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Once again, senseless violence has grabbed the headlines in America. But this time, instead of projecting rage I feel inside through writing a post in this space, I’ve got nothing. Nothing to add that hasn’t been added before. Nothing to shout from the mountaintop that hasn’t been shouted before.

In fact, my blog partner Greg(Ohio Realist) created a couple of posts in recent days for precisely the kind of weekend we have just experienced in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas. I would ask you to take a look at Scrapbook in America: Excerpts From The Pro-Gun Forums, and A Scrapbook Of Life In America: Mass Shootings And Our Second Amendment. Our inaction and rhetoric surrounding these attacks are hauntingly and ominously familiar from all the mass shootings we’ve had over the past three decades. Greg’s posts speak for themselves.

And instead of me weighing in on the most recent carnage, I’d like to close with a few comments from a man who is sorely missed these days. He needs no introduction. But the words he speaks today should remind us all of what we lost when he vacated the White House on January 20, 2017. On that day, honesty, integrity, dignity, competence, and empathy rode off into the wilderness … and it hasn’t been seen since.

Thank you for your service Mr. President.


  1. I got cold chills reading your words of gratitude.

    Barack Obama may not have “politically” done everything right, but there’s no argument that he respected the office and conducted himself accordingly.

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    1. Thanks Nan….and at a bare minimum, shouldn’t that be what’s expected of all Presidents? The current occupant has thrown that theory totally out the window!

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  2. I love Obama’s editorial. I sorely miss the grace, the integrity, the lack of scandal we enjoyed during President Obama’s eight years in office. We currently, in just a short 2+ years, have turned into a tinpot dictatorship with a madman at the helm. But what is frightening is that 40% of the adults in this nation still follow him. It is scary as hell to watch one of his rallies, such as the one in Cincinnati last week, where some 17,000 people gathered to chant and rant, to cheer and applaud this “man” who is rapidly bringing about the destruction of a nation. Integrity, respect, values … all gone out the window. Sigh. We are not without a voice. Our voice is in our writing on our blogs, such as Greg’s excellent pieces as well as your own. Our voice is in our letters and phone calls to our elected representatives, telling them that we demand they act in the best interest of the nation, since we put them in office and pay their salaries. Our voice is in our protests. And perhaps most important of all, our voice is in our vote. Hugs, my friend.

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    1. Thanks Jill. My buddy who I’ve talked to you about in the past finally responded to my texts to him about Trump’s hateful and despicable rhetoric contributing to the violence. His response? “Did we blame Obama for Sandy Hook?”……And this was a main talking point on Twitter from the right wing whack jobs. Again, they’ll defend him no matter what. I’m going to send my friend an intervention specialist!!

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      1. You are kidding??? No, of course you aren’t, and I don’t know why I am surprised … sigh. They are delusional! You are a stronger person than I am, for by now, I would have told him where he could put his friendship. I find my level of tolerance for b.s. is very, very low these days. Two things frighten me about people like your friend: a) they walk among us and look perfectly normal, and b) they reproduce. Sigh. Forgive me, I am in a mood tonight.

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      2. It’s definitely tested my loyalty. I can’t deny that. Haven’t actually seen him for a few years. When and if I do in future it could be a tad….shall we say….awkward!!

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      3. Be thankful you don’t live with a Republican! While my other half isn’t all that fond of tRumpsky himself, he does lean towards some of his policies — and most definitely he supports the Republican party POV. Needless to say, we tend to avoid political “discussions.”

        It’s really too bad that there’s such a hard and fast dividing line between the two parties (at least for some people). While I lean progressive/liberal, I’m willing to discuss other perspectives with individuals who can/will calmly and intelligently present their case.

        Speaking of which … have you ever noticed that Repubs seem to be more “emotional” about their political beliefs than us “libs”?

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      4. Oh god yes! I don’t even egg by buddy on. He’s usually the one that texts me Trump memes…MAGA propaganda…and how all the Dem candidates are nothing but clowns. Then of course, I respond back with facts…which he hates.

        It’s almost like a disease Nan. And it seems as though it’s an incurable one at that! It’s tough having political discussions these days. Thankfully, my wife and I are on the same page. I admire your ability to cope!!

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