Impeachment vs 2020 Election

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But first, a mea culpa

One of the virtues of being a good citizen is admitting when you’re wrong. So, after a couple of days of continuing breaking news, it appears that my article from Monday, Impeachment Cynicism, was slightly off the mark. In the piece, I lamented the fact that the Democrats were hapless and feckless in their initial oversight of Trump corruption. I did not feel that anything resembling an actual impeachment inquiry would happen. Well, that all changed yesterday.

Finally, Nancy Pelosi lowered the hammer and declared that an official impeachment inquiry was underway. With the newest allegations of the president abusing his office to go after a potential political rival, Pelosi couldn’t stand by any longer.

While she was late to the table, so be it. As the news continues to break, as of this writing, the Trump administration released a ‘memo’ of the conversation he had with the President-elect of Ukraine. In the call, it appears that Trump asked for a favor, linked to planned military aid to the country. The favor, of course, was looking into former Vice-President Joe Biden, his son Hunter and possible corruption, which by the way has been debunked by numerous news outlets.

Look, there’s much more to this story that we haven’t been able to ascertain as of yet. We’ve yet to hear from the whistleblower, nor have we heard from the acting Director of Intelligence. Both, as of now, are due to testify before the Senate and House Intelligence Committees. But, as we know, these things could change on a dime. Also, we’ve learned that the Justice Department won’t release the initial whistleblower complaint. In other words, we’re in the beginning stages of all of this.

And while my cynicism has been quelled a bit, I’m still a bit skeptical as to how this ends up. But certainly, this is a major step in the right direction. Stay tuned.

Impeachment vs 2020 Election

Before the latest allegations though, there’s been a debate in the political world as to whether impeaching the president, as opposed to waiting for the 2020 election to defeat him at the ballot box, was a good idea for Democrats.

One of the underlying themes as to why House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hasn’t backed impeachment until now is the idea that the election of 2020 should take precedence. In other words, the narrative suggests that if the Democrats move forward with impeachment, they risk losing not only to President Trump, but also the possibility of losing the House and or Senate as well. I get this viewpoint. But I don’t agree with it.

I want to share something with you today. Over the past year, my wife and I have become good friends with our neighbor John. We’ve had him over to the house several times, as we have to his.

We mutually enjoy each others company, with good food and drink, and a lot of laughs. While our laughter covers the gamut of subjects, clearly the number one subject of our guffawing is none other than the current president himself. Hard to believe, right?

The irony in all of this, though, is that John voted for Trump in 2016. To this day, he regrets his vote, and when we asked him why he voted for the man in the first place, he’s not been able to come up with a valid reason. We like to razz him a bit on that fact, but I can tell he struggles when trying to come up with an explanation.

In the end, he admitted to his lack of engagement. While he heard about the infamous Access Hollywood tape, much of the hoopla escaped him. He’d voted Republican for most of his life, and he wasn’t ready to change. And it wasn’t until inauguration day that he finally figured out that the man he voted for was a con man and liar. He’s regretted his vote ever since.

Now, he’s fully engaged in the political turmoil we see occurring every day, and cannot wait to cast his vote for whomever the Democrats put up against him. While certainly not a liberal in the real sense of the word, John believes wholeheartedly in the dangers of climate change and wants much stricter gun safety legislation. While he’d prefer a more centrist candidate from the Democrats, it’s not a game-changer if a more left candidate emerges.

So, we have much in common politically; much more than you would think, considering his lifelong Republican history. But, we do differ in one particular area: he thinks impeachment would be a significant mistake. I, on the other hand, believe it’s a necessity.

While John has never been a big fan of Nancy Pelosi, he’s gained much respect for her in how she’s handled things concerning Trump. To him, Pelosi is a veteran politician who understands the political landscape as well as anyone, and if she thinks we need to focus on beating him at the ballot box, so be it. She knows best.

I realize many people believe the same thing. The idea is that impeachment will be a good thing for Trump and incite his rabid base of followers so much that the Democrats will lose big in 2020. I don’t see that happening.

The Mueller Report notwithstanding, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that Trump has committed severe offenses as president. At the very least, an impeachment inquiry is a must, so that the American people can decide for themselves. Whether it’s emolument violations, lying to the public, obstructing Congress, or the current situation regarding his actions with Ukraine, this president has far exceeded what would ever be considered abnormal behavior by any president. By not acting, the Democrats further enable the president to continue abusing the office as nobody else has in history.

In my view, by going ahead with impeachment, or at the very least, an inquiry into whether to impeach, Democrats strengthen their hand in 2020, not weaken it. It shows they care about our norms; they care about the rule of law; and most importantly, they care about our Constitutional republic. And if we get to the point where the House has the votes for an actual impeachment, it will put the Republican Party on the spot. Make them go on the record defending a lawless president. How can that not be the right thing to do for Democrats?

I’ll continue to debate my friend John on this issue. I haven’t talked to him since the latest Trump scandal; funny, there’s so many it’s hard to keep track. But, it’s interesting to hear from former Trump voters who are now Never Trump voters. Most of them feel duped. Most of them, like John, are horrified at what has transpired since the 2016 election.

Now though, we’ve entered a new phase. Speaker Pelosi has turned up the heat. Now, it’s up to the various committees to do their work. In the end, though, articles of impeachment seem imminent. It’s highly unlikely that Pelosi would go this far if she didn’t think she’d have the votes. Time is of the essence. The longer it drags out, the longer Trump has to obstruct and bloviate. Already, he’s labeling the whole thing a witch hunt. Of course, he is.

Final Thought

I have to admit, I was getting a bit impatient with Speaker Pelosi. But then I started thinking there was a method to her madness all along. Perhaps she thought the Mueller Report wasn’t enough to change public opinion to the point where impeachment was acceptable. Maybe in her mind, it was worth it to wait this whole thing out; that eventually, knowing Trump as she does, he would cross the line as President.

And sure enough, it appears that he has done just that, although we’re still early in the process. If so, it would cement in my mind that Nancy Pelosi is one hell of a politician and strategist. I’ve always thought that, but her failure to act before now made me question her judgment. I should have known better.

And the difference with this latest scandal? Before, all we’ve seen is former Trump officials obstruct and follow Trump’s demand that all communications with him must be considered privileged, regardless of whether they were officially in his administration or not.

Now however, we have a whistleblower ready and willing to testify under oath–publicly, about Trump’s conduct as President. It’s a huge difference. If it is a public testimony, the American people will certainly get a better understanding of what went on. And by coming forward, the whistleblower risks not only continued employment, but retaliation and ridicule. That could and should resonate with rest of the country. It seems as though Pelosi must have figured the same thing.


  1. Good work, my friend! I agree with you … and I also agree to an extent with your neighbor, John. I think that to let every atrocity Trump has committed (and there are many) be swept under the rug is not an option. Constitutionally, we have an obligation to hold Trump accountable for his words and actions. However, I think that there is a very real possibility that it will work against democrats in the 2020 election. Why? Because his base are still wearing their rose-coloured glasses and are unable to see that he is corrupt and is taking this nation down a perilous path. They will believe him when he says he is being unfairly treated, when he says he is innocent of wrongdoing. To an extent, I think they believe him because to do otherwise would be to admit that they made a mistake to start with. The democrats can, if they are wise, offset the damage and come out ahead in 2020. Will they? That’s a question that remains to be seen. Good post … good introspection. What will happen? I cannot even begin to predict, but one thing I know … it’s going to be an interesting (read ulcer-inducing) 13.5 months ahead!

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    1. Hi Jill. So, I checked with WordPress. They sent me what they called a work-around plug-in, which should now allow you to reblog. Keyword: should! I downloaded Yoast to the site a few days ago. They told me when you do this, it affects reblogging. It’s a problem they’re aware of. Geez, if I would have know that, I wouldn’t have downloaded Yoast. Anyway, feel free to reblog, as always. If it doesn’t work for you, let me know and I’ll get with WordPress again. This stuff can get complicated eh?


      1. I can believe that. Are you familiar with Block Editor? I’m just now familiarizing myself with it. And frankly, I may as well be reading Arabic or Chinese. I’m still using Classic Editor, and find it very easy to use. By 2022, it will be gone and replaced by Block Editor. Glad I have time…because I’m going to need it!!

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      2. I HATE-HATE-HATE block editor!!!

        I changed over to it on my ‘Creative” blog — just to try it out — and kick myself every time I do a new post. Fortunately, once I write a few words, I save the post (not publish it) and then I use “Classic Editing” to finish it. IMO, this is one of WordPress’s WORST ideas!!

        They have bowed to users’ wishes in the past. Hopefully, this will be one of those times and they’ll do away with the block editor. *fingers crossed*

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      3. Ahhhh … it must be a plug-in, then! I have had to get rid of some plug-ins in the past because they messed up other features that I rely on. I will check it out, and if I can, I will re-blog! Thanks, Jeff!


      4. Sigh. Nope, still no re-blog button. And … I saw your comment and Mary’s about the block editor, and wanted to respond, but there was no place for me to do so. So … as re the block editor … I agree with Mary … I hate it. I tried it twice, and found it unwieldy and it took twice as long to get a post ready to publish … what a waste of time that I don’t have! And, as re the re-blog. For my own part, I don’t mind copying and pasting just a portion of your post, then putting a link to the entire post, so that people will still come to your site, just as with a re-blog, if you wish to do it that way? Complicated … definitely … and needlessly so. Every time they try to ‘upgrade’ something, it’s a bloody mess!

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  2. You wrote: And if we get to the point where the House has the votes for an actual impeachment, it will put the Republican Party on the spot.

    It’s my understanding that McConnell has stated he will block a Senate vote on impeachment if it comes to that. Not sure that he can? My familiarity with the workings of Congress are minimal at best. Although I’ve certainly been learning a lot with the current administration!

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    1. Not sure if he can Nan. But, it’s certainly plausible since he seems to make up the rules whenever he sees fit. There’s a chance that House could impeach, and not even send to Senate, knowing full well that Republicans won’t vote for it. This thing has so many moving parts. It’s frustrating as hell isn’t it?

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    2. Unfortunately, if McConnell refuses to hold a trial, he can do so. Or, at least there is no mechanism in place at this time that would stop him. Pressure from members of his own party might have influence, but as of right now, no republican member of either chamber of Congress has indicated that they would stand against Trump, so … my thoughts are that unless some republican senators grow a pair in the next 4-6 weeks, there will be no trial in the Senate. Sigh.

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  3. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    There are so many different thoughts and opinions on the current impeachment process taking place in the House that it’s hard to keep up with them all. The only given is that it is going to be a roller coaster ride, and nobody is sure whether we will fall off or land safely at the bottom. Our friend Jeff over at On the Fence Voters has some thoughts about the whole thing that are worth pondering, so today I share with you his excellent post. Thank you, Jeff, for this post and your permission to re-blog.

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  4. Jeff, good work. Please take a look at my current post. I forwarded it to about twelve GOP Senators as well as Senators Feinstein and Warner who sit on two important committees. I also found the comments of Chris Wallace, one of the more credible journalists on Fox, who said the following to a sheepish Fox host recapping the week:
    As reported today:
    “Fox News anchor Chris Wallace called out ‘astonishing’ and ‘deeply misleading’ spin from President Donald Trump’s defenders over the whistleblower complaint on his contacts with Ukraine.
    On America’s Newsroom, Fox News anchor Sandra Smith asked Wallace on Friday: ‘Your thoughts as we wrap the week — did it change anything?’
    ‘I think it’s changed quite a lot, Sandra,’ Wallace replied, before calling out the president’s supporters: ‘The spinning that has been done by the president’s defenders in the last 24 hours since this very damaging whistleblower complaint came out — the spinning is not surprising, but I think it is astonishing and deeply misleading.’
    Wallace explained that the whistleblower’s complaint lined up exactly with the transcript of the call between Trump and Ukraine’s president — and the whistleblower’s other claims also turned out to be true.”


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    1. Thanks Keith. Good on you for forwarding to the Senators. I’ve read your piece. Excellent as usual. I’ve gone up and down on impeachment over the last several months. But, I’m convinced it’s something that needs to be done. We cannot let a sitting POTUS get away with this. I’d love it if the Republican would get on board with this, at least in the Senate. I don’t see many on the House side that might do it.
      But you’re right to target the Senators. You’ve probably heard the story about how privately, more than 30 Republican Senators would probably vote to impeach him. Again, privately. Will they have the courage to do so publicly? I’m doubtful.
      Here’s my bottom line: Even if Senate does not convict him and the House impeaches…so be it. Let that be a permanent stain on his record. He will be only the third in history of our once proud democracy to have been impeached. It says to future historians that at least one House of Congress had the nerve and patriotism to hold this president to account. The other, did not. A stain on Trump, AND the Republican Party. If that’s all we get, I’ll be disappointed, but I know deep down that it was the right thing to do.

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      1. Jeff, the only way to beat a bully is to stand up to him. Trump believes he got away with it since no action was taken on the Mueller report and Barr prostituted himself. He was found to have lied and obstructed in that report, he has obstructed since and he did so here. Plus, he failed to heed the lesson to not involve another country in an election (by the way, when did he say it was OK – wax it around the time of the call?). Oh and why did Coats and Gordon have to go in August? Is it related? Keith

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      2. All true. We haven’t even reached the tip of the iceberg yet Keith. The next few months promise to be quite a wild ride. I’ll say this…the Dems better have an active media operation while this is going on. You and I both know what Trump and his crazies are going to do…just make up stuff and obstruct. We need to see Schiff and others out there every day to counteract this crap. You and I both know that Nixon didn’t have the right-wing echo chamber. I’ve always thought he would have gotten away with it if Fox and social media were around. Things are so much different now. Not the time for feckless and hapless responses. They must stay aggressive…big time.

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  5. My understanding (as of now) is that the whistleblower wants to testify, but it will be in a closed hearing. He or she is certainly entitled to anonymity, but in order for the testimony to have maximum impact on voters, it must be public. I see no reason why anonymity can’t be preserved in a public hearing with today’s technology disguising the whistleblower’s appearance and voice. A closed hearing could much more easily be ‘spun’ by the GOP, and would be a gift to Trump and his sycophants, in my opinion

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    1. That’s true. I’d love to see it publicly somehow. I just don’t know if it can be done. With the Trump crazies out there, they would definitely have to provide him with adequate security measures. Especially since his deranged reference to spies yesterday and how they ‘used to deal with them’ …..So pathetic…and scary


    1. Thanks for sharing Nan. I think that guy is spot on in his assessment. And he knows his stuff as well as anyone. I agree to that he probably won’t be convicted. No matter to me. Time to put it on the record….and his so-called legacy, which in the history books will be nothing more than an asterisk, and a ranking as the worst president ever. That’s all he deserves.

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  6. I am going to pound my lb. of bacon till you are sick of me. It does not matter whether you win or lose, impeach the villDJ idioT to make him react. Pile it on thick and heavy. He will whine and attack and lie until he has no idea what he is whining about, attacking, or what lies he has told and starts contradicting himself. MAKE HIM LOOK LIKE THE IDIOT HE IS!
    Donnie cannot stand the truth being told about him. He will crumble under the iintensity. If the Dems make it intense. If they make it only about the whistleblower incident, he will not crumble, if he even cracks.
    I think, Jeff, you are giving Pelosi too much credit. She stumbled into this opportunity, and she will regret it if she lets it get away. As I said, she does not have to win, Trump will show himself a loser, and the more rope she gives him the more he will destroy himself for her.
    How many times already has he reacted like a two year-old? Too often to count. But he was always allowed to recover, because the heat kept being turned off. Put that heat back on him and keep adding logs to the fire. I guarantee he will fall apart. Don’t just bring him to his knees, make him prostrate himself. Show him to be the bootlicker he is. And don’t let up. Rats will run from a sinking ship until there are no more rats and the ship sinks into oblivion. If Moscow Mike tries to save him, he will go down with the ship. I don’t believe he has the balls to commit political suicide, even though he is closer than he thinks. Barr has the balls, but not if he is alone. Take away his teammates.The evvangelistics will finally admit they backed the wrong horse when they see him crumble. They cannot stand weakness. Trump is as weak as they come.

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    1. LOL…keep pounding away my friend. I’m in agreement with basically everything you said. Dems and Pelosi cannot let up the pressure. You’re outrage is well-placed. Him and his minions will do everything they can to muck things up. Messaging is NOT something Dems are traditionally good at. It’s maybe the one thing that Republicans are good at. Every day, this needs to be pounded and pounded…Sometimes Dems appear too weak and feckless. This is not the time for that.
      As for Pelosi, I’ve underestimated her before. She actually said in an interview several months back that he would ‘self-impeach’. In other words, she knew it was only a matter of time before he royally effed up. And it appears that we are there now. My hope is that R’s start to slowly desert him to the point where resignation is the only thing left in his arsenal. Hey, I can hope right?

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      1. Of course you can hope, but it is better when you take part. I can only do so much from my backwater town in northern Canada, but I do try to inspire Americans to do more for themselves, because ultimately doing more is good for all living beings on this home we call Spaceship Earth.
        So any affect I can make through commenting on blogs like yours and Jill’s and a few others I comment on, the less I feel like just a passenger.

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  7. I saw the “comment” you received from a tRumpsky lover via my email. Have you noticed that insulting others is their modus operandi? Few can present factual reasons for their beliefs. And of course, anonymity is a given.

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    1. Very strange Nan. I actually had two separate Trumpers weigh in. I replied to both, but they both just disappeared from my comments section. Both were labeled Spam. I’ve not had that happen before. Have you?


      1. Did you tick off the box that said “not spam” (or something similar)? If not, that’s probably why nothing showed up. I’m guessing because right now nothing is in my Spam so the options aren’t visible.


      2. Hmmmm. Maybe I hit it by mistake. It was weird though. Normally I don’t get right-wingers like that on my blog. And I got two of them just like that. Very strange


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