Could Sherrod Brown beat Trump?

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Is Sherrod Brown the real deal? As we move forward in 2019, with at least two dozen Democrats pondering a run for the 2020 presidential nomination, it’s time to take a look at someone who just might have a shot.

Since I’m originally from Ohio, and spent the first 42 years of my life there, I’m familiar with Senator Brown. I’ve always thought he was a stand-up guy. He always speaks truth to power. He sticks up for the working men and women in this country. He’s especially tough on Wall Street. He’s the Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, and was recently reelected to a third term in the Senate by an impressive 53% to 46% margin.

Why is the margin impressive? Donald Trump won Ohio in 2016 by 8 points. Clearly the state has been trending Republican for several years now and for Brown to win with relative ease bodes well for him if he decides to run.  Obviously, he’s got something going for him in the state. More than anything else, Brown comes across as authentic. He tells it like it is and doesn’t come across as phony.

To be sure, the gravely voiced and sometimes disheveled Brown doesn’t exactly overwhelm you with charisma. In our superficially charged world of horse race politics, it could potentially hurt him. But one of the things about Trump that many of his followers rave about it his authenticity. On that issue at least, Brown would be on equal footing.

But Brown’s ability to connect with working-class voters cannot be discounted either. After all, Trump over performed in many of the rust-belt states, which ultimately proved to be the downfall of Hillary Clinton. Brown would certainly be formidable in these areas.

So, while we’re very early in the process of determining who will be the nominee for the Democrats, it can’t hurt to get to know some of the potential contenders. Brown is certainly an intriguing figure. I’ve included a link below to an excellent article from The Nation Magazine that sheds a little more light into Brown’s potential run and whether he has a good shot at winning the presidency. It’s worth a look.

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