Another day in America

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Where have I seen this before? Breaking news. The crawl at the bottom of the screen. Another school shooting. Mass casualties. Law enforcement everywhere. Teenagers running for their lives. Reporters on the scene. Interviews with survivors. Interviews with teachers. Press conferences from city leaders and the police chief. The apprehension of a suspect. Looking for clues as to why the shooter did what he did. Reactions from politicians. Idiotic tweets from the President of United States. Thoughts and prayers from spineless Republicans in Congress. Outrage from Democrats. The call for something to be done. The answer that it’s too soon to talk of such nonsense. The debate on the type of gun used. Dana Loesch from the NRA questioning security protocol, blaming law enforcement and the parents. The NRA itself stays silent for days. Weeks go by. Maybe some protests in the streets. Prominent Democrats call for common sense gun control. Ted Cruz and others talk about god. Trump says more guns for teachers. More Trump scandals by the day. The media stops talking about the shooting. Americans go about their daily lives. And then? Another shooting of course. Where I have I seen this before? In America. Another day. Another shooting. Another day of inaction. Just another day in America.


  1. And nobody in Congress will lift a finger. They will only keep sending useless “thoughts and prayers”, for it isn’t their child. It isn’t important to them, for it doesn’t touch them and they have forgotten that they are actually hired to represent We The People, and it IS our children. šŸ˜„

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    1. So true. It’s heartbreaking. When Congressman Scalise nearly lost his life to gun violence, I briefly had hope he might use the moment to call for sensible regulation. Boy was I wrong. Such a huge disappointment. There just doesn’t seem to be a breaking point with the true believers. Thanks so much for the comment.

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