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I’m done. Yes, I’m officially done with getting bent out of shape at every racist utterance that comes from this President’s mouth or Twitter feed. How much more evidence do we need that the man is a racist? How many more times will the media fall for this man’s continuing effort to dominate the narrative every single day and distract from the absolute mockery he’s making of our Constitution and democracy? Enough, please.

By no means do I mean to minimize any of the horrific things he’s been saying about specific politicians and other people of note. Whether it’s calling Rep. Elijah Cummings’ district of Baltimore a rat-infested whatever, or telling four Congresswomen of color to go back to where they came from, these are purposeful and hateful comments that deserve condemnation and public ridicule.

But once the condemnation occurs, it’s time to move on. What I’d like to see, is for all of the people who suffer from the Presidents vile attacks to respond with something along the lines of “I reject these statements from the President. He is a racist through and through. Now, next question please.” Perhaps I’m being a bit self-righteous by advising people who are under attack. I get it.

But we’ve all fallen prey to this President’s malignant narcissism during his time in office, and it’s about time we started to ignore him. If more people began to unfollow him on Twitter, and people stated the obvious, that we all know he’s a racist, perhaps the real horrors of this administration would begin to get more coverage. More and more, the concept of the emperor having no clothes seems to be the best way to counteract this man. Ignoring him, rather than appeasing his deep need for attention, would be the ultimate rejection of this lawless President.

I do understand that the media is in a tough place here. After all, he’s the sitting President of the United States, and it’s the office itself that requires in-depth coverage. More often than not, however, they’ve failed us where we’ve needed them the most. If he tweets something outrageous in the morning, which is every day, of course, the media cannot help themselves in getting it out to the public. Then we spend an excessive amount of time parsing his words. What did he mean? Why is he so hateful? Is this nothing more than red meat for his base?

And while all of this is going on, he’s decimating administrative agencies, installing right-wing Federalist Society judges, selling off public lands, nominating political hacks who are more loyal to him than the Constitution, cashing in while foreign dignitaries rent out rooms in his hotel properties, obstructing Congress at every turn, and … you get the idea. If he can control the daily narrative, he can destroy democracy as we know it.

But it’s not just controlling the narrative that motivates this President. He also knows that dividing America serves his political aspirations as well. His base loves this stuff. Once he starts his attacks, the base responds like a pack of wild dogs on social media, supporting him at all costs by labeling the affected parties as being racist themselves. Motivating the base and “owning the libs” has become the focal point of his reelection strategy—unless we do something about it.

Don’t fall for it folks. We know this is what the next 15 months are going to look like. We know the racist attacks will continue unabated, but instead of engaging with those on the other side, label Trump a racist and move on. Otherwise, we’re unwittingly shielding him from the scrutiny he so richly deserves as he continues to urinate on our Constitution.

Already today, we’ve seen the President attack CNN’s Don Lemon for being the dumbest guy on cable news. Of course, it’s because he was the lone person of color on last night’s moderator team. It’s as predictable as the rising sun. But instead of engaging his rabid base on Twitter, I’m going to use the ‘trump is a racist’ hashtag, and move on. There’s no need to explain why it was an offensive comment. It’s a waste of time, and it continues to allow this President to divide and conquer. We cannot let it happen.

The media is going to do what they do. They’ll cover this President wall to wall because they feel they must inform us of ‘official’ presidential statements. But what I’m going to do, is keep in mind a quote from Rachel Maddow that she continues to use from time to time: “Don’t listen to what he says, pay attention to what he does.” If we fail in this regard, we could be looking at another Donald Trump inauguration in 2021. If that doesn’t scare the living hell out of us, nothing will.


  1. You are quite right…we should be scared, we should be very scared of another Trump inauguration in 2021! I concur with your sentiments as stated in this post. I recently read an interesting piece in The Conversation by John M. Murphy dated July 30, 2019 and titled “The rhetorical trick Trump used on the ‘Squad’ and how it could effect the vote.” You may find it of interest as well. Thank-you!

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  2. If a parent heard his or her child speak the way the US president does about people, they would receive some form of punishment or admonition. What fails to register with his base and sycophants, is why is he at the center of seemingly every contentious issue, seemingly every lie, seemingly every bullying, denigration, et al.

    My grandmother would say if you have to name call or shout, then your argument is poor. This applies to anyone. So, Trump attacks anyone who criticizes him. They are stupid, lazy, dumb, racist, fat, ugly…..So, presidential.

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    1. I know Keith. My buddies, who I’ve been texting with for a while, are ardent Trump supporters. I don’t know why I even engage them with intelligent and factual information. They just ignore it and defend him no matter what. I have never seen this sort of cult worship before. You and I are close to the same age, as are my buddies. Amazing how opposite our views are from theirs. Maybe they’re drinking different water? Ughhhh….

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      1. Two things. Tell him you know a 60 year old white independent voter who left the GOP. He asked you to ask them a simple question. “What will you have to defend next week and the week after that?”

        The second is to check out my latest post in rebuttal that I sent to a conservative-bent editorialist who is saying Dems have always accused Reps have racism, so this is just one more time. I mention my opinion, that of several world leaders, the opinion of a judge whp announced her leaving the GOP because of Trump’s racism and noted several conservative bent pundits who have called Trump on the carpet. Keith

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      2. Yes, I read that piece of yours. Awesome. You responded to him in such an intelligent way that frankly, I don’t know if he would even understand. These guys are hard core Trumpers. I’ve tried to talk sense but it doesn’t matter to them. Hero and cult worship through and through.
        But good on you for trying!
        My neighbor friend however, is a lifelong Repub whose about 63 years old and voted for Trump. He has regretted that vote almost from day one. He’s an environmentalist and he’s pro gun control. He will vote for the Dem candidate this time around even though he hopes it’s a moderate like Biden. No matter, he wants Trump gone yesterday. So, there are people like you out there Keith…willing to change and look at things in a nuanced way. We need more like you and my neighbor.

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    2. Thanks for your comment. It should ne noted a growing number of Republican Congress people are choosing to retire on not rum, including a woman charged with drawing more women into the GOP. I read this morning that the most reputable (in my view) GOP Congressman, Will Hurd, has decided not to run again. He is a former CIA employee and has been a student of data and decorum. He has been critical of the president on numerous fronts including the border rhetoric, racial remarks, and not addressing the Russian interference more demonstrably. Then, there is former GOP Congressman Justin Amash who has become independent after reading the Mueller report and calling for proceeding with the impeachment proceedings. Keith

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      1. I agree with you on Hurd. He seemed like one of he last good guys left in the party. I’m thinking he had enough of being aligned with the leader of their party. At least I think that’s why he’s probably getting out. As more of guys like him leave the party, the veer toward extremism continues. Not good….


  3. This post is so perfect, so spot-on! I fall for it, too … it’s such an easy trap to fall into, especially with the media putting him front and center where, in this day of instant electronic communication, we see and hear it almost every waking moment. You are so right, we must focus on his actions rather than his babbling rhetoric. Thanks for reminding us, my friend! I will re-blog this evening!

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    1. Thanks Jill!! I see he’s at it again with Elijah Cummings. Funny thing with this line of attack. You don’t think it has anything to do with Cummings issuing Princess Ivanka a subpoena for her emails do you? Oh god….what am I thinking….nobody could be that vindictive….lol

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      1. There are several things that have made Elijah Cummings a target. One, he’s black. Two, he is chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, and as such has served numerous subpoenaes on Trump & Co. Three, he is well-respected even among the republicans in Congress. Ivanka & Jared’s subpoenaes likely added fuel to the fire, but Trump was bound to go after him sooner or later. What surprises me is that he hasn’t gone after John Lewis yet. Sigh. We are in a mighty mess, my friend. I didn’t watch last night’s debate, for frankly until they get the “also-rans” out of the lineup, the debates are a farce. But, from what I’ve heard, it turned into a mudfest, and then they began to eat their own!!!! Sheesh … this is NOT the way to defeat Trump in 2020!!!

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  4. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    More than once I have said we need to look behind the curtain to see what the ‘man’ in the Oval Office is doing that we are missing. He spews hateful rhetoric, tweets his ignominious prattle while on the potty each morning, and we spend all our time reacting to and dissecting his words. Meanwhile, behind the scenes …

    Despite me saying it, I fall into the trap quite often, react to some horrendous, childish rant of his rather than dig deeper for truth. The smoke and mirrors, the shiny objects, are just too easy sometimes. Our friend Jeff over at On the Fence Voters has written an excellent piece reminding us all that we need to rise above the mudfest, need not to let ourselves be dragged into the fray, for that is precisely what Trump and his sycophants hope we will do.

    Thank you, Jeff, for the timely reminder and for your generous permission to share your words with my readers!

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    1. Yes, a complete and overwhelming landslide is the only way we can put Trumpism out of it’s misery once and for all. Anything less and it allows him to scream “Rigged!!” We cannot let that happen!! Thanks for reading and commenting

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      1. For any US citizen who cares about their society, and the fate of the vulnerable and the minorities No Voting only helps this creature.
        Yes, the one they vote for may fall short at times and may well disappoint them, but though this winner may be imperfect, the alternative is far, far worse.

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  5. The names I am about to call him, the Twit Tweeter and the Tweeting Twit (take your choice), are new for me, maybe he has been called these before. I have no idea because I don’t have Twitter anymore. I pulled the plug in 2017.
    Also in 2017 I started advising, or maybe just suggesting, that people ignore what the so-called POTUS says, because there is something worse in the background. If he points in one direction, look in another.
    Enough of history. I don’t follow your blogs, Jeff, because I only have so much time in a day. I made my choices which blogs to follow before I ever read yours, but Jill always advises of when I should read you. I am seldom disappointed.

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    1. However, having said that, this time I am disappointed. I love that you said to ignore the Twit Tweeter, but once you said it, you kept on saying it. I thought I was about to read a bunch of “behind the scenes” news of what he was really doing, but instead all I got was a whole post of saying the same thing over and over, ignore the tweets! Maybe it is just me, from the praise you are getting it must be just me, but I think you wasted a good opportunity to at least mention the things Trump is doing out of the public eye, and set up a bunch of future posts for yourself and your readers.
      I don’t mean to be mean, but yet I have to say this. “Where’s the beef!”

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      1. Stay tuned for that. Actually I do have one of those blogs upcoming. This one was actually more of an emotional response because I just had to get it out there. Sometimes I’ll be out running with my dogs and I’ll get angry. Anger is not good, but with this blog I can release a bit. I think it came out in the piece, but I get your point. You’re astute in assessing there needs to be more there…..There will be…Trust me on that. Appreciate the critique though…


    2. I get that. And I appreciate your honesty and compliment. You always have something profound to add to the narrative and I couldn’t be happier that you take the time to read my blog when possible.
      Ignoring him is next to impossible because of his overwhelming presence….everywhere! But I’m doing my best. When I responded on Twitter the other day with my hashtag about him being a racist, one of his supporters responded with one of her own: donaltrumpisNOTaracist! I suppose I struck a nerve……That’s worth it in my view. Let them defend his ass till the day he’s retired to one of his swanky properties in total disgrace for what he’s done to this country. Hopefully an indictment or two will be waiting for him!


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