Please Mayor Bloomberg, Don’t do it

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Instead, how about an effort to end homelessness?

So now Michael Bloomberg is considering a run for the presidency. Please, Mr. Mayor, do us all a favor and un-consider.

I’m sorry. I’ve had about enough of billionaires with political aspirations. Look, I admire what many of these guys have accomplished in life. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett have donated billions of their fortunes to worthy causes. And Bloomberg himself has donated to many charities. I do not begrudge them for making a ton of money. It’s not their success that turns me off — whining about paying a bit more in taxes? Oh yeah, that does it.

Have we not learned anything at all? The idea that people can dip into their massive fortunes to, in a sense, try to buy themselves into political office is unseemly and just plain wrong. It’s something we need to fix as part of an overall surgical reboot of our inane campaign finance laws. But that’s for another post.

We do have one billionaire already in the race, Tom Steyer, whom I admire him very much. He and Bloomberg, for that matter, are spot-on when it comes to gun safety and the environment. And Steyer has been out front saying he’d be willing to pay more in taxes. But recent reports indicate that he’s already spent a mind-boggling $43 million of his own money running for president. He’s currently polling at about 2% in most polls. That’s not exactly a ringing endorsement of his candidacy.

People are tired of the wealthy and well-connected, using their big bucks to try and gain favor. Currently, over 71% of Democratic voters are happy with the current crop of candidates. That’s a healthy majority if you ask me. We do not need another rich guy, a Wall Street one at that, entering the campaign. And why, exactly, is Bloomberg contemplating a run in the first place?

The word is that he’s not happy with the current candidates. He’s supposedly not convinced any of them can beat Donald Trump. Sorry, I’m not buying it.

Isn’t it ironic that on the heels of Elizabeth Warren announcing her wealth tax to help pay for her Medicare For All proposal, Michael Bloomberg decides he’s actively considering a run? Bloomberg and his ilk are scared out of their minds if Elizabeth Warren ever sniffs the presidency. You hear it from the Wall Street insiders, and the main-stream media loves to point out how the rich aren’t fond of the Senator from Massachusetts.

But, in my view, who gives a damn what these guys think? If I’m not mistaken, some of the same people who helped bring on the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, are trying to tell the rest of us how awful an Elizabeth Warren presidency will be. They nearly wrecked the damn economy because of their greed and corruption, but I’m supposed to listen to them because they know what’s best for the American economy? Give me a break.

Warren understands what these guys do to game the system. And that’s what has them scared. She knows how they’ve taken advantage of the rules, and a significant part of her platform deals with how she’s going to fix it. She’s got specific and detailed plans to do it. That, and taxing their wealth, is what’s driving this train of fear.

Again, to be clear, Bloomberg and Steyer have used much of their money to promote just causes. We should commend them for that. Both of these guys have put their money where their mouths are when it comes to gun safety initiatives and environmental policy.

But there’s so much more they could do. Instead of pouring millions into a run for the presidency, that frankly will not be successful, how about a joint venture to deal with homelessness? Or our deteriorating inner cities? Or our out of balance education system? Wouldn’t money allocated for these pressing issues in our society be money well spent?

I don’t know. Sometimes I think the egos of some of these people get the best of them. Perhaps making all that money isn’t enough anymore. Maybe they need something else to make them feel better when they wake up in the morning. Maybe they see how a ‘fake’ rich guy managed to win the presidency and think they could do better. Hell, who couldn’t do better than what we have now?

Here’s hoping that the former Mayor of New York City decides against a run for president. We don’t need you to do that, Mr. Mayor. What we want you to do is continue fighting for gun safety regulations and a clean environment. And while you’re at it, how about throwing a few billion to fight the homeless problem?

Also, how about vowing to fight hard and make sure Trump never sees another term? How about declaring, as Tom Steyer did, to back whoever the Democrats end up nominating? Again, your vast fortune could do so much to help so many people. And if you help beat Trump, you’re saving democracy as we know it. How can that not be a worthy cause?

I think most of us would agree that whiney billionaires aren’t sympathetic figures. I remember when President Obama had the nerve to call a few of them ‘fat cats’ amid the financial crisis. My God, you’d think he stole their school lunches from them. The outrage from the Wall Street crowd was beyond embarrassing. And just the other day, billionaire Leon Cooperman cried on live TV when confronted with Senator Warren’s plan to slap a wealth tax on him.

I took a walk on the beach the other day and noticed a few tents where some homeless people set up camp. I see them quite a bit down there, and unfortunately, this is their life. They stay for a few days, then off they go somewhere else—another city, another town perhaps. Then I thought of Mr. Cooperman crying about a wealth tax. I thought of Bill Gates not ruling out voting for Trump if Warren was the nominee, apparently worried that she was coming for his $107 billion fortune.

Spare me the self-righteous indignation, please. Excuse my bitterness, but I’m through with these guys. We do not need, nor do we want another billionaire running for president.

Mayor Bloomberg? Thanks, but no thanks.


  1. how about vowing to fight hard and make sure Trump never sees another term?

    And they could do that if they would stop spending money on their own (bound-to-fail) campaign and instead put $$$$ behind one of the candidates! If they don’t like Warren, so be it. Put their money behind Buttigieg … or Harris … or Klobuchar …

    But nooooo. They think their ideas are THE BEST and so they take support away from those who the people want!

    Politics! Brings out the ego in the best of (some) people.

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    1. You said it Nan. The billionaire/millionaire class is so out of touch. You know, even The Founders had an affinity for the well off and powerful. It’s embedded in our culture that these people always know best. You know what? They don’t. There’s 320 million of us. Maybe 600 or so are billionaires. Enough said. It’s time the rest of us have a bigger say. Get the damn $$$$ out of politics and we may have a chance at saving our democracy.

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  2. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    Jeff shocked me today by posting not one, but TWO posts! This one … he speaks for me with every single word. We do NOT need wealthy businessmen running our government … men who have never in their entire lives known what it’s like to have to beg for someone to help you pay the rent, or make a choice between paying the electric bill or taking your sick kid to the doctor! Thank you, Jeff, for this timely and apropos post!

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    1. Thank you Jill!! Right? what’s gotten into me? I think you’re rubbing off on me. Will I tomorrow too? LOL, that’s pushing it….
      Seriously though, thanks for the reblog and enough with these guys already! One billionaire in office is enough….and he’s fake one at that. A little government experience isn’t a bad thing is it? We’re witnessing the ramifications of someone who doesn’t know the Constitution if it hit him in the you know what!

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      1. Heh heh … I imagine that after you watch the impeachment hearings, you may have a need to pound the keyboard and let off some angst! But seriously, both of these posts were well worth sharing, and I was grateful for the opportunity to do so. It helps us both! I think this nation needs someone who understands the Constitution … someone with intellect and integrity … someone who’s skilled in the art of diplomacy and is willing to make sensible compromises when it’s in the best interest of the country. Someone with a calm demeanor rather than a temperamental man-child, and someone who will help heal the great divide in this nation rather than exacerbate it. In other words, the exact opposite of Trump. Now, how hard can that be? We had that person just over three years ago! No, Trump has obviously never read or studied the Constitution … remember when he said the emoluments clause was … fake? Sigh. 😥

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      2. I should add Jill, that Bloomberg does have experience. Being the Mayor of the largest city gives him some cred for sure. But that doesn’t mean we need another billionaire from the business world..especially Wall Street…running things. Like I said to Keith, I’d vote for the guy if he were to win the nomination(he won’t!). I wouldn’t like it…but I’d do it over HIM…any day.

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      3. Oh yes, I definitely agree that he has far more leadership and governmental experience than the Oaf in the Oval! In fact, he’s probably even actually read the U.S. Constitution! But still, I don’t want a billionaire running the country. They simply cannot relate to 99.5% of the people in the nation.

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  3. Hello Jeff. The fact is most of these very wealthy have the same mind set tRump does about how they value a person. The more money a person has the more worthy they are of respect and admiration. tRump doesn’t respect anyone not in the wealthy class, and I am afraid people like Bloomberg get to thinking that because they are wealthy, they must have the best ideas, the smartest brains. It is an incorrect idea, but they seem to share it. Hugs

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    1. True Scottie, and it’s been that way as long as we’ve been a country. This MUST change. It won’t be easy. Reversing Citizens United, passing a law that says money isn’t speech, campaign finance reform. All of these things need done. Unfortunately, you need cooperation from both sides. It’s not happening anytime soon. And for that, we are worse off as a democracy.

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  4. Jeff, Bloomberg is not perfect and can be gruff, but before we nay say him totally, it would be good to consider two key points. Bloomberg leads a coalition of global mayors and cities in the fight to make strides on climate change. He co-wrote a book on these efforts with Sierra Club executive director Carl Pope called “Climate of Hope.” He also is a big proponent of better gun governance.

    I recognize he is wealthy and I am not saying he is the best Democratic candidate, but he would be a highly credible candidate and could beat Trump if given the chance. So, if he runs, he should get due consideration at least in my view.. Keith

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    1. Hello Keith. Bloomberg can not win in either the Democratic primary nor in the general due to one big glaring fact. The Democratic support is in a large part from POC. Due to Bloomberg’s policy of “stop and frisk” which he still supports which was seen as bigoted and anti-POC there is no way the POC will support him. So other than his ego and those wanting to make money off him while he hopes to send a stop and desist message to the progressive tax the rich wing his candidacy is dead in the water. Hugs

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      1. I understand your points, but do believe he remains a credible candidate. I agree he will not carry the Democrat banner, but there are no perfect candidates and he has done some good things. Steyer does not stand a chance either, but we should listen to what he is advocating about term limits, etc. Good ideas should shape the Dem platform regardless of their source.

        Dems need to be even more vocal about climate change, eg, and neither party is addressing our debt problem. This concerns me.

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      2. Hello Keith. I agree with what you say, however entering the race this late is not about winning nor about adding your voice. It is about making a statement that will resonate. If Bloomberg wanted to really make a difference he would have held to his first promise to donate $500 million to the Democratic nominee. He made that promise and at the time we all cheered him. Now he is nothing but an egotistical spoiler. He entered too late to qualify for some primaries and seems to be thinking his money will make him viable in the others that he doesn’t even have a ground force for. No Keith, I appreciate your ideas and your life experience but on this there seems to a game of messages being played in my opinion. He really can not think he could win the nomination unless he is totally deluded, in which case he has been blinded by his money and privilege. Hugs


    2. I hear you Keith. Like I said in my post, he’s very good on the environment…and gun safety. For that, he deserves props. And, I have no doubt he could do the job. After all, he does have lots of executive experience being Mayor of the biggest city and such. I just question his intentions. I can’t take these guys complaining about being taxed. It doesn’t come across well. But, if by chance he gains traction and wins nomination against Trump? Of course I’d vote for him.

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      1. All good points. Stop and frisk was a bridge too far. Yet, if we had not had the current billionaire who has never had a boss beside his father (no Board), we would likely be more receptive to Bloomberg. Bloomberg has governed before, but I recognize the reluctance for another rich white man. I do agree he is getting in a little late, but I must confess this whole thing started too early. I mentioned it earlier, but I would love the Dems to embrace fiscal responsibility a little more since the GOP lost its way on the topic. Medicare for all is something to explore with analysis, but paying for it will prove difficult with $22 trillion in debt that needs to be harnessed and reduced as it is projected to go over $34 trillion by the end of fiscal 2027.

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    1. No problem Jim. It’s called opinion. And we’re both entitled to it. Feel free to weigh in if you change your mind. I’m interested to hear your rebuttal.

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  5. Sitting here on the other side of the Atlantic.
    Billionaires do seem to think they can do things better don’t they?
    Problem is you don’t run a nation for profit. Whether folk like it or not running a nation is a public service. Being extremely wealthy does not mean you have the qualities to do that effectively. In fact as you intimidated at the beginning it ould be argued they are the least qualified seeing as how most have no idea much less empathy with the vast amount of the public.

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    1. I just heard the other day Roger where the top 1/2 of 1% now own 20% of the nations wealth….up from 10% only about 20 years or go. I don’t see how anyone can say that’s a good thing. Except of course, the 1/2 of 1% people! So, I’m thinking regardless of the good intentions of some of these superrich guys like Steyer and Bloomberg….I’m just not enthused about voting for them. And I don’t think the majority of Americans are either.

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      1. There was a very pointed little part of a MAD article on politics, with of course various cartoons. This one showed the entrance to the pooling both, a line of ragged poor men (what would have been called ‘bums’ then) with sorrowful faces, they are all wearing election badges saying ‘I like Lox’ and receiving dollar bills from a very well-heeled cigar smoking smug operative with a badge which says ‘I like me’.
        I read that first when I was 14 back in 1965, and y’know that image has never gone away and when I hear some wealthy politicians with their ‘simple’ solutions I mutter to myself ‘I like Lox. I like me,’

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      2. Loved that magazine! Grew up reading it. The satire was wonderful. And, more often than not…spot on, just like your example. It still rings true today.

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