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Hint: Not from the President of the United States

Soon out here in the Pacific Northwest, the weekend will officially begin. The wife will come home from work, we’ll crack open a cold IPA and discuss a bit about what happened in Trumpworld today.

I hadn’t planned on weighing in because I didn’t know if I’d have the time. But something occurred to me and I wanted to briefly share it with you.

As you’re hopefully ready to enjoy the upcoming weekend, I’d like to leave you with a word that kept coming into my head as I watched Ambassador Maria Yovanovitch testify today: D E C E N C Y.

Why that word? Simply put, the current President of the United States does not have a lick of it in his body. We see it every day through his tweets or press interactions. We’re nearly three years into his term now and the fact remains: the President is a really, really bad guy. The Ambassador on the other hand, showed us what decency is all about.

Nothing epitomizes the rotten human being he is than his treatment of the former Ambassador of Ukraine. I say former because the President and his cronies, led by Rudy Giuliani, embarked on a systematic and despicable smear campaign to remove her from her post in Ukraine. For no other reason than to further his personal and political interests.

I watched her testimony today and concluded, as I did with Ambassador Taylor and Under Secretary Kent’s on Wednesday, that these individuals are what makes America great. They are what’s good about our country. The President of the United States, is not.

And I then turned my thoughts to what the rest of the country saw today. Let’s just say that about 35% of them do not count because they represent a cult. I know that’s strong language but I know of no other way to describe them.

But the other 65% I believe, are fair and reasonable people. I realize many weren’t able to watch. Others perhaps don’t care. But the ones who did watch saw a lady on the witness stand who was treated like crap by the President of the United States.

They saw intelligence, dignity, patriotism, and many of the same qualities we should want and expect our officials in government to possess. Unfortunately, even while she was testifying, the President couldn’t resist the temptation to publicly attack her on Twitter. Chairman Adam Schiff called it witness intimidation, and I couldn’t agree more.

What happened today gave me hope though. I realize that listening to a lot of the back and forth on much of the so-called ‘inside baseball’ aspect of foreign policy doesn’t resonate with a lot of people. But you know what does? Seeing a valued member of the foreign policy establishment railroaded by a narcissistic President who only cares about himself.

It’s about common decency isn’t it? Most of us know what that is, and most of us expect to be treated fairly. We’ve all had jobs where we may have thought our boss treated us badly. It doesn’t feel good. And to see how this all played out–to see how devastated she was, will go a long way toward moving public opinion in favor of removing this vile man from office.  Again, that’s my hope at least.

At the end of the testimony today Chairman Schiff thanked and dismissed Ambassador Yovanovitch. Soon after, a spontaneous standing ovation began from the crowd that had assembled in the room. I have to admit, I was moved. I’m not going to lie, because I felt the same way. If I were in that room, I would have done the same thing.

And then I saw the look on the faces of the Republican Congress members. You could see they were taken aback by what had just transpired. They know that social media would make the moment viral. All of their attempts to derail the Ambassador failed today. The ovation merely dug the knife in just a little bit more.

That’s all I have today my friends. I hope you all have an excellent weekend. But please remember that what we saw today reminded us that we do have wonderful and decent people working for the American people. Maria Yovanovitch is one of those decent people. It’s too bad that the most powerful person in the world is not.



    Also, not only was she “treated like crap by the President of the United States,” but the Republicans that questioned her did a bang-up job of that as well. Glad to know their efforts were for naught in the eyes of decent people.

    Have a wonderful and relaxing and fun, if the circumstances call for it, weekend!

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    1. I hear you Kim. She deserved it. Because nobody deserves to be treated this way by a sitting president of the United States. But, as you and I know, it’s not surprising. If 35% of the people continue to support him, I have to wonder about their character as well. Tough to say that, but how can we come to any other conclusion?

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      1. Yes, even in his phone call with the Ukrainian president, he referred to her as “the woman.” MIsogyny 101! He could teach the class!

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  2. Thank you Jeff. Yes, Maria Yovanovitch represents the best of America. And Donald Trump represents the worst.

    I did not watch the hearings, but I did watch the highlights. And I felt good about what I was seeing.

    It seemed clear that the Republicans knew that they could not defend Trump’s actions. The best they could do was to attempt to obstruct and obfuscate.

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    1. Thanks Neil. Yes, it’s all they have. The fundamental facts are out there for everyone to see. They look more foolish every day. I’ve said it before so many times…the job they have must be the gold standard, because they’ll do anything to keep it…even blindly following a corrupt/lying president. Crazy!

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  3. I watched the whole thing today and I absolutely agree. She epitomizes decency, integrity, class, intelligence and most of all true patriotism and a love of country.

    Trump is scum. There is simply no other way to put it. His derogatory tweet in the middle of her testimony shows him for what we all know he is.

    His 35% or so cult…well I just have no words for them. It’s an embarrassment that our country has people of that low caliber that walk among us.

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    1. So true Mary. She was merely doing her job, something she’s done for 33 years. And, by all accounts, doing it well. Lots of distinguished awards. But, the president of United States doesn’t give a rat’s you know what. She was in his way. So, instead of just firing her, he had to smear the hell out of her and damage try to damage her impeccable reputation. Despicable behavior by a despicable man.

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  4. Jeff, well said. As Mark Brooks and David Brooks opined today on PBS Newshour, we are seeing it play out in front of us that the corruption we should focus on resides in the White House. Why is the president using shadow diplomacy and denigrating honorable public servants?

    Decency is a word that I would not use to define the US president. Empathy is another I would not use. What was interesting about Shields and Brooks is they also raked Mike Pompeo over the coals. Shields said Pompeo was in the Marines and he knows the troops eat first. For him to not defend his people is “didgraceful.” By the way, that is a word that is top of mind to define the president’s behavior. Keith

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    1. Thanks Keith. Yes, Pompeo’s role in this is deeply troubling. The Ambassador was looking for some back up at the State Dept. Instead, Pompeo watched as Trump/Giuliani besmirched her reputation and forced her out. He has ambitions Keith, far beyond Secretary of State. I can’t imagine how his service under Trump will help him in that regard. I’d like to think he’s finished as a politician. But, you never know these days.

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      1. Jeff, people in leadership who do not defend their people, do so at their own peril. Fear will only get you so far. At some point, people need a leader to follow. Trump and Pompeo have not learned this lesson. Just look at the much higher turnover rate in the White House than earlier administrations. Keith

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      2. Yes, the turnover is beyond troubling Keith. Wouldn’t be surprised if Pompeo runs out the door in the coming days. It’s like the Titantic with this White House.


  5. nice job capturing what a special moment that standing ovation was. I was also impressed by the opening comments by some of the Republican Congressional representatives before they began asking Ambassador Yovanovitch some questions.

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    1. Yes, the R’s were in a really precarious position weren’t they? They had to go easy on her. And, most of them did. The optics were not good for them yesterday. The ovation notwithstanding.

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      1. I watched a Nixon documentary on CNN last night. Even back then, Nixon had his backers. It wasn’t until those tapes came out that many of them finally said: enough! With this crowd of Republicans though, I’m not encouraged. Perhaps a video tape of Trump personally pledging allegiance to Putin? Would that do it? Sigh, I wonder…..

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  6. Also, thanks for the follow! I followed back, and admire your courage in confronting some very serious issues on your blog. We can never have enough awareness!

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  7. I was appalled yet again by the cheeto-in-chief when he started tweeting as Ms. Yovanovitch was testifying…and absolutely thrilled that Mr Schiff spoke of it for what it was..witness intimidation/tampering. The expression on the republican members faces at the end was a victory I think…..maybe they will start acting as if they believe the oath they took. Yes, I am eternally hopeful that they will act as moral human beings instead of the despicable cowardly followers they appear to be.

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  8. On another note … a bit late because I was away from PC!! … Hey!! Thanks for stopping by “It Is What It Is” … and the follow. Hope you enjoy your visits there!! Hugs … Peace!!’ TY …

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    1. well well well, maybe she isn’t such a decent citizen since she lied to congress and to the American people. This will be ignored just like every other piece of evidence that is discovered that goes against the antitrump narrative that everyone is so desperatly holding onto. &feature=em-uploademail


      1. Really Sklawlor? You’re putting something from OAN as a basis for facts? You’ve already lost the argument my friend. Please do better.


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    I’m re-blogging is a bit behind the time if happened … but this was historical!! … “There are wonderful and decent people working for the American people. Maria Yovanovitch is one of those decent people.”


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