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Our world is getting hotter. The storms are getting worse. Wildfires are raging everywhere. Droughts are more frequent. We’re in dangerous times, and I worry that not enough is being said or written in our major media concerning the root causes of climate change. That’s why we’re introducing a new feature on our infant website called Climate Change Tuesday.

Every Tuesday, our website will feature stories focusing on climate change. These stories won’t be confined to a specific area of concern. Rather, we will cover a wide range of topics, including links to climate-related articles, political action and inaction, global trends, new technologies and our personal opinions.

In keeping with the spirit of what we intend our website to be, much of our focus will relate to how the two major political parties are responding to this crisis. As with so many other issues confronting America these days, the division between the parties could not be more stark. We will highlight these divisions armed with the facts. That’s always our goal here. In a more perfect union, that lofty rhetorical plateau our founders hoped to achieve, we would have cooperation from both parties to move this country toward what the majority of the world sees as a dire threat to our survival. Unfortunately, one party has taken us in the opposite direction, led by a president that does not believe in climate change to begin with. They will be held to account in this space.

A bit of a disclaimer is needed here. I am not a climate scientist, nor is my partner on this site, OhioRealist. But what we lack in expertise, we more than make up for with due diligence toward following the facts where they might lead. When we both see that over 98% of the world scientists concur that the world is warming and that human behavior is the main cause of it, we believe it. We will do our absolute best to provide accurate and convincing content that will help fill the void our major media has created, in part by bowing down to the massive corporate advertisers that hold sway over their decision-making. We are not beholden to any corporation, or any entity for that matter. We simply love our planet and our planet is dying.  We can and must do more!


  1. Writing from the UK:
    For my preamble if I may borrow from Thomas Jefferson: ‘These truths we hold to be self-evident’
    Over the four thousand million years of this planet’s life the climate has changed many, many times. Sometimes slowly through the geological dance of the earth’s crust into various continental shapes. Sometimes through dramatic volcanic activity. Other times through the evolutionary progress.
    One thing is a constant, activities cause climate change.
    From the approximate era of 200,000 years ago ‘modern humanity’ has been on this planet and has now grown in population size to somewhere in the region of 7.3 billions. These being consume resources not just as food but in terms of space, air, materials from the earth, air and waters. They produce waste biologically and by their own industries. They alter landscapes. They affect the balance of the oceanic systems. They cause extinction events, which in turn of repercussions on environmental systems. All of this has been recorded and is thus ‘self-evident’
    To return to the opening statements on the history of this planet over the 200,000 year history of modern humanity, firstly slowly, but gradually increasing at a pace the species has been having an impact on the environment. This is also self-evident.
    To deny that a species of 7.3 billions is not having an effect upon the environment is to be in denial on a dangerous scale. If folk think this is not possible then I would refer them to Great Oxygenation Event of approx. 2.45 billion years ago, a recorded fact.
    It cannot be avoided the human presence is having an effect on the environment. The evidence is in the geological record- it is self-evident.

    I cannot be held responsible for some of my fellow Christians who insist the English version of sacred texts which have been translated and mis-translated many times in the said English is the literal truth and from this believe none of what I have written could possibly be true as the World is only about 7,000 years old.)

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    1. My friend, you are so correct. You know your stuff and you see the hypocrisy and fallacy of our fellow citizens, especially as it pertains to Christianity and the bible. Our politicians dither. They obfuscate. They’re in denial. They only know power and money…nothing else. Earth and planet be damned. Unfortunately, we have a POTUS who doesn’t give a damn and his political party is missing in action. Very frustrating to be an American these days!!

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      1. In the UK we have the wacky sit-com ‘Brexit’ which is conducted improvisational format inspired by ‘Three Stooges’ & ‘Laurel and Hardy’ films. So I can understand how you feel.
        In the UK we feed on the stale crumb of comfort that we got into this mess by a majority vote.(sort of).
        It must be truly galling in the USA to have someone who attained the highest office with a minority vote.
        I hope your nightmare ends soon.

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      2. Well, we have a big election coming up in November. We shall see if the American people wake up enough to at least put a check on this madman…

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      3. It says much that currently I am more concerned about the US mid-terms that our own Brexit version of The Three Stooges

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  2. This is a much needed feature and I look forward to receiving the fruits of your labors every Tuesday. Climate change is real and deniers only stand in the way of those things that must be done to save our planet. Deniers do not want to believe climate change is real, that does make it any the less real. Thank-you!

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    1. Thanks Ellen. I believe the same thing. I’m so tired of politicians(Republicans!) who stand in the way of what progress we could be making in this regard. It’s appalling….Thank you for stopping by and I hope I don’t disappoint you!


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