The Cruelty Party

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It’s time for a reality check. We know that today’s Republican Party is no longer the party of Reagan. It’s no longer the party of Lincoln. Certainly it’s no longer the party of Eisenhower or even Barry Goldwater. No, we can now say without a sliver of doubt that the Republican Party of today is the party of Trump. No arguments. No nuance. A recent poll shows a near record 87% approval of Trump from Republican voters. In Congress, the complicity, sycophancy, allegiance, and deference to the President of the United States has never been stronger. The full takeover of the Republican Party is now complete and irreversible. There’s no low that’s low enough. There’s no outrage that’s outrageous enough. And, with what we have seen occurring at the border in recent days, the inhumanity is not inhumane enough. Yes, they are the party of Trump. But let’s even take it a step further. Let’s call them what they really are: the Cruelty Party.

The Cruelty Party. A bit harsh? Yes. But is it the truth? Does it match what they stand for? Do their actions, or better yet, inactions warrant such a branding? The evidence overwhelmingly lends credence to such a branding. Perhaps a recap is needed here. Trying to take healthcare away from millions? Check. Giving massive tax breaks to the wealthy and corporations while cutting back on essential services such as food stamps? Check. Turning a blind eye while the EPA guts pollution and clean water regulations? Check. Continuing to gut regulations on the biggest banks and dismantling the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which was created to protect consumers? Check. Continuing the assault on abortion rights and Planned Parenthood? Check. Opening up our federal lands and protected areas to more mining and drilling? Check. Raising the rent on thousands of low-income residents via HUD? Check. Ending the HIV and AIDS council, which had been in existence since 1995 and provided the last three administrations with valuable policy advice? Check. Finally, sitting idly by while the administration initiates a policy of separating parents from their children at the border even though many were fleeing legitimately dangerous situations? Check. Oh, there’s more. But why go further? Enough said.

The party of Trump. The Cruelty Party. Either one works. They are intertwined. Morality and ethics be damned. Constant lying? So be it. Separating parents from children? The base loves him. Loyalty to him is what matters to him. Nothing else. And other than a few usual suspects, nobody will risk the wrath of him. Oh how far they have fallen. No matter what happens from here on out, they will forever be linked with this president. A cruel leader. A cruel party. A match made in heaven.

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