Barr’s allegiance to the boss is breathtaking

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I’ve spent a good part of my morning on a beautiful Pacific Northwest day listening to some of the testimony of Attorney General William Barr. Nothing that transpired in that hearing changed any of my opinions regarding Mr. Barr. He was evasive, effusive in his defense of President Trump, and parsed his words with the eloquence one would expect  of someone who has been around the block a few times as a lawyer. In other words, for the audience at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, he did the job that the resident of that address surely appreciated.

And, the hearing of course played out exactly as one might expect. The Democrats on the panel asked probing questions, trying to pin Barr down on some of his weakest positions. Much of the discussion centered on Robert Mueller’s letter objecting to Barr’s four-page summary of The Report, which was leaked to the media last night and the overall public today. And the Republicans on the panel did what they do best: defend and protect the President of the United States.

At present time, Barr is supposed to appear before the House Judiciary Committee tomorrow morning. We don’t know as of yet, whether he is going to honor that request. It appears that Barr is objecting to the House Democrats using outside attorneys to question him on some of the specific issues in The Mueller Report. This by the way, is nothing unusual. It has happened often in the past, where committee members will rely on actual attorneys–not the politicians on the panel–to ask questions in certain situations. Why Barr is objecting to such a thing is anyones guess. But when it comes to this Attorney General and this presidential administration, nothing is out the realm. In other words, expect the worst and hope for the best.

Time and time again, they continue to delay and obstruct ongoing investigations and hearings. There will come a point in time where this is all going to come to a head. I realize that impeachment is a process that we should never enter into until it’s absolutely necessary. But the way this whole thing is playing out before our own eyes, are we not dangerously close already?

As stated before in this column, I’ve read The Mueller Report. I know many Americans will not do so. I can’t blame them. It’s over 400 pages and takes several hours of dedicated time to get through it. Time is so precious for most of us. Life has a way of throwing roadblocks at you on a daily basis.

That’s why it’s imperative that the Democrats continue to press–and press hard, to get the relevant facts out to the public in an informative and expeditious manner. Summer will be hear before we know it, and again, many people will not be paying attention. But that cannot get in the way of doing what’s right.

I remember Watergate. I wasn’t yet a teenager when those hearings were going on. My fifth grade teacher would wheel in a big cart with a cheap television set on top, and turn the hearings on for the class to observe. I came from a family that paid attention to politics, so I was one of the few kids who actually paid attention. To this day, I’ll never forget how things transpired over a two-year period. The evidence came out and slowly but surely, public pressure turned in favor of impeachment.

I realize that in those days we basically had three major television networks, and that was it. We’re so much more fragmented these days in how we get and receive information. It’s not as easy to grab the American people’s attention these days. That’s no reason to not pursue the truth however.

I did see some fire and brimstone from the Democrats today. And that’s exactly what it’s going to take. President Trump is a formidable adversary for Democrats. Yep, I said it. There’s been nobody like him in my lifetime, or anyone else’s for that matter. He lies, without fear of retribution or consequences to such an extent that it makes investigating him all the more challenging.

But the constitutional crisis we all feared would happen at some point during Trump’s presidency, is here. I can feel it. I can see it. Thankfully, we now have oversight in Congress. This President does not and will not respect that oversight. It’s way past time to teach this President that there is a co-equal branch of government that sits at the other side of Pennsylvania Ave … whether he likes it or not.




  1. A-Men! A-Women! Hit ’em again … harder! Harder!

    Seriously, great post. And I agree the Dems or SOMEONE must hit tRumpsky where it hurts until he’s forced to holler “Uncle!”

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  2. Yes, the Constitutional crisis we all feared has arrived. The next few weeks will determine whether the Constitution, our foundation, can stand up to the worst “leader” we have ever had, whether democratic principles can withstand the test. If Trump and Barr are determined to be above the law, if the rules of law and justice do not apply to them, then … we are done. “Nothing more to see her, folks … move along now. What? That razor wired area? Oh, nothing much happening there … just a few dissidents. What? No, I’m sure you didn’t hear gunshots … just … um … leftover fireworks from 4th of July.”

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    1. The gall of this crowd is beyond pathetic. Trump is seriously flaunting the flaws in our constitution. It’s what he’s done his whole life. Either woefully unethical…or slightly below criminality. I’ve got to think the man is going to pay for his actions at some point. But boy, we are so close to coming apart at the seams….

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      1. You’re right … he has been a dishonest jerk ever since at least his teen years, when he was caught cheating at a game in boarding school, got into an argument and tried to push a classmate out of a 2nd story window. From there, he engaged in cheating his contractors, discriminating against blacks in his apartments, and the list is long of his other crimes. Would an honest and moral person be involved in more than 5,000 lawsuits? Sigh. But to his base, it seems as if he can do no wrong. I’m betting that if he beat the heck out of Melania and she sported two black eyes and a busted lip, his base wouldn’t bat an eye. Sigh. Says something about his followers, don’t you think?

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      2. Oh, absolutely. A cult is a cult. Plain and simple. He can count on that 35% through thick and thin. I worry there are that many people who still support him. How in the hell can that be in the United States of America?

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      3. My friend … that is a question I have been asking every day since November 8th of 2016! And I’ve yet to find the answer. I’ve found bits and pieces of an answer, but I’m still left with burning questions. Sigh. We may not come to understand in our lifetime. Eventually, historians will put it into context and be able to evaluate it, I think, but for us, it is like that old saying “Can’t see the forest for the trees”. We are too close, too personally involved.


  3. Good post. Mr. Barr is learning a painful lesson. When you fly to close to Donald J. Trump, it affects your reputation. He may be wishing he stayed out of government work.

    Judge Napolitano of Fox followed up on his concerns over the President’s obstruction of justice with an admonition of Barr noting he has a lot to answer for.

    I found Barr’s answer to Senator Leahy disturbing, as did Leahy calling him “purposefully misleading” with that answer. As Napolitano said, is not Mueller a member of the Mueller team?

    The happiest people in America are those qualified public servants who declined Trump’s offer to work for him. The are followed by their spouses and significant others. The question I ask of GOP Senators often, “is this the man you want to spend your dear reputation on?”

    As Thomas Wells, an attorney who worked for Trump for years said, “Trump lies every day, even about things of no consequence.” So, I want people to remember this each time the man says or tweets something – 10,000 lies and counting as President. Politifacts tracked the rate of lying at 69%, but that was early in his Presidency – I think it is worse now. But, using that number, if he says three things, odds are two of them are false.

    Call me crazy, but I want to believe my President. Or, at least believe him more than I do not, as a very low bar. Solving our problems is hard enough when we deal with truths, facts and analyses. It is much harder when we don’t.


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    1. Thanks Keith. I just had a conversation with a neighbor friend of mine who I consider a moderate to liberal guy. He agreed with me when I said it would be nice if we could believe something…anything our president says. But the fact is..we can’t. And that’s dangerous. There may come a time where we as a nation may need the president of the United States to provide guidance…resilience..and honesty, when confronted with a catastrophic situation. Frankly, nothing the man would or could say would be met with anything but skepticism. That’s how far we have fallen. And you’re right, his Party is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Donald J. Trump. Hard to fathom!

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      1. What is lost or unknown to many is our nation is not trusted, because the man in the leadership role is untrustworthy. If he needs to galvanize support behing a US initiative, he will be left wanting. Fear may sell, but it does not endear. Keith

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