey will go down so much better next year, if his big butt has been handily defeated. You and I are going to help make that happen!
      Ben and Jack? Ben is 11, Jack is about 5, we think. Both are rescues-Ben from a shelter-Jack we found hanging out by our community when we lived in SoCal about 4 years ago. Someone dumped him there, obviously. Can you believe that? I just don’t get people sometimes Jill.
      Ben, we’ve had since he was a puppy. I don’t even want to think what it will be like without him someday. I hope we have him around for a long time to come. I get sad when I think otherwise. Both of them are awesome, and we’re so lucky to have them!
      I hope you have a wonderful and peaceful Thanksgiving tomorrow. We’ve got a lot of work to do over the next several months! We need our strength so eat, drink, and be hopeful! Take care Jill….

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      1. Ahhhh … something else you and I have in common … rescues! Our cats … only 5 now, though at one time there were 10 … are all rescues. A few years back, we rescued Oliver and Pandora from the trash dumpster at the end of our street, where somebody had dumped them. And one was dumped on our street. They all have a sad history, and each has special problems, some physical, some emotional, but we give them a good home with tons of love (and an occasional threat 😉 ) Yes, people can be cruel. We think of the kitties as family members who just happen to have fur, but far too many people see them as something put her for their pleasure, and when it becomes ‘inconvenient’, they are just disposed of. 😦

        I will have a wonderful Thanksgiving, but it will likely be anything but peaceful! Still, fun! Happy Day to you and yours!

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      2. Good for you Jill. Yes, cruelty knows no bounds, it seems. That’s just a dumpster? Awful, just awful.
        I think you mentioned before how you like animals better than most people. I could not agree more. Have a great T-Day!

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      3. A friend … mostly former friend … had a beautiful St. Bernard, named Chassis (because she was as big as an engine chassis). She loved the dog and it was the sweetest dog you’d ever hope to meet. I still have pictures of her. Said friend had a baby. She decided that she no longer had time for Chassis. I would happily have taken her, even in my little house, but … she didn’t bother to mention it, just took her and had her put to sleep. 😥


  2. Hello Jeff. Happy Thanksgivings and a wonderful weekend for you and yours. Both Ben and Jack look grand and so thoughtful. Wonder what things they were pondering? Maybe what Thanksgiving dinner would be like? Hugs

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  3. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    Our friend Jeff takes this opportunity to tell us a little bit about how & why he and Greg started On the Fence Voters, and what direction they plan for the coming year. I am looking forward to working with Jeff on a project or two in the coming months … thank you, Jeff!

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  4. This post is a wonderful example of why I love this blog so much Jeff. I haven’t been following you long, but I know I can come here for thoughtful, informative posts by two guys who feel the same way I do. I hope everything gets cleared up for Greg quickly, and in the meantime I have no doubt you’ll carry on brilliantly. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Fingers crossed that next year we’ll really be popping the champagne corks!🤗

    BTW, your fur babies are adorable!🥰

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    1. Thank you Kim. Those are some really kind words. I’m so happy you’re with us now. I can promise you that I’m as engaged as I’ve ever been when it comes to politics/democracy issues. The year ahead will test our patience, that’s for sure. But, HE needs to be exposed, as does the political party that so blindly follows him. That’s what I’m here for. And yes, Greg will be back. I’m confidant of that. For now’s full steam ahead!
      Btw, thanks for the compliment on the pups. I have to admit, they’re pretty damn cute! LOL Happy Thanksgiving Kim!

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  5. Jeff,
    We certainly are on the same wave length, fighting for the same positive changes in our sad nation. I greatly appreciated this post, and I’m very glad we’ve connected.

    Your pups are adorable. I have written about my severe dog deprivation quite recently and am in full lobbying mode with my husband. I believe I am making headway.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

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    1. Thanks Annie…and to you and your family as well!
      Keep on the hubby….Geez, it’s hard to imagine not having them in our lives. They add so much. We took them on a long hike yesterday. Totally wore them out. Both of them live for those walks/runs. And, it keeps them healthy. That’s the goal too. We want them around a long time!
      Have a great T-day KIm….thanks for engaging and following. I’m ready for year ahead, and I know you are as well. Can’t wait to read more from you!

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      1. That’s one thing I miss … the walks. My little mutt (Mini-Schnauzer mix) injured her spine about five years ago (tried to jump on the sofa in our motorhome, slipped and fell, and landed wrong). She was TOTALLY incapacitated for about 2-3 months — but with LOTS of TLC and physical therapy, she’s able to walk now … albeit she’s definitely crippled. Her left side doesn’t work well and she’s struggles to get around. But she’s happy!!

        Our other dog is more my other-half’s dog … and although both she and he are more than capable of walking, he’d rather play ball with her than take walks (which would do BOTH of them good).

        Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Happy Turkey Day!

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      2. Thanks Nan. Same to you and you’re family. You know the old saying…happy wife, happy life? That is true. But it’s also correct to say…happy pets…happy life, as well. Works for me!

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  6. Wishing you guys well in your efforts.
    Over here the indications are that despite the fact Boris Johnson is untrustworthy and his senior lieutenants are wealthy, insufferably arrogant and detached form the ordinary trials of life The Conservative Party will win the General Election (mind you they couldn’t have done it without the inadvertent help of the Opposition Labour Party, but that is another story).
    This is a bitter pill to swallow, however the saga will be far from over. History is littered with outfits or people in seemingly unassailable positions at one stage only to be flat out within a few years.
    Let us all resolve never to give up, if it is only in small day to day ways.
    This is an age of small folk of little worth propelled by the fears of people who will eventually learn their mistakes.

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    1. Thanks Roger. Good to hear from you, and good luck as well. You know, I don’t know much about Johnson, but he appears to be a slightly more intelligent version of Trump. Is that accurate?

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      1. At the risk of appearing to be praising the man he is a far better educated, eloquent and in some circles of society more intelligent man than the fellow who occupies the Whitehouse.
        That said, Johnson is self-centred, elitist, serially unfaithful, of weak character when it comes to true pressure, insensitive and an opportunist, thus you can see the similarity between the two.
        I imagine when Johnson attends a dinner party he is quick with a series of jibes about Trump.
        But has met his match with Putin, who no doubt cannot believe his luck at having two such easy targets in his sights.

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