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Jill Dennison has done an outstanding job with her piece on Harriet Tubman. We’re in a very dark place in American history right now. Just when you think the bar cannot be lowered any further, this administration lowers it. … every day. Hard to believe Andrew Jackson has survived all these years on the $20. Just as he was to be put out to pasture once and for all, this administration resurrects him. Why? I think we all know the answer. I’ll let Jill’s thoughtful and intelligent words speak for herself. Thanks Jill!!

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In April 2016 the U.S. Treasury Department announced that Harriet Tubman would replace Andrew Jackson on the center of a new $20 bill.  The change was to have occurred next year to mark the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in the United States.  Why?  Because there have been only a few women on U.S. currency, and those were on the $1 coins. We thought it was about time.  There has also never been an African-American of either gender on U.S. currency. We thought that in honour of our winning the battle 100 years ago to convince men that we had a brain that functioned well enough to do something other than birth babies, cook and keep the house tidy, it would be nice to recognize a woman who had made notable contributions during her lifetime.

Harriet-Tubman.jpgI was excited to think of a woman finally appearing on a bill, and…

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