Dear Mr. President: It didn’t have to be this way

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An open letter to the President

Hello, Mr. President. I saw you went to a World Series game, expecting to be welcomed with open arms. Basking from the news that our special forces had eliminated the leader of Isis, surely, our great leader would be greeted with cheers, bells, and whistles.

Sorry, Mr. President, the people at the game weren’t in the mood.

Frankly, the majority of Americans aren’t in the mood either. After nearly three years of constant gas-lighting and destruction of our democratic norms, the masses are restless and ready for your departure, one way or the other.

Indeed, not everyone feels this way. You still have a solid 35 to 40% of the public firmly in your corner, according to most polls. You’ve not deviated from your divisive governance and racial scapegoating, which appeals to many of your supporters. But, you’ve done nothing to court the rest of the public; nothing to help bring the country together in any meaningful way.

It could have been different for you. Most presidents realize that when you assume the residency of the White House, there’s an assumption that you’re President of all the people. Yes, of course, you have a base of support. But millions did not vote for you. Those people are Americans as well. Too often, you discard them for your own political and narcissistic motives. It didn’t have to be this way.

What would have happened had you not gone in this direction? Over the last three years, there are so many things you could have done, or not done for that matter, that could have changed the narrative. In modern history, no president has served his entire term without at least garnering a 50% approval at some point—until you came along.

It’s time to take a look at what you could have done differently. I know it’s asking a lot of you to govern like a man who at least has an ounce of decency in his DNA. It’s not easy for you. After five decades in the spotlight, we know the type of person you are. Those of us who did not vote for you knew that fact going in. Those who did vote for you had their own motives. Many were willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, regardless of the immense flaws of your character. Perhaps, they thought, the office itself will change you, right?

But the office didn’t change you, did it? In fact, your malignant narcissism only got worse. Having obtained the highest office on the planet has only made your affliction grow to the size of Mount Everest. We now know it’s beyond the point of no return.

Engaging in hypotheticals is a risky venture. But in your case, perhaps it will help in the recovery process, either while sitting in a prison cell somewhere or at one of your failing properties. Whatever the case, it could have been different for you. Instead of the boos ringing down upon your head at the World Series, perhaps we’d have heard cheers.

What if …

You hadn’t encouraged crowds at your rallies to start the “lock her up” chant when referring to your opponent for the presidential election?

On the day of your inauguration, you didn’t lie about the crowd size?

On the day after your inauguration, you didn’t go to the CIA headquarters and demean the agency?

You hadn’t fired Jim Comey?

You didn’t continually question the integrity of war hero and lifetime public servant Robert Mueller?

You didn’t call for a ban on Muslims entering our country?

You hadn’t initiated an inhumane family separation policy at the border?

You didn’t refer to African countries as shit holes?

You didn’t say there were “good people on both sides” in protests at Charlottesville, Virginia?

You didn’t shut down the government to acquire funding four your divisive wall on the Mexico/America border?

You didn’t continually lie that Mexico was going to pay for that wall?

You didn’t refer to people from across the border as rapists, murderers, and drug dealers?

You didn’t lie or tell misleading statements over 13k times, according to the Washington Post?

You didn’t refer to various people on your Twitter feed as: “horse face,” “ human scum,” “fat pig,” “bimbo,” “slob,” “disgusting animal,” and other disgusting pejoratives?

You didn’t refer to certain politicians or other public figures with racist and derogatory terms like “Pocahontas,” “shifty Schiff,” or “little Bob Corker.”

You didn’t tell four women of color in Congress to “go back to their own countries?”

You didn’t continually obstruct justice and thumb your nose at Congress?

You hadn’t given such a massive tax break to corporations and wealthy people like yourself?

You didn’t continually do everything in your power to reverse everything Barrack Obama did, including providing health care to millions because of your obsessive jealousy?

You divested from your business interests, and put everything in a blind trust, as other presidents had done?

You hadn’t spent the better part of five years questioning the nation’s first African-American President’s citizenship?

Sorry Mr. President, but this is only a partial list. There’s more, but I’m pretty sure you get the idea. Any more, and it would seem as if I were piling on. That’s not the point of this letter, sir. As stated before, the point here is to help the recovery process.

Because if only you’d not done or said even half of the things listed above, maybe the outcome would have turned out differently at the game the other night. In fact, perhaps the cheers would’ve outnumbered the boos. Better yet, maybe the fans wouldn’t have started a “lock him up” chant. I know it’s a hypothetical, but how nice would that have been?

Unfortunately, we can only speculate as to how it would’ve all played out. We all saw what happened, though. You were humiliated, and for a brief split second, I actually felt sorry for you.

I saw the look on your face. It hurt, didn’t it, Mr. President? It burned deep inside your soul. How could these people disrespect me like this? I’m sure that was your thought process.

But you know what? There’s an old saying, and it goes like this: You reap what you sow. I’m sure you’ve heard it somewhere during your long life on this earth. And now, the chickens are coming home to roost. There’s also another saying about karma. I won’t go there, though. Again, I don’t want to pile on.

In closing, I’d like to say that I wish it had turned out differently. Like many others who didn’t vote for you, I hoped the enormity of the moment would change you. You were now the President of the United States, for crying out loud. Admittedly, it had to weigh on you. You must have thought the time to change had finally arrived.

Sadly, you chose a different path. And now, things are falling apart at the seams. Perhaps you won’t even make it till the end of your term. Maybe you do but then lose badly in 2020. Whatever the case, surely things haven’t panned out the way you thought. Never in a million years did you think you could go to a public event like the World Series and not be appreciated. But that’s what happened.

I’d like to say I’m sorry it had to be this way. I’m not, though. And neither are the people who booed and chanted at the game. They had every right to do so. The office of the presidency deserves a modicum of respect. But when the occupant of the office does not show that respect, neither should we the public. It’s the way it has to be Mr. President.

It didn’t have to be this way. You have only yourself to blame.


  1. You have outdone yourself with this one, Jeff! Excellent summation, and you managed to do it without expletives — a feat I could not have accomplished! I only hope that somehow, somewhere along the line, he sees this letter!

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    1. Thank you Jill! I hope so too! Although, he’d just say I was anti-American, or something like that. You know, if you go against him, you’re automatically a traitor, in the cult’s eyes…and his of course. UGHHHH

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      1. You know … that brings up a point I was just discussing on Padre Steve’s blog … words like “treason” and “patriot” have been re-defined in the alternative vocabulary of the Trump regime. Treason is now defined as anything that is at odds with Trump at any given moment. Patriot is only defined as those who pander to Trump, who put his fragile ego ahead of the needs of the nation. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. By the way, I am re-blogging this for my a.m. post, and I am going to send it to him via email, con su permiso.

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      2. Thank you Jill. And absolutely, send via email. Anything is fine with me. Always.
        Yes, it’s amazing isn’t it? We do tend to use the T word liberally these days don’t we? But when we use it, it comes from a point of how far down the rabbit hole of wrecking our democracy that King Trump is embarking on. When they use it, it’s strictly from the perspective that he IS the king….he IS their savior. To go against him, is to go against America. These people are nuts! But, you knew that already…LOL

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      3. Heck yes … I knew that around 3:00 a.m. on the morning of November 9th, 2016. I was just hoping perhaps they would gain a bit of sense by now, but … nope. ‘Tis up to us to talk (or knock) some sense into them!

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      4. I don’t know what it takes to make them see what is happening, Jeff. A catastrophe that hits their own wallet? Him starting a war and their kids coming back in body bags? I just don’t know. Sigh.

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  2. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    Our friend Jeff over at On the Fence Voters has truly outdone himself tonight! He has written an open letter to Donald Trump that I could never have written, for my temper gets in the way and before I know it, I am speaking in @#$%& symbols! Thank you, Jeff, for so eloquently stating what we are all feeling … and, of course, for your generous permission to re-blog!

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  3. Jeff, well said. And, as you note there is so much more. What if he did not consistently lie or unnecessarily inflate the truth? What if he did not bully people who criticized or opined on way too many pedestrian issues? What if he did not say every thing that preceded him was a disaster and everything he does is beautiful, neither of which are true? What if he brought a level of competency to the White House that he sold his voters on instead of the equal parts chaos and incompetence (the first travel ban is just one example)? What is he did not make America a less trustworthy nation? If I was a foreign leader, I would not trust anything Donald Trump said. Keith

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    1. Thanks Keith. I think foreign leaders have been on to Trump ever since the beginning. Our traditional allies are appalled by him. Our non-traditional allies…Putin and his ilk, know he’s an incompetent and narcissistic boob who they can manipulate for their own geo-political gain. I’m thinking our traditional allies are waiting patiently for our country to right what has been a horrible mistake…either by removal, or the 2020 election. Everyone’s entitled to a mulligan. We certainly need one. If somehow he survives all of this? I can’t even imagine the ramifications.

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      1. Jeff, I just had a very unproductive call with a staff member of a Freedom Caucus Congressman. I mentioned my disappointment with no Republicans to move forward the process of impeachment after complaining for weeks about the process to diffuse the message. He flat told me that he did not think the president has done anything wrong. When I spoke of the consistency of message of courageous public servants under oath with a consistent message, he told me it was not consistent. Overall, the messages are largely consistent which is why there are concerns of alleged abuse of powers. It went on and on. He kept saying we will just have to agree to disagree.

        This is why we need to get the message out. It is also why we need to applaud Republicans for the Rule of Law and Checks and Balances, two Republican lawyer groups calling for the impeachment process. Sadly, the person these folks listen to most is the president, not people who understand what the truth means. Keith

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      2. Keith, I admire your willingness to at least engage with these people. It can’t be easy for your sanity!! Here’s something I heard earlier today. I think I heard it correctly but maybe I misinterpreted. Anyway, supposedly there was a similar vote in 1973 or so, in the House, which basically did the same thing as the resolution that just passed. Back then though, the vote was something like 400-4, to move forward with an inquiry? Can you imagine that? Almost every Republican voted with Dems to get the facts out about Nixon. Today? None of the R’s voted with Dems.
        That, to me, speaks volumes as to where we are in this super partisan atmosphere. And again, back then? No Fox News. No social media. Hypothetically speaking, Nixon would have survived. I really believe that. Roger Ailes must be very happy….wherever he is.


      3. Jeff, it was very disappointing to hear his perspective. I kept thinking too myself, do people actually believe this. I did tell him Trump is the most untruthful president in my lifetime, including Richard Nixon. Tonight, on PBS Newshour, they said 50 Republicans refused to be on their news show. They spoke with a key person on GOP Speaker John Boehner’s team. He was none to flattering of the moaning about process to avoid the damning testimony. He was not too kind to their lack of votes to clarify process. He mentioned if Trump gets them to support what he did, they will be in a tougher place than to say it is not an impeachable offense. Keith

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      4. For now Keith, it looks like the R’s plan on staying 100% united through this whole process. It’s very disappointing. You never know though. Once this thing starts going public, maybe something really damning comes out. Who knows? Maybe that server where they’ve been putting many of Trump’s phone calls? There could be some really bad stuff on there. I’m speculating of course. I just don’t know if it matters what may come out. The partisanship is so bad. I hope the whole thing goes quickly though. I hope we’re still not talking about this stuff when primaries are going on. That would not be good.


  4. But, you’ve done nothing to court the rest of the public; nothing to help bring the country together in any meaningful way.

    The TRUTH in your statement simply SHOUTS to anyone who recognizes and accepts what Lincoln said so many, many years ago in the Gettyburg Address… that American government is “of the people, by the people, for the people.”

    Perhaps I’ve overlooked something, but I see NOTHING in those words that says the government is of, by, or for Donald J. Trump.


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    1. Thank you Nan.
      You’re so right. Mr. Lincoln was spot on. Why is it though, that his supporters don’t care about any of this? That, to me, is the real $64 million question. It just does not matter to them. As more and more comes out, their defense of him becomes weaker and weaker.
      At the very least, he WILL be impeached. It WILL be on his permanent legacy. Removal is remote, of course. It’s why a complete ballot box landslide in 2020 is the only answer. Anything less and we’re in big trouble.

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  5. Are you planning to publicize this letter in any way through the news media? I would.
    This is pretty strong language coming from one whose blog is titled “On The Fence Voters.”


    1. I might usfman. I’d have to find the right platform. Thanks for the suggestion. And, thanks for taking the time to read it. We’ll see!


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